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  1. There's a wealth of how to articles on his website but this one is about stressed skin, the best I've come across. Here you go folks: http://www.ratomodel.../stressed_skin/ And here are the rest of the articles: http://www.ratomodeling.com/index_articles.html
  2. Thank you all for the info, you guys just saved me $1200. The low end of the 3D printers are just not worth for the level of detail I was looking for. It's cheaper to stick with the aftermarket sets.
  3. Printing cockpit sets? Flaps? Landing gears? Would the level of detail be worth dropping 1200 dollars and making your own subject of a model? If anyone has experience and pictures, please share. Thanks!
  4. Here is my MiG 17, did a bit of work lately. I dressed up the ejection seat and added some wires to the engine, otherwise it is straight out of the box:
  5. When I was a kid there was a guy who had cast metal MiG -19s on the pillars along his fence.That was in another time and in another country, I want to do the same here but drop the flaps on mine and weather them a bit. I don't know if I would actually do that but that's my fantasy anyway.
  6. Thank you!!!! I don't know why I couldn't find it.
  7. Hi everybody, I got the huge Shenyang F-6 MiG 19S for a good price at the LHS but the instruction sheet is missing. Can anyone help? thanks!
  8. Hi y'all, Just got my "Dack" today Just amazing how much detail is packed in that box. Way to go Cyber Hobby! It can be built with or without the aux fuel tank if that's not your fancy
  9. arc01

    UBoot VII C

    Thank you guys! About the rigging,- thin fishing line with small globs of J&B Weld applied with a tooth pick. And a pair of really strong magnifying glasses.
  10. arc01

    Wish list

    1/48 Mil Mi-8/17MD Mil Mi-28N Pleaseeeee!
  11. Yesterday I got my GWH Mig 29 from Great Models, I mean SprueBrothers. The new kit is fantastic, it immediately made my Academy one(s) obsolete! Sure, it is more expensive, but you don't have to buy any aftermarket brassin. Love the detailed engines, nice touch. Good job Yufei, I am really impressed:
  12. Hi everyone, Is anyone willing to part with their Hs P.87? I realize this is a resin kit. Thanks!
  13. Thank you, guys! The weathering --basically, I just ran highly thinned streaks of Floquil "Flesh" up and down the hull. Then I used ground pastel chalk thinned with Tamiya thinner for the rusty spots, tried to make it random. The hatch door was treated with Burned Sienna-Burned Umber-Mars Black artist oil mix, more or less in equal parts. I wish I had those mags when I was finishing my sub! Update Nov 19: I just received the first two of four mags "The Weathering Magazine." They are from Spain and they are awesome! Here is a link for USA customers. The magazine is very well produced and is worth the money. They also have digital copies. I am one very happy modeler! Did I mention that they have scantily clad girls holding AK-47s, usually on the second and the last pages? I didn't know in Europe girls were into weathering that much but I don't complain. )))
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