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  1. Thanks for the update Zactoman you rock, finish undergrad in 2015 and entered law school last year, taking a break as a SI coach as well, just got my Su-33 1:48 flanker today and redoing my Su-27 UB 1:48 which I hope to have completed by the end of summer, we shall see.
  2. It's been years even though I still follow the forum, I hope her your wife is getting better and I see that last post dated 12-22-16.
  3. Wow, another model to add to my on hold build stash and god only knows when I'll ever have the time....
  4. It's always great to hear that a new kit is in the works, thanks for sharing Ken.
  5. Congrats on your marriage even though I'm late, it's been awhile sense I've posted or even visited the site. Alas, this forum is always a MUST read. This kit as well as the most resent kit is on my to buy list. Man, what would I do without this forum?
  6. Impressive!!!, just read every post and it appears for the most part all those concerns will be address, this is awesome, can't wait. Great work Zactoman and everyone that's added to the topic at hand, you all ROCK!!!! Sorry I haven't been around, it's my last year as an undergrad and my modeling suffered, no worries though, I've just added this to my list as a must buy.
  7. What an awesome job you've done, thanks for sharing your skill-set, just amazing detail work on every level, have you thought about entering in a show?
  8. Nice project, I can't get enough Su's on any scale, they've build some impressive jets, will follow your build. Keep up the good work!!
  9. Following with much interest, the re-working is awesome to see and you can be sure I'm talking notes!
  10. Your doing a great job on this 1:32 MiG-29C, following with great interest as well.
  11. Great job Marek, you really bring this craft to another level, awesome build and paint scheme.
  12. Outstanding I might add, I can't say this enough, the level and detailed work is just stunning, I'll have to bookmark this so I'll have some great references, thanks Rom, great work!!
  13. Nice to see this re-work project, gives me hope when I get around to it. Thanks for sharing, you gotta love this forum.
  14. I have to repeat nikosmet's statement, "truly an amazing work", really impressive!
  15. Your work on this Flanker is truly beautiful it's really a great way to share your process and I appreciate that.