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  1. Hi all, Little work has been done on my B-17. Lots of adjustements to avoid any bad surprise when closing the fuselage. I'll try to work more on the "big" details before installing the throttles and yokes. I'll try to focuse on the nose next week and add more pictures when the work is done. Thanks for watching. Regards Alex
  2. First of all a big thank you about all your comments. Unfortunately I didn't have much time lately to work on my B-17, but finally I managed to have some time for me and worked a bit on her... (yeah the B-17....) Lot of work has been done sanding and adjusting the resin sets - I had a few difficulties but most of all the way all fits together with the old Monogram kit is quiet acceptable. Opening the front door means detailing the area and that's what I'm focused on right now. For sure Mark is a great inspiration and he's showing me what to do on his post. I know my details are not 100% ac
  3. Very nice little plane, congrats on the paint job !
  4. Hi all, After starting 2011 sick with a bad flue I'm back at work. I've started with the seats that were not very accurate compared to the technical documents I had. I've added a few pieces here and there. Still some minor paintwork to do but I'm quiet happy with the results for now. And I've also done that cheers Alex
  5. Very impressiv model ! And very nice work on the camo...
  6. Neo, It's the Revell/Hasegawa reboxing of the Promodeler B-17G back in 2004. kit ref #HSGHM195 Alex
  7. Simple but very nice ! I really like that kind of display. regards Alex
  8. Hi all, Yes a 2nd Mason and Dixon. I've just noticed 100BG is going to build it too. I hope you don't mind because this is the one B-17G I've been looking to build for years. I got the last needed stuff this morning from Hannants so I'm all set for it. The amount of work looks huge and I'll be building a few other "simple" kids along to have something else to relax on when the Fort is taking my patience away... Alex
  9. Thanks for the comment. I have pics of polish Mig-17 in my own collection taken at the Krakow museum last october. Here are quiet a few polish Lim-5s http://www.jetphotos.net/showphotos.php?ai...Mielec%20Lim-5P PM me if you need anything Regards Alex
  10. Hi all, Here's my F-105G (Hobbyboss). It was built with the help of some PE by Eduard and Aires kit for the wheel bay (lot of pain to adjust) It was a very long work (about 4 months) and it was about to make "unfinished testflights by the window" quiet a few time.. . I want to thank Luis Silva for the help in that project. I know I still have to add some details (front wheel, antennas) but I really need to go back to some nice big prop planes for a little while... ;-) Regards Alex
  11. Hi all, I wanted to work a bit on some heavy weathering. The idea was to show a fighter in a very bad state in some Polish museum. I'm not satisfied with every part of it but it was a lot of fun to work on. cheers Alex
  12. Best 1/48 prop I had the chance to build are : - Tamiya P-47s - Tamiya Fi-156 - Monogram Ju-52 - Eduard Bf-110s - Eduard Hellcat - Eduard P-39s - AM Avenger - AM B-25 - AM Dautlness regards Alex
  13. Very nice model and nice classic paintscheme. Congrats again Alex
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