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  1. Well this morning when I opened up the mail box you could have knocked me over with a feather. :jaw-dropping:/> There waiting inside was a package from Testors with a brand new A7778 airbrush, the nozzle head still turns but at least Testors gave me another air brush. So now I have my new air brush from Paasche and the A7778, now I'm a happy camper and hopefully this will be the end of my troubles. Thanks to everyone for guiding me through this annoying time. :cheers:/>
  2. Hey Guys, When my airbrush turned up from Testors it still had the same problem with the nozzle turning. I thought that was a waist of $40Au for postage, I contacted Testors again and got an email that the person in charge was away for a few days and I just have to wait for a response. Any way I kept using the airbrush and after a few painting sessions my big fear happened, when I placed it down in my spray booth the front end broke off :wmsmiley-poop-hits-the-fan:/> I contacted Testors Wednesday, again and I'm still waiting for a response. I've given up all hope this company doing t
  3. No Worries mate and thanks for linking your website Don, I found what you said about the Aztek very interesting.
  4. Yeah I know but don't forget mate I'm living Down Under in a regional area where it takes at least 3 days to get something posted from Sydney, even though it's only a 7 hour drive. Besides I've got a back up airbrush and I'm happy to wait for a new replacement.
  5. Well, it seems all is not lost after all. After going back onto Testors web page I went to the tips section and there I found what the process was for sending my airbrush back. After sending them another email this time to the correct department I got a reply back the next day. They told me to send the body back with a note with my addy on it and a reference number they gave me. So first thing in the morning I'll go to the post and send the airbrush body back, and in 4 to 6 weeks I should have a replacement airbrush.
  6. No word yet, I've given up :tumble:/>/>/> I sent Testors an email some time ago now and nothing. I'm just conscious that the front is a bit loose and when I'm putting in and taking out the nozzle I'm just extra careful. The airbrush works beautifully and is an absolute pleasure to use so I'll just keep on using it till :wmsmiley-poop-hits-the-fan:/>/>/>
  7. Top job Mate, love the whole appearance of her.
  8. I like the weight of the metal body and I had no problem spraying with the airbrush, I'm just concerned that one day the front might fall off.
  9. Thanks again everybody for the heads up, I'm still waiting for Testors to answer my email. A friend of mine has 3 metal Aztek A7778 and he told me 2 that he uses all the time have tight fitting heads and the third which is basically still brand new with very little use wobbles at the front like mine does.
  10. Thanks Guys I'm still waiting for Testors to email me back, mmmmm...
  11. Hi Andrew, I've sent them an email and I'm waiting for them to contact me, unfortunately I'm moving over the next few days and my internet gets turned off tomorrow until about Tuesday next week. When I hear from them I'll post their remarks here.
  12. Thanks Andrew, I'll get in contact with them.
  13. What a great looking plane you've built yourself there, you sure have a winner on your hands. And yeah that glass looks awesome, top job.
  14. Hey Guys, So my Aztec Metal body A7778 Airbrush turned up yesterday and I was so excited to see all the goodies in the wooden box. After playing around with it for a while I went to undo the Tan Nozzle and noticed that the head of the airbrush where you screw the nozzle into wobbled and I can actually twist that whole section around. Is this normal, or should I be sending it back to Testors to get fixed? thanks for your help, Mike.
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