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  1. i like the K.I.S.S. dash.... beautiful, and some awesome pics of the radials, who needs jets eh? nice work and just a tad jealous.... :lol:
  2. ... chuckles... i did the sister shipKIT... USS Constitution, so i know your pain... i had spent a year rigging, tying block and tackles, walkways cannons and spars, footropes, stirrups, forestays backstays mainstays... did EVERYTHING but hang the folboats... had the davits in place... was moving... gingerly took it down three flights of stairs and placed it with all my stuff in the garage to be moved... went back upstairs ... wasnt gone 3 mins!!! SOME BASTARD STOLE IT!!!! DIDNT TAKE MY TOOLS, MY SPEARGUNS, BIKE BITS OR ANYTHING... JUST A YEARS WORTH OF SHEER TORMENT AND SUCCESS..... I HOPE HE GETS PILES AND HEMMAROIDS LOOKING AT IT...... ID SAY MORE BUT THERE COULD BE LADIES AND CHILDREN PRESENT.:(... TRIED TO BUILD ANOTHER ONE A FEW YEARS LATER... NUP... JUST COULDNT... SIGH....
  3. German plane with English lettering? I'm not knocking your build you make mine look like a 4 yr old has been loose with glue.... but i am curious
  4. no no no..... t**s or tyres will cost you money and cause wayyyy many problems.... rather have the plastic model... and no im not kinky.
  5. REALLY nice work mate. got the Tamiya zero sitting in the cupboard, been to lazy to be bothered to mix the "green" they use...nahh bugger it tell the truth i have just been lazy!!! but your work here is making me at least look in the box.... :blink:
  6. surely a bit of silica gel in those lil packets that you get that tell you " do not eat"? i managed to "aquire" some crystals that do the same job ( they put this stuff in underground mining equipment electrical boxes in bags) and i keep a bag in my tool box ( also keep my tools oiled... singer sewing machine oil or wd 40) just a thought.... works for me...
  7. you can stop sharing that stuff.... it seems to be over here now with reinforcements..... :D
  8. curse brain.... number 3...! has big brass ones... sigh... fat fingers and brain cells not linking up... definatly not modeling today!!
  9. just a good bit of viewing... cant say number 10 is all that great tho... number has big brass ones!!! lol
  10. nice chevaux destructor... lol had blues and reds in my 6ft x2 x2 tank. Nice setup, i use to collect australian fresh water natives... Bass ,Sleepy Cod ,Silver Perch, Golden Perch,had freshwater bream for a while.... but my yabby ( chevaux destructor) was a classic... tail surfed three laps of the tank hangin onto a bass tail.... got out and hid for three days...lol they are great.... but i do miss mny Sleepy Cod ( lineolatus eleotaurus) used to change colours and was soooo much fun to put live feeders ( goldfish) in the tank..... hours of entertainment.... better than tv!!!! go nuts!!! ( but you should seal that 'plane in something... you dont want paint sniffing fish.... chroming fish? lol )
  11. I have been waiting for a topic like this for a while now, The capillary technique I use to do using Humbrol 33 and turps and a fine point brush, works reeeaallly well on the big engines Tamiya use to make for their motorbikes in 1/12th. Usual dry brushing of Gun metal, Humbrol paints over Tamiya sprays, Blue tack for masking, ( works really well on Luftwaffe camo... sky blue all over then mask and dot up using the blue tack, try different spray angles for " feathering"), used mainly Tamiya sprays don't have an airbrush, but now as i have the Tamiya make up kits I'm finding they dilute well with water , and can do some fine work,just have to make sure to seal the paint before you detail as it seems to "stick" more on clean up, so a light/good coat of semi gloss helps the process. the contrast between Tamiya semi gloss clear and model Master flat coat is GREAT!!!!... I'm still learning and have as we speak managed to aquire a Revell kit of Nikki Lauders 75 Ferrari, which A was cheap... and B: is a ( I'm sure!!!!) remold of a Protar kit minus the gearbox detail and the piston and crank detail... but with everything else. Have trouble applying light coats of Model Master flat coat... seems to like going on in one hit and a bit on the thick side. I have only tried figures a few times and got into the whole preshading of skin and uniforms, mixing of paints for light and shadow, only just recently "branching out" so to speak!
  12. chalk another one up to the fairy tale's eh? all hail the flying spaghetti monster
  13. HEHE HE you fix it... you fly it... like it....
  14. is wondering when the gaffa tape will start to play a major role in model construction...... spare the tape, spoil the job......
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