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  1. My latest piece: Murphy and Fegans MIG kill on Apr. 9th 1965. Soon available on aviationgraphic.com enjoy
  2. Hi all My latest piece: Operation Blue Moon, depicting William Eckers wild ride over Cuba in Oct. 1962 Available from Aviationgraphic.com Enjoy
  3. Now available on aviationgraphic.com ;)
  4. Thanks ! It should be available from Aviationgraphic.com within a few weeks. I´ll let you know when. :)
  5. A F8U-1E from VF-124 landing aboard USS Lexington ca. 1959. Hope you like it !
  6. I have been wondering about that (black island). I think you might be right: This level was Black at this time...I´ll correct that on the upcomming updates
  7. Hi all just realized that i haven´t been posting this WIP in here yet. This is ment to be a series of prints depicting a large aircraft strike over Vietnam. My initial though was to nam ethe series "Alpha Strike" but that term is not correct for this period, so i have to come up with something else. There´s however, plenty of time to do so, cause i still need to add lots of stuff: most importantly some A-6 Intruders, but also plenty of crews both on the island and on the flight deck. Next print in this series will feature the aircrafts en route to target, one will depict the strike it
  8. play your cards rigth and you might get to see a phantom in the very near future ;) Untill then, here´s another test render of the Super bug
  9. Hi everyone Here´s a little something i have been working on for some time now. Still not quite there, but it´s getting close. There´s still a bit of modelling to do, and the paint scheme need some more attention. The fuselage/intake was really a pain. It´s modelled from a single mesh, and it took a few tries and a few days to get right. There´s still some details that will be made, the formation lights on the wings is one and some details on the lading gear (which is not on this render, obviously). Also, i might do some more bombs and missles The textures need work too, ther
  10. thanks so much for the prompt reply ! appreciate it very much
  11. I´m looking for some high quality Blueprints of the A-6 Intruder/EA-6 Prowler. Hope someone out there can help me. Thanks
  12. I have just added about 200 photos of aircrafts from CVW-3 to my website. Thought some of you might be interested. jhere´s the direct link: Aircraftprofiles - CVW-3 Enjoy
  13. Thnaks ! I read somewhere that the NAVY A_7s used AIM-9Ds but i had a hard time finding proper reference for the D-model so i think you might be right about that ! Thanks
  14. Here´s my latest work: The A-7A Corsair II. STill there´s some work to do but it´s very close to completion. Thsi model is infact a 3d model, so i´m currently orking on doing a series of scenes depicting a Vietnam War era Alpha strike. But more on that later. Here´s a profile sample of the A-7A. Hope you like it:
  15. Great work mate ! Careful with the shadows cast by the wing, the shoudl not proceed all the way to the bottom of the aircraft, but fade gradually. Other than that, a top notch job !
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