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  1. Greg try daco decals: http://ultra.glo.be/daco/KDCD73.html for black beauty 25 years of seaking http://ultra.glo.be/daco/KDCD72.html stencils Bruno
  2. Check scale aircraft modelling of a year ago, there were some drawing of the israel version Bruno
  3. her you go, remark: I just started: I am thinking to convert the bird into a md500: Bruno
  4. I even so stupid to cut open the engine compartiment and remove the complete interior. yes I know , I am crazy. bruno
  5. a oh-6, a vh60N, a jayhawk all in scale 144. it is a long time planning...... Bruno
  6. check this site: http://www.scalefirebombers.com/ www.flickr.com check for the group fire bombers etc Bruno
  7. with pleasure, by the way on this site you can find more video's on french airforce... bruno
  8. check this: http://www.ina.fr/media/entretiens/video/C...pontage.fr.html attention only french spoken bruno
  9. that is indeed the kit, concerning the other equipment , I think that I should have almost every kit of the the hawk in scale 1/144. and I only made one bird at this moment: see in the back bruno
  10. John thanks for the hint. I will buy the decal. Bruno
  11. The saehawk kit must be modified, the fuel tanks kave to be scatchbuild, and the decals air made by fireball models. there is some work. concerning the fueltanks: Dragon is going to isue a kit with the fueltanks in february. one problem solved. Bruno
  12. It is this kit:Dragon Seahawk SH-60F + SH-60I "VIP" . So i think that you are right Thorsen. let's first wait the arrival of the kit. first build the Jayhawk ( in the same scale) Bruno
  13. well it would not be the first seat I make in this scale: these are seats for a T33 BRUNO
  14. thanks Dan, for the link I am going to use it. I have not yet seen the kit but I think that it wil be a mayor rebuild: different doors left and right. the window positioning is also different. and Yes, I have to watch out for the version the dragon kit will have........ Thanks for your help bruno
  15. Hello, I just have ordered the dragon kit (1/144) of marine one. do you know here I can find some pictures of the interior of this chopper. The only this I have found so far is that the vip seating is white leather. Thanks, bruno
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