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  1. Hamilton prop logos. Doh! Yup, I'll take the hit for that.
  2. I also spoke to him, he said that was Gould's Fiery Fred and that some people should not claim to love cheese if a strong cheddar has them crying into their plastic viking helmet.
  3. 1 - Good quality scanners do not cost a fortune. 2 - Show us your decal sheet, a phone photo will suffice. 3 - The insignia are supposed to have those washed out portions. 4 - They are printed by Cartograf, but someone could always ask the artist for 100% confirmation.
  4. Sounds like you’ve bought the old kit, A04005.
  5. I am led to believe that a leading visual effects company has been out and about scanning aircraft for an upcoming movie about the Korea War, including Sea Furys and MiG 15s.
  6. That would be almost everything forward of the main spar in this kit then. My impressions of seeing the test shots at Telford were that I'd hoped they correct some rather glaring errors with the engines, nose and canopy but the production kit hasn't. It reminds me of the FROG kit - not so much sharing the same errors, but just being almost as caricatured in the same areas. It's beautifully moulded, and I'm sure many will buy it, built it and enjoy it, but I get the feeling the HK kit was based on a duff set of drawings.
  7. The March issue of SAMI believes wrong. They are not the same kit.
  8. If it isn't Dave, you will have killed my joy.
  9. Yeah, not that many mods. I added a resin seat, made some FOD guards from plastic sheet and some RBF tags. I didn't even redescribe it, just smoothed everything down and used paint to create panel effects.
  10. No it's not impossible, it's just something called m o d e l l i n g . Get the Kinetic kit, take some some photos and measurements and then tell us what's wrong with it.
  11. How about you await the *actual kit* in your hands? Then you'll be able to make whatever comparisons from source rather than the bizarre trend these days of red penning photos or CAD render to prove a point.
  12. Oh good, the red pen has come out in advance of anyone having plastic but just making guesses based on impressions of CAD renders! The nose is *way* off? I'm willing to bet otherwise, and I'll be able to quantify it with some HS drawings and offsets I have here. Your move.
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