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    General USAAF andUSN patrol bombers of the WW era. Some interest in RAFAnd Italian a/ c of era and other combatants. Mild interest in USA vehicles of WW II & USAF 1947-67. My first love in modeling were the antique brass age cars of the Highway Pioneers series of the 1950s. I resumed this interest in 2001 and have done some prima facia research and join the two prominent US clubs. I was honored with a display of my HP collection when the Hershey based AACA opened their new museum. I am not a member of IPMS. and object to the way the organization has shifted its mission and influnced the hobby industry post c. 1970.

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  1. Just more food for thought for what to serve as leftovers from an XB-15.
  2. Chuck I have some Grumman handouts & PR material form when I supported the E-2C program ast the Navy inventory Control Point Contracting Division. This was 78-81 and I don,t recall the D in the fleet when I moved to a Joint Command. Is you Fez a replacement for the saucer shaped radar? If so then I m not knowledgeable. If you can boundry your timeframe that might help get replies. Also the two independent 'all' construction of your questions is problematic. Are you asking if the upper Fez was always paired with a certain lower radar? If some C/D were configured w/o these; or were the
  3. Boeing General Arrangement is in one of the Kenzy Detail & Scale vols on the B-17. There is also a 1/144 scale kit I believe but I haven t given much attention. I ve got an extra Airfix Boeing 314 Clipper an series 1 Mosquito sttashed for the 6thAF C-105 (?). I might have posted here or on HS. a while back. If useful I ll repost. Meanwhile refer to Vol I & II of the B-17 Detail & Scale for the OEM GA Drw'g. Dan Hagedorn covers her in his Above the Canel. There is also a Wings/Airpower coverstory circa the 80 with lots of pictures I might have indexed with my project notes. TB
  4. Next we can look at how NT met the requirement for enclosed waists in USSTAF; When the L-CO finally enclosed waist; How the various B-24 contractts reacted to AAF single acceptance policy: What became of the B-24K-NT program planned in April 1943; What is the significance of the G-16-NT & J-2-NT ; What became of the B-24M-NT; Why there was a clear detacable waist hatch w/o gun mounts; When and why search cababilty was incresing inthe B-24 population by. Sept 1944; What became of the programed 100 OCAD nose kits for local overseas installation; And how can the C series be the produ
  5. I m not experienced with home. Prited decals yet it seems sacrificing a portion of what you have to produce more might be an option someone can assist in. Guessing.
  6. The factual data we can assume you poccess is the source of supply , month quanty and employment in aircraft by serial number of every Martin A-3D segregated by dome type supplied to all USN & AAF. Contracts calling for GFE delivery of this model turret including spares from Introduction of the D to the advent of the B-24L. Short of that you fall short of the standard of research you profess.
  7. Yes the picture demonstrates what I pointed out to Al Blue an a select others that the high dome A-3D was introduced early in the Privateer production in mid 1944 . I also concluded that the high dome and the A-3D designation were not in a one to one relationship. I did this using the AAF monthly armament updates and three years or collaborating photographic evidence before discussing it with Mr. Blue privately in early 2007. So yes Al Blue got this wrong in 1975 but he and I figured out why in 2007. f also igured out the connection to the 2x4 production and the 2x4 back when you had conc
  8. If you go to the latter part of the C-109 String there is a good example of a NWA B-24D cheeck gun mod used only port side. This window is very common onD-1 thru. D-20 from San Diego that did not get routed thru. Fort Worth.
  9. The navigator with his drift site and astrodome have been relocated aft the flight deck. This location gets more and more common in B-24 also as. War progressed. The dis-similarities in the angles and station locations in the lower nose of the H and the L based C-109 are in evidence. The lozenge nose marking with RCN was common in CBI ATC Wing and carried over to post war MAC...Think AMC may. Still use it. Sometimes "last three" but this period usually 4 digitts. The square nav compartment window is factory at. This point. The H by comparison is bedazzled in ETO. Modification not restric
  10. Oh my natural metal finish. Ok here we go. Because of the aerodynamic design a/c have areas where vortex blowback will occur. You may be aware from some curvy cars. For metal finishes people will prime with gloss black. Or flat white and many other options. This maybe why you got no responses. No joking... best adviice is put the superfort on the shelf and get a 1/4 scale P-47D of moderate price to build in NMF first. It will give you room to get a feel for the 72 nd 29. Just one opinion to break the ice.
  11. The 5 sortie grouping arrangement is very similar to the bit o lace presentation and size appears close too. RW26 is on the money. I ve done. Positve and negative approches using the allternate method on OD finishes. I think on NMF rolling against the house in terms of clean touch ups vs trace of film. Good luck either way you go.
  12. I ve read the traditional methods for aircraft design and skinning. I. Have also built architecural paper models using inner scribe lines as well as trial and error for many curved sections of plastic cars and planes. I have not however taught myself CAD. I m wondering iif we have a resident expert and enough scratch builders to make this a good topic. In my mind recreating an aircraft part from styrene is more hobby oriented* and a happier healthier modification method the CA someone else's resin mega bucks part to a kit. Anyone make this use of CAD simple to follow? * self-satisfacti
  13. No the point fitting an H nose as a proxey for an L was not at all lost. Its just not good advice in my opinion. Nor is construction using putty for structure. The turret mount ring can be adjusted with a simple strip of plastic to form a lip for the lowest wrap of sheet styrene after tracing the curvature on paper or CAD. Backing a strip to that top inner edge allows adding the next wrap panel. And so on. The top panel can use a pie slice method with allowance to shape into smooth curved panel. Plastic not putty except for final buffing is the rule of this type modeling.
  14. Thanks for permission to revive this post. Phil
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