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  1. It also comes with some of the Kinetic models. You could try emailing Raymond or luckymodel for the sprue.
  2. Honestly, from the plastic kits I've seen, you're better off with the paper model from AXM models.
  3. In one of the operations in Libya i believe, they ran an AA loadout with 4x AIM-120 and 2 sidewinders. It's not something I've seen done a lot. here is a picture
  4. Thanks guys, I will try those things. One last question, should i be wet or dry sanding with the pads?
  5. Yes, i have tried that, and tried using less and less pressure.
  6. I bought a set of micromesh pads from hobylobby, 3200-12000 girts in order to remove the seam from my Tamiya f-16 canopy. However, after scraping the seam off with a knife and going through the grits, the canopy is still covered in scratches. I have already tried this on both of the spare canopies that come with the kit with the same result. I;ve tried both went and dry sanding, also with the same result. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or anything I should be doing? Are the micromesh pads from hobbylobby simply a dud?
  7. Manfred, forgive me if this has been mentioned, but isn't the MLP 1/144th? if not, how did you get it in 1/160th?
  8. Another update, almost done with POISK, and I'm starting Rassvet
  9. Another tiny update, more progress on the levels. It's very repetitive, which is why I needed a break. :P Once ther are done this build should pick up, so don't worry, it's not dead!!
  10. Hey!! Nice job on your LUT. The DM kit is very good, even though its old, and the textures are a bit bad. 3+ years and I'm still not done with mine. Here is a link to my build. LINK Be aware, this was started when I was inexperienced, so bear with the mistakes. Good luck!
  11. Thanks guys Manfred-taking a break, a pretty big one. One of the better things about paper models is that if you screw up or lose something, you can just print the page again. and, you know the lack of paint and such. But some details in plastic can never come to paper. I hope to have the Russian section done soon guys!
  12. So yes, this is a 1/100th model of the ISS. It is from this website, which many of you guys use for shuttle reference.AXM models It is all card/paper, and is incredibly detailed, for being paper/card. The full price if about 25$ for the 1/100th, which is a GREAT deal. right now, all I have done is POISK, and a Soyuz. Let me know what you guys think!! (and I apologize for the pictures, they were taken with my phone)
  13. i'm pretty sure it's because STS-1 was on MLP-1 whereas the model is MLP-2
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