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  1. Hi, wondering if anyone out there has done lighting for the Fine Molds / Revell 1/72 millennium falcon? Is there a kit out there that is easy to use and install, and provides good lighting effects? thanks DAveT
  2. Where would be the cheapest place in Canada to order this kit? Everywhere i look, it will be close to $400 with shipping, duties, etc DaveT
  3. I just bought this compressor: http://www.tcpglobal.com/ABD-TC-20T.html#.WHfQW1UrJpg When I turn it on, and let it run, it never goes past 19 PSI. I checked for leaks, and I can;t find anything. I was hoping for a compressor that shuts off when it reaches a certain PSI. I've adjusted the gauge both ways, and wrapped lines in plumbers tape. DaveT
  4. Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are on this, I bought an old kit on ebay, 1/12 Monogram Ferrari F40, a cheap kit, but with exchange, duty & shipping cost more than I would have liked. It was advertised as original sealed box, I open the box and look around, and there are no decals. Not too many decals for this kit, but the yellow emblem on the sides and the speedo & tach would definitely stand out as missing. I contacted Revell and they can't help since the kit is so old. I guess the seller would not have known the decals were missing, so is this a case where I am out of luck? I wish I never saw Jay Leno drive this car recently !! DaveT
  5. They've been busy !! I have enjoyed your other Star Wars builds. Will you be doing Bandai's Boba Fett? I have that in the stash, and it needs painting, but I haven't found a build with simple color callouts for it. thanks! DaveT
  6. would these show up on www.flightradar24.com ? DaveT
  7. I will delete the 700+ pics I took and just use yours!! Very nice! Excellent air show too. DaveT
  8. Just checking to see if anyone is going to the Great New England Air Show this weekend. I am thinking of making the trip, but I see the weather is a little iffy. Would stuff fly if there are light rain showers? It looks to be a great show, but I want to make sure the 13 hour drive there is worth it !! DaveT
  9. Electric heat kicking in? I know out bill went up when we got 3 digital TV boxes. Any new computers, appliances ?
  10. Would this help ? http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10000424 Hobby Search Japan usually has the instructions scanned for a lot of model kits DaveT
  11. a little write up http://m.cfl.ca/article/grey-cup-winners-will-travel-home-in-style DaveT
  12. I see news articles on a big increase in Russian Military 'training' flights, and the articles mention that they do not have their transponders on, is that new for them ? The article mentions this is dangerous as air traffic control cannot see them. Just wondering if this is something that could be considered an act of war, flying military planes without transponders, or is this something US, NATO does too ? DaveT
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