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  1. Like the others said, the best is Tamiya, but if that is more than you are looking for, get a Hasegawa kit. Don't bother with the Academy kit. I started one just so I could say that I built one, and really wish I had just gone with Hasegawa.... Cheers, -Doug :)
  2. dsmith

    Re: T-45

    TB is not doing a T-45 kit. They were just one of the parties involved in helping design the kit. I believe they designed the decals, and will have some additional sheets for it, as well as Caracal too. I'm sure Bob or Mike will chime in. Cheers, -Doug :)
  3. It is hard to say with the F-14. During that time I would guess the earlier style, but to be sure you really need a reference pic. If you can post one I could probably tell you. Cheers, -Doug :)
  4. If you want to make a -B out of the Monogram kit, just start with the -C. The kit cockpits between the -J and -C are the same, so the only differences will be on the exterior. Starting with the -C kit will be closer, because it comes with unslotted stabs and the correct -8 exhausts, and no AM exhausts work with the Monogram kit that I am aware of. To turn the -C kit into a -B (other than the cockpit), here is what you need. 1. Sand down the bulges on the top and undersides of the wings. 2. If needed, add the reinforcement plates over the main gear. 3. Need the flat speed brakes, and m
  5. Is that the bomber version? If so I may have one. Cheers, -Doug :)
  6. dsmith

    1/48 F-4N

    Hi Alan, If you want a recessed panel line -B/N, the only way to go without rescribing would be to backdate the Hasegawa -J kit. There is a lot more to the conversion than just the wings and wheels though. By the time you bought a Hasegawa -J and a -B to cross kit some of the parts, there would still be additional items needed, and with the cost of buying two kits, you might as well (shameless plug here) use the conversion set I offer through my line, and you can find it here Royale Resin F-4B/N Conversion This will take you most of the way there. You just need to source a cockpit a
  7. I know this is a shameless plug, but I really would not bother with the CE 1/48 F-4B/N conversion. All they did was copy the kit parts, ejector pin marks and all. I offer a set through my line if you are interested. You can find it here (I also have unslotted stabs too). Royale Resin F-4B/N Conversion If you are interested, I also have some of the other CE sets available too. Send me a PM, and I will let you know which ones. Cheers, -Doug :)
  8. Hi guys, I bought these items from a fellow modeler on his Ebay store recently, and I thought some of you might be interested. A very nice guy, and very nice stuff as well :thumbs-up: First up is a pitot tube for the Mig-21, offered in both 1/48 and 1/72. As you can see, they come well packed, and it is all in one piece! No need to attach PE parts. Next is a pitot tube set for the 1/32 Su-25 - same comments as above. 1/48 F-111 pitot tube (2x per set) 1/48 Cannons for the A-4 He also has some masks, and other hobby tools. Very nice stuff, and reasonably priced as well.
  9. dsmith

    AMT F7F 1/48

    A shameless plug here, but the TD wheels are too bulged (i.e. flat). I offer a set of resin ones if your re interested. F7F Wheels Cheers, -Doug :)
  10. If interested, I offer a set of resin wheels for the B-1 kit. B-1 Wheels Cheers, -Doug :)
  11. Hey Bob, That is what I thought. The spoked wheels are the late version, and the solid hubs are for the early versions. Here is what you are looking for F-104 Wheels I hope that helps. Cheers, -Doug :)
  12. Bob, Do you have a picture of the hub? I am only aware of two types of wheel. Cheers, -Doug :)
  13. Jennings, You need this. True Punch If you only need a few circles, I have all three sets. Shoot me an email at royaleresin at gmail dot com if you are interested, I can probably help you out. They are great products. Cheers, -Doug :)
  14. I think I may have an F-94B. Let me check and get back to you. Cheers, -Doug :)
  15. F/A-18E/F Tanks Cheers, -Doug :)
  16. There are some excellent build reviews on these two sites Modeling Madness and Hyperscale Cheers, -Doug :)
  17. You could try asking if there is anyone who has extras from a Revell kit. Maybe somebody who used an Aires or Black Box set, and has the left over kit parts? HTH, Cheers, -Doug :)
  18. Cutting Edge made a set of intakes for the raised panel line 1/48 B/N/C/D kits. They were not advertised to fit the raised line -J, so I don't know if they would fit that kit. Cheers, -Doug :)
  19. I am working on this kit at the moment, and it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. If you line up the parts carefully enough, you only need some CA to fill in some small gaps. The only part I used putty, is ont the intakes - poor fit there. One thing I will say that will make it easier, is to cut off the flaps. Otherwise, the seam on the rear end is impossible to fill. Cheers, -Doug :)
  20. dsmith

    f-14 resin

    I have been wondering this too, as I am working on a Monogram F-14A kit. If the engines are the same as the set for the Hasegawa kit, then they would be too big. I have seen somebody shoehorn the Aires pit for the Hasegawa kit into a Monogrma kit though. As far as if the -A set will work for a -B or -D, it really depends on how accurate you want to be. If you are doing an early -B, then yes it should be fine. However, the later -B's had some differences in the RIO's pit, mainly a square PITDS screen, and the stick on the left console. If you want to do a -D, then there are a lot mo
  21. I think we could probably help a little better if you could show a picture of your part, and how you made the mold. However, based on what you wrote, it sounds like you are getting air trapped in the mold. The best solution for this is to use a pressure pot, or redo the mold so there is an air outlet. If you don't have that, having a smaller mold that would allow you to "squeeze" the air out may work. Cheers, -Doug :)
  22. Has anyone installed one of these Bis/MF pits into the Academy kit? The set is OK, but the instructions get an F. They do not say anything about how you need to alter the kit, or how the parts are supposed to be put in there. My best guess, is that the coaming just rests on the kit part, and you only need to remove the part of the kit where the rear bulkhead would go. Anybody have any advice. I might just go with my BB or Aires set... Cheers, -Doug :)
  23. This is for Scott. Thanks Jim, I appreciate it! I should get them out on Friday. Cheers, -Doug :)
  24. Scott, All of the items I have are in stock. You just need to go to the catalogue page. F-100 Wheels HTH. Cheers, -Doug :)
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