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  1. The only sheets I know of that are currebtly available are form Afterburner. They have an -E and -F sheet and are very nice. Cheers, -Doug :)
  2. I think the AB sheet is sold out. If you want, I have an extra Figther Town DS sheet with the low vis VF-84 markings with nose art. Just shoot me a PM if interested. Cheers, -Doug :)
  3. Yea, The display was right benind my table at the Nats, so I looked at it a lot. It is absolutely beautiful, and will only be $32.00! The best part is that they learned from their mistake on the Super Hornet, and have gone back to Korea to do their tooling. Cheers, -Doug :)
  4. Hi Guys, I'm starting a decal purge, and here is the first sheet to go. 1/48 Cutting Edge CED48292 SR-71 Sheet $30.00 shipped anywhere. I can take PayPal or a MO. Thank you, -Doug :)
  5. Looks good Jim! You better send me some pictures when you are done :P Cheers, -Doug :)
  6. There are not many kits I would clear the bench for, but I think this might be one of them. I need about 4 A's and 4 B's please :) Cheers, -Doug :)
  7. Looks like a fun project. I have one in the stash I hope to build one day too..... It looks like you are going to go all out on the updates, so I thought I might suggest one more set (insert shameless plug here :) I make some resin wheels that correct the kit parts if you are interested Resin Wheels. Good luck! Cheers, -Doug :)
  8. The problem is that the flaps are in the way. Before you glue the wings together, you need to remove the flaps. Once they are out of the way, it is easy to get everything glued together, shimmed, and sanded. As far as reusing the flaps, they need to be rebuilt, but if you send me a PM I can help you out. I found that if you shim the rear wings and the tail, you will solve most of the gap problems. I am in the process of building one, and the only putty I used was on the intake to fuselage join. Cheers, -Doug :)
  9. Yes, super glue is my prefered filler, especially if you are going to rescribe over it. If you have to rescribe, the only putty you can really use is an epoxy-type. As for CA, you just put it in the seam, hit it with accelerator, give it a minute or so, and then sand it smooth. I use three different types, the thin, medium, and thick, depending on the gap. Be really careful with the thin stuff though, it will run just like water, and get sucked into just about anywhere - ask me how I know.... On the Monogram F-106 I am working on, I used CA for every seam accept where I got a step in the
  10. Oh, and I do that too (cut of the gear doors). It makes painting much easier. Cheers, -Doug :)
  11. Yea, with this kit, the only way to get the detail on the nose after filling the gaps is to rescribe. I use CA to fill almost all my seams. With the old Monogram kits, it's shim, shim, CA, CA repeat :) It is looking good though. Keep at it! Cheers, -Doug :)
  12. Very, very nice job. That is a beast of a kit for sure, and you beat it into submission :) Cheers, -Doug :)
  13. I don't know if you all have thought about this, but it would also be really neat if you guys offered different carrier deck sets. I was thinking maybe just a carrier deck section where AC would be parked, and maybe an elevator, etc.. Then, if you wanted to get really creative, you could make it so that someone could combine the different sets to make "bigger" sets. Just a thought. I would be interested in a couple. Cheers, -Doug :)
  14. Wow, very nice Raymond! Is there any chance you guys will do a P6 catapult for US ships? I need one for my Kingfisher :) Cheers, -Doug :)
  15. For small items like dials, switches, buttons, etc, I use a round toothpick. It has always worked pretty well for me. Just use a tiny bit of paint at a time. Here is an example of a pit that has lots of "dots." This is for a Monogram F-106 I am working on with scratch built upgrades, and a BB seat. As for the black areas, I mask with Tamiya tape and spray. For small black areas, you can use a black sharpie. If you do this, just be careful with the paint you put over it, as a laquer based paint will make it run. Anything with alcohol in it too. Hope that helps. Cheers, -Doug :)
  16. 80! I had no idea you had built that many Darren :) Oh, and I would pick up some FOD covers from Steal Beach, they are another life saver :) Darren, do the hard intake covers you have fit the RM kit? I might need to pick up a set from you for my "special project." :) Cheers, -Doug :)
  17. Trust me, it will make your life so much easier. I am working on my third Monogram F-14, and I wouldn't do it any other way. You really can't properly clean up the seams unless you do it this way. On my first build, I didn't cut them up, and it was a MAJOR PITA to do the seams, and they never looked right. Cheers, -Doug :)
  18. I have some weighted wheels, but other than that, I don't know of anything. I am sure Aires will do a cockpit and wheel bays at some point. Cheers, -Doug :)
  19. Depends on what you are looking for, but try here. SAC Cheers, -Doug :)
  20. Looks good Mike. Do you think that the NeOmega cockpit would fit in the Kinetic kit? Cheers, -Doug :)
  21. Maybe it was converted after the picture? I would be interested in knowing, as I was planning on doing this one. Maybe Eli would know, as this is on his 1/48 B-25 sheet. Cheers, -Doug
  22. I think it will be out later this year, most likely a Nats release. Cheers, -Doug :D
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