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  1. and more: National Air and Space Museum virtual 360 Mig 15
  2. Found some: General MacArthur's personal C-121A: C-121 C-121 C-121 Airbus 380 737NG A320
  3. I guess it's a matter of looking for them on Google, that's all I did was do a google search.
  4. And more... SR-71 B-29 Enola Gay 1 B-29 Enola Gay 2 Bell Huey P-51 and more probably if you type in "360 degree aircraft cockpits"
  5. Awesome!! And i just turned in a pencil drawing of the F-86. Great work on this.
  6. Thank you. The paper I was using was more of sketch quality, so I need to do this on finer medium which I just got in the mail yesterday. That way I can get more realistic details in the pencil work.
  7. Pencil work of an F-86 Sabre I did back in 2005, just found it and scanned it in before I lost it.
  8. Wow, that's definitely different approach but I like it!
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