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  1. Hi I present my model made of a weak italeri + scratch set.
  2. Hello. I present my last job. F-14D Hasegawa PT12 1:48, Superscale decals, Aires exhaust nozzles, SJU17 Aires, and a pair of cuts from scratch. Regards, Tomcatsky F-14 Polish team.
  3. I have and hi vis If you lead the relationship with the construction here, I will send it to you for free. A set of lo-vis that only the necessary decals to the VF-1 i used the rest (VF-84).
  4. Italeri box have a include VF-1 Hi- vis. Stell looking decals?
  5. Hi again.I present my interpretation of the aircraft S-3B Viking made by the model Italeri, set for receipt of Paragon Design wings, cockpit Pavla, and Eduard exterrior. Gaps electronics made from scratch. Improved horizontal stabilizers to pose a standstill. Improved lighting. Lights to fly in formation painted with fluorescent paint
  6. Yes :) Here you go :) http://www.modelwork.pl/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=42975
  7. Yes, decal included to Revell Box
  8. THX. Yes this is "re-box" Hasegawa.
  9. Hello to all. After less than a year, the model has been completed. I used to build the Gills Eduard interrior and exterrior. I did the engine from scratch, building the rear cabin, hydrolocator, Bracket blades and some other stuff. Set unfortunately requires a trowel and minor adjustments. The deck is made ​​from styrene. Probably will still service and Tractor Deck by Skunkmodel. Regards Przemek.
  10. Hi Guys Thanks all. So finally looks showcasing at the International Festival Modeller. 2013 Bytom, Poland.
  11. Wolfpack set the tail is cast in a single piece, which completely excludes making and improve the air vents, so I have not used this set;)
  12. Thank you gentlemen. It also happens in real life, and I made this special sign star, conversely, that it is more interesting model. Here in the real
  13. Hi all again. This time, I graduated from the old model italeri. The model itself is a nightmare, the elements are not folded and require many putty. Converted it into version folded in. I used part of the elements dedicated to Eduard SH-60. I opened the powertrain, improved lighting.
  14. That is equal to the rest of the cocpitu, and I had no problems with it. Original nozzles also are very clean, as it is polished titanium. Thank you for your comments and encourage you to comment
  15. Hi all again. Present your model again. This Hasegawa kit, cocpit Aires, and a lot of add-ons of their own. It looks as follows, and comments are welcome.
  16. Unfortunately, I did not find clear pictures of dirty copies, the most conspicuous just fume stains were applied. As for the fracture surface of the filler is dried quickly hairdryer. look:
  17. I'm glad you responded to my post. You're right, it should be, my mistake, improvement, I do not know why they painted. Greating and thank you Przemek.
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