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  1. That kit should get released again. Came with the cool little mini guns.
  2. On a related the note; the Flying Heritage Collection will be flying their 262 this summer in Evertt WA. Very excited to see this.
  3. Love it. I have those decals in 144 for a future project.
  4. Very nice. Nice to see a 144 kit with decent panel lines.
  5. Very nice. I used the needle trick on mine a couple years ago.
  6. F-105's? I know they were tasked with nuke delivery into eastern Europe and Russia.
  7. Wow. I think I would have just found a 1/48t kit... Hats off to this project.
  8. Building Tamiya's 1/48 aggressor kit in the AK version. What have people done to get this thing to look correct? I poured white latex paint into the intake to deal with that but the crisp gray line at the mouth has me wondering how to proceed. maybe temp attach the lip while doing the exterior colors and then removing and painting the inside gray afterward?
  9. This may be old news but was just watching and old documentary called Arctic Warriors on you tube and saw that F-15C's were equipped with CFT's. Had never seen that before. Makes sense due to the huge distances that could be involved.
  10. Great, It can go on the shelf in my garage with my HK B-17 I'll never build...
  11. This sheet. Whole sheet would be great but would settle for the 35. Also the two seat 75 would be nice http://aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev3/2001-2100/rev2034-Twobobspreview48-170/00.shtm
  12. Looking for the blue scheme Two Bobs would be fine. I just realized mine are 1/32
  13. Have not used on Resin but the Mr. Hobby line is also really good. levels out very nice. Tamiya of course is fantastic as well.
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