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  1. Very nice Miro! May I use your pictures on the website? Cheers, -Doug
  2. Wonderful job! Would it be OK if I shared some of your pictures on my website? Cheers, -Doug :)
  3. I would be in for a sheet. Especially at least one of the well weathered Korean war birds.
  4. Jim is right, the click2detail parts are for the Revell kit, but they won't fit it without major reworking. I have a set, and they are pretty nice, but I don't have a KH kit to see if they fit. Cheers, -Doug
  5. Andre, You did a wonderful job! You build makes me want to pull mine out and work on it again! Cheers, -Doug PS Check your PM
  6. Jan, If you want some really nice exhausts, G-Factor makes a resin set - highly recommended, and you can get them from Sprue Brothers. Cheers, -Doug :)
  7. Hi Chris, your skills always impress me! Nice work :) Cheers, -Doug :)
  8. Does anyone have a link to the AM exhausts listed? I would be interested in a set for my build. On a related note, and a shameless plug, I do a set of wheels for the Heller kit too :) Cheers, -Doug Mirage IV Wheels
  9. Beautiful Giovanni! Would you mind if I posted some of these on my website? Cheers, -Doug :)
  10. Thanks guys, I will try that. I am about finished painting the interior, and then I get to do all of the exterior stuff. As for Royale Resin items, Stephen is correct. The only things I have made so far are wheels and exhausts. That will probably be it for this one. I haven't made an official announcement of new releases yet, but I will in the next day or so. Wheels Exhausts Cheers, -Doug :)
  11. Hi all, Does anyone happen to know what color the rotor assembly and gear box should be painted? The instructions say gun metal, but looking at pictures, it looks more like gray. Also, what color should I paint the blades? I have seen some with a zinc chromate color, and also what looks to be black. Thanks for your help. Cheers, -Doug :)/>
  12. I don't know about gear made for the HB kit, but if you are looking at using metal gear made for the Hasegawa kit, it will not fit without modification to the Monogram kit. The main gear for the Hasegawa kit is longer, as the gear bays are deeper. You will need to cut out part of the fuselage, and rebuild the bay. Also, the SAC gear requires plastic parts from the respective kits. If using this set for the Monogram kit I would go with G-Factor, as you do not need any additional parts. Cheers, -Doug :)
  13. I think he has a new edition coming out soon. So you may want to wait for that. Cheers, -Doug :)
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