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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first kinda commission build. A marketing agency for Testors asked our club to paint a figure for their office using only the six paints in a figure painting set they're putting out and which had to be done by 08/31/18. I'm the only one in the club that does figures to it fell to me. I chose a DEF models British SAS Jeep Gunner in 1941 North Africa with his pet monkey (I guess a Barbary Macaque) that with the theme on the packaging. The six colors were Model Master enamels Olive Drab Semi Gloss, Burnt Umber Flat, Burnt Sienna Flat, British
  2. The Bandai kit and part of the Dragon Ball series. It was fun to build!
  3. Hi Everyone. This is the Soda Pops miniature "Culture Club". Thanks for letting me share!
  4. This is the Chromosome miniature's "Whitney, Anime Heroine" that I placed on a styrofoam gaming base with Crooked Dice "Repair Drones". Thanks for letting me share.
  5. No, I liked them both! I guess this one seemed to show more of the art deco look in the fuselage font that is so suggestive of the 30s. I think I may have been off on the correct door for the port fuselage. Thanks for your kind comments!
  6. The Revell 1/90 kit. I used Archer Rivet decals to restore the ones lost to a lot of sanding (!), opened inlets, exhausts and gears, used clear styrene for windows and Vintage Flyer decals. Thanks for letting me share!
  7. This is part of the Reaper Mousling series based on holidays. It was fun to paint. Thanks for letting me share!
  8. My wife, who is wonderfully supportive of my hobby, has decided to try it herself. Her first figure was the rather challenging 1/9 Dragon vinyl kit. she had to use epoxy and hot water to conform some of the parts to fit. She used Mr. Surfacer primer and then oils.
  9. Hi Everyone. This is my NX-01 Enterprise Refit, the Polar Lights 1/1000 kit. I had a difficult time trying to photograph it, and the light lost all the careful weathering in the paint! I sincerely appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you!
  10. 54 mm Coolminornot Tinker Bell. Thanks for letting me share!
  11. Very nice! Great to see this livery.
  12. This is the Reaper "Honolulu Private Investigator", obviously meant to be Charlie Chan. I'm a big fan of the old movies and this was a fun miniature. Thanks for letting me share.
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