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  1. I am looking for some F-14 Tomcat kits and decals: 4001 Dragon/DML Gulf of Sidra F-14 A vs Su-22 J - VF-41 Black Aces 4011 Dragon/DML Anytime, baby…! F-14 A vs Mig-23 MS - VF-32 Swordsmen 4573 Dragon/DML F-14 A Bombcat - VF-41 Black Aces 144-106 Starfighter decals F-14 D Tomcat VF-31 Tomcatters 144-108 Starfighter decals F-14 B Tomcat VF-32 Swordsmen 144-137 Starfighter decals F-14 A Tomcat VF-1 VF-2 First Tomcat cruise
  2. Thanks Darren. I have made my own decals and I am working on the markings, for my 1/144 personal collection.
  3. What is the gray on Wichita´s markings? They aren´t black... FS 36118, FS 36237? Should it be the same as the gray on Bunny? (first post decal) Are the Tomcat 36440 overall?
  4. Hey Darren, any news of the article update?
  5. I understand Brian. Felipe, from FCM, has faced the same problem here in Brazil. I'm saddened. I have a project to assemble one of each squadron that flew the Tomcat. I chose the 1/144 scale for the costs, space required, quality from Revell and Trumpeter kits and the number of decals available. To get an idea, there are almost 150 decals on the market and at least 50 other decals in the kit boxes: impressive over 300 possible versions! But some squadrons did not appear in 1/144 or they are long out of production in this scale: 1- VF-51 Screaming Eagles – OOP from Interal
  6. Hi Brian. Any chance to decals (new, reprint or scaled down) for the 1/144 trumpeter kits? Daniel
  7. Iceman´s Tomcat Kit: Microace Scale: 1/144 Decals: fightertown and homemade
  8. I was browsing the web and found this image of the VF-84 on Cloud9 (http://www.cloud9photography.us/keyword/VF84 pictures / i-hcLfMLT / A). I've never seen a Jolly with a tan and white nose. The edge of the glass is gray, not black. I did not find any other image with that white stripe on the nose. And I would like to know BuNo of this bird! Can someone help me?
  9. Files received! Thank you for your attention, Andrew. Regards Daniel
  10. I'm looking for instructions sheet (scan or online image, best quality possible) of the fightertown decals 48001 and 48002 (VF-24) and 48035 (VF-14). My email: danieltomcat@hotmail.com
  11. 1º Trumpeter 2º Revell/Ace 3º Dragon 4º Micro ace 5º LS 6º Hobbycraft/Academy-Minicraft/old Revell 7º LEE/Arii/Crown
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