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  1. Well what is just that. My signature is just that. How's that you may wander. I'll cut to the core of it. I've not posted in here for almost eight years and I just did post again moments ago and when I did so I happened to look at my signature. As you can guess, none of those kits is completed. Here's a quick rundown on how it is now according to my signature from then. At my chaotic desk: - Less chaotic desk nowadays as I need to close it all in as soon as I'm not sitting there. Yes you've guessed it, I've got a cat now... Revell: F-104C Starfighter 1:72 - Just a few parts rem
  2. Hi mate! I'm a bit late to the party here but I do hope that you still have this set and is willing to sell it to me. I don't have anything to trade for it though But I'll trade you some money for it. /Urban
  3. Announced earlier today by Tarangus! http://www.tarangus.se/all-new-viggen-model/
  4. Lovely mate! I've not been to the forums for a long time so it's a marvel to see your progress so far. I've not even built anything of my own durin' the whole summer but that'll change soon I hope. But to see your incredible work on one of my favourite birdies is quite inspiring...
  5. It's incredible to see what you do in 1:72 with these birds. Just how many hours have you put down on 'em so far?
  6. This is surely gettin' better n' better n' more impressive for each update...
  7. I suggest you to give Citadel's Games Workshop Skull White a try as a primer. It's not pricy at all n' comes in 400ml rattle cans. It goes on thin n' even n' gives you a great result. I've used their Chaos Black to good effect a lot n' the Skull White when I didn't wan't to have a black primer.
  8. Beautiful! I love the Phantom II n' yours is a stunnin' example...
  9. Lovely result on a nice bird! Great work mate!
  10. That's one neat stop motion film mate! Thanks for puttin' it all together...
  11. I use standard shot glasses. I like the straight walls n' the flat bottom with nothing for my stirrer to "trip" on. The edges is also great with virtually no lip on the edge thus makin' it easy to pour from 'em into the airbrush cup.
  12. It's better to go with the version that offers the hdd. Why? Ability to preload games on the hdd, downloadin' demos or buyin' download games such as the wonderful Limbo. Some games don't even save as smooth on the Arcade version of the 360 as on a hdd version. As for the cost, it's better to go direct for the hdd that add it later on for a greater cost. Kinnect will be available for a lower cost later on as it seems like it has come to stay. Kinnect is not for me considerin' my bad shoulder n' damaged neck, the same goes for PS3 Move or Wii. As for the question PS3 vs. X360, all I can say is t
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