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  1. No winners were ever pronounced for this one, right?
  2. You feel this way, other may feel different. I believe it would be better if we avoid stating our opinion in political matters. You might insult someone or feel insulted...
  3. There is too much confusion with this kit alone already. Yes I got it and it's nice in many ways, but it's neither RB nor RBT. The box cover has a different nose than it is supplied on the sprues. If nothing else that's odd. So which nose can we expect, when they announce the RB?
  4. My bad. I was looking at CADs and it seemed like an early chute housing
  5. And as Dave already said, you will have to modify the parabrake housing. The kit provides you with an early style RB chute housing.
  6. Thanks Berkut. That means SyAAF flew RBTs. Was that an upgraded RB or a new aircraft production type?
  7. So... If I understand correctly this should be the RBT and not RB, right? "Photos are courtesy of Luftwaffe A.S."
  8. It would be nice if they included the RWR blisters and MERs for the Iraqi RBT as well as English stencils, but I am completely satisfied with what's given. I'm ordering one for sure.
  9. Great to be back. Thanks for making it happen.
  10. Great GB, big thanks to Vince for the opportunity. It's been a pleasure.
  11. 1:48 Trumpeter J-8II, PLAAF. #81192 from the Hainan Island incident
  12. Thanks guys! Last photos before putting it to gallery. Still have some details to take care off; the canopy, parts of the landing gear and finish it with a photo session. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to finish the Sabre before the dead line. Took me a lot of hours these days to finish this one... Thanks for looking in
  13. Hvala Dragane I used X-1 Tamiya white but over a dark brown panel line pre-shading. I also masked some panels to break the one tone effect. next step decals, weathering, landing gear, PL-8s and a whole bunch of details... stay tuned
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