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  1. DAKfreak

    Bf 109G-10

    The Erla and Regensburg blocks produced the AS.
  2. DAKfreak

    Bf 109G-10

    So when modelling, would it be better to replace the cowling halves with.. lets say.. with that of an F-4 or G-4 or something like that?
  3. DAKfreak

    Bf 109G-10

    What was the difference between a Bf 109G-10 and a G-10/AS?? The decals (black 8, insignia and chevron) come in Kagero's "Bf 109 over Germany" book; white band can be painted, and a white spiral can be found on almost any Bf 109G-10 (or any late war luftwaffe a/c) kit. Also, on the Kagero profile, this picture is drawn of this a/c without balkenkreuzes on the wing undersides,is this true?
  4. DAKfreak

    Bf 109G-10

    So did he fly Black 8 << + during Boden-P?
  5. DAKfreak

    Bf 109G-10

    Hi all Any info on Oblt. Alfred Seidls Bf 109G-10 Black 8 << ?? He was gruppenkommandeuer of Jg 3 stationed t Paderborn late December of 44. There is a great chance he participated in Bodenplatte, attacking Eindhoven. Anyone knoow if he did? DAKfreak
  6. DAKfreak

    Bf 109 pieces

    Hmmmm..... Do you think ICM's Bf 109F-4/R6 has it as an extra piece?
  7. DAKfreak

    Ju 87B "Snake"

    For a long time people have been saying its red and white. Recently many sources claim that the snake was white, the 'red' areas are actually a sandgelb/signalbraun colour. ~DAKfreak
  8. Its a good kit but has some flash, and is sort of inaccurate. Also, some parts that are optional on other models are molded on (like the drop tank rack). Revells kit has a very low price, in contrary to the engineering miracle Finemolds kits. ~Dakfreak
  9. DAKfreak

    Bf 109 pieces

    Hey guys Any of you Luftwaffe modellers know any kit in either 1/48 o 1/72 scale that has parts for the under-fuselage camera for Bf 109 photorecon birds? I need that piece for a plane I'm building, Black 6 flown by Herbert Prior in Tunisia. Thanks DAKfreak
  10. Hi guys I've been restoring Mauve's 1/48 Bf 110G, and when looking back at the paint instructions, I saw a Bf 110 with a strange marking. It says : 3/ZG. 76 (II) Nov. 1943, Gerrmany. <I assume that means Reichsverdeitigung. It has a yellow band and is coded "M8+AL". The "M8" is tiny and the "AL" is big. The "A" on the port side is gold, while the starboard "A" is yellow. Right under the front canopy are small white letters that say 'NNWW' on the port side. It has the belly gun pod commonly seen on G-2 variants. The problem is, in 1940, there was in the North Sea another ZG 76 Bf 110D "
  11. Wow, thats an impressive model. I love the black and yellow spinner!
  12. Are there any photos, or recorded information on Bf 110G-2/R3 3U+GT ZG 26, Winter 1944(according to Revell) Thanks DAKFreak
  13. Twin engined aircraft? What kind of twin engined luftwaffe birds were agile enough to take down Schweinfurt bombers?
  14. Oh sorry about that guys, but I dont know what it is, the USAAF was established 1947, and the US navy planes were fighting in the pacific, what was it then,that was flying over europe? DAKfreak
  15. Hi Guys October 14, 1943. AKA Black Thursday, was when USAF B-17s were on a bombing raid on German factories, but luftwaffe shot down 77 B-17s in one day. I heard Jg 27,54 and a lot of other gruppe participated, but are there any pilots that stand out? Wilhelm Schilling, Hans Dortenmann, etc. Which model 109/190s did they fly, also markings are preffered Thank you very much DAKfreak
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