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  1. Mr.Color 366 and 324 decals from "Frontpenny Decal 1/48 Flankers Family in China"
  2. HobbyBoss Su-30MKK kit PEs from Eduard su-27 and Dream Su-30 set nozzles from AMG Hope you enjoy!
  3. Think you! I did several levels of post-shading with tamiya panel line accent color(black & brown)
  4. Hello everyone! This is trumpeter mig-19s kit with some part of eduard mig-19pm PEs Hope you enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone! This is GWH kit,basiclly OOB Hope you enjoy!
  6. AM kit with Eduard P-51B instrument panel and seatbelt. P-51A '122' of Capt John S Stewart. 76th FS. Suichwan. China. February-March 1944
  7. It's very hard for me to explain it in english.I hope you can understand what I write. 1.Coat the model with AlcladII Aluminium or Mr.Color silver. 2.Spray camouflage using Lifecolor colours,because they are soluble in water. 3.Scrub chipping surface lightly with a wet brush before the camouflage dry thoroughly. 4.Repeat 2 & 3 several times.
  8. Hello,everyone. This my last work in 2013.
  9. Well done! 最后两张照片的效果尤其好
  10. I used Classic Airframes 1/48 BF2C-1 and did some scratchbuilding to make it look like a Chinese Hawk III
  11. Thanks, everyone This is Hasegawa 1/48 kit
  12. This one of my work in this year.I used Fightertown VF-143 decals and Dreammodel cockpit PE set
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