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  1. I see what you mean. But I've tried to represent a stationary spinning rotor, in stead of a rotor without any spin. Jup, you're right! Thank you for your kind words Mario! :D
  2. Jep, you're right: they're a bit too clean. But I'm done with it and won't add anything anymore. I'm glad to see the overall picture. Jep, you're right. I found these aircraft fascinating too! Is there an overview of these operated CIA aircraft? Thank you! Well, I don't know if I will do this again though :bandhead2:/>/> Thanks! Glad you mentioned this.
  3. Thanks! That pic was the starting point and inspiration for the helo and diorama. Cheers, Daan
  4. It's finished! More pics can you see here I hope you like it. Regards, Daan
  5. This is my latest model: a 1/72 Mil-17 Hip from Hobbyboss operated by the CIA. I was fascinated when I learned about these secretive Hips operated by OGA and other branches. Various pictures helped me a lot by creating this helo with the diorama. It takes place in Afghanistan, and captures the moment when an exfill of operators and K-9 on a mountain top takes place. The Hip is updated with wider fuel tanks, flares, and M-134 and M-249 with operators, pilots, an interior (which is hard to see on the pics) and other little 'bumps’ which are common for these helo’s. The figures are a mix of Pr
  6. Nice!!! Looking forward to an update
  7. dæn

    Command post

    :woot.gif: nicely done!
  8. dæn


    How could I miss this one?? Did you scratch the pontoons? Great job, as far I can see on the pics. They're not the clearest ones I've see though. Daan
  9. Jup, no doubt I :woot.gif: :woot.gif: this model!
  10. Wow, great stuff! How did you create the realistic 'mushroom' explosion? Daan
  11. Holy smokes, that's some F-18! I really like the setting, you've captured the moment perfectly in your diorama. Daan
  12. Hee Austin, any progress on this build? The idea looks promising! Daan
  13. Nice, can't wait to see it closed! Couldn't you use the interior of the Zvezda kit you have had purchased? Cheers, Daan
  14. This is my first Russian helo ever: a Mil Mi-17. I decided to turn her into a machine operated by the CIA/DEA in Afghanistan. I was very motivated by reading Arkhunter2002's topics to make a diorama which has a helo included. So reading this gave me a lot of tips and inspiration. Ken Duffey helped me out with tips how to convert the fuel tanks. It's for me the third model I've build since I picked up the hobby a few years ago. I'm not a fast builder because I'm born without a left under arm. But he, I try my best and I think this machine is becoming a pretty fair result. I added an interi
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