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  1. Thank you, Answered and I'll take 'em! Later, Lee
  2. Interested...any idea the cost to ship to 41094 USA? Later, Lee
  3. Thank you for the link! I do have this page bookmarked and, sadly, it has the instructions for the later release with is a completely different molding. This is for kit #00322 and it is not there. I do appreciate your help though! Still looking... Lee
  4. Hi folks! I good friend of mine has terminal kidney issues (he's on hemodialysis daily) and has been gifted a NIB kit #4719 but it's missing the canopy. He can build this one as the parts are large. Smaller kits he's had to give up on building. If anyone has one they can spare from their parts box I'll happily pay for it. Also, if anyone has a set of aftermarket decals for this kit they will not be using I'd like to get them for him. I'll pay for the canopy and decals and if you are willing to mail them directly to him I'll get you his address and, obviously, I'll cover that cost.
  5. Hi all! My Hobbycraft BMP-1 is missing the instructions. I’ve struck out on the web. This is the old Trumpeter kit #00322 from 1999/2000. I'm also looking for some replacement BMP-1 road wheels to replace the ones on my old Trumpeter/Hobbycraft kit. The ones I have screw in and have no covers for the center hubs, leaving the screw head very evident. Glad to buy or trade for them...can even be damaged or used. Thanks, Lee
  6. Okay thanks! If it’s a complete kit though i’d really hate for you to part it out just for me. Also can you post a pic of what badge/decals you need for the F-16? I’ll see what I have. Later, Lee
  7. Hmmm, that's a shame. I'd have paid to ship and not sweat any damages since they are started. Best of luck on your sale and thanks for getting back to me. Later, Lee
  8. Anthony, if you have started kits do you plan on getting rid of them as well? Thanks, Lee
  9. Dutch, I got you covered. I will need your leftovers though for my own build. Nice work so far and i sent you a friend request over on Scalemates. Send me a PM with your address. Later, Lee
  10. I'll take the following: F-117 #5922 (Invisa-Clear) RA-5 Aerospace Modeler sheet (only 1) F-14 Aeromaster Lo-Viz 148-024 Superscale 48-86 F/A-18C VFA-82 'Mauraders' Thanks, Lee
  11. Parts secured and all is good! Thanks GregGreek for your help! Grateful, Lee
  12. I'm going thru my stash and ran across a few oldies that I am missing parts for. 1/72 Matchbox M16 Halftrack (missing tracks and decals), Fujimi 1/76 M4A1 Sherman (missing all of sprue A) and Hasegawa 1/72 High Speed Tractor M5 (missing sprue B and decals). If any of you have these parts (or even ones from other kits that might work) please let me know. I'd be happy to buy/trade. I'll take used/started parts too. I'd just like to be able to build these. Thanks! Lee
  13. I recently got this kit as a started one that was missing pieces. I was able to go thru my spares and find all I needed except the following: A10 (intake-see picture) MA #1,2,7,9,10 (PE fret-see picture) I'll be happy to take them used, painted, whatever you got and will pay for your time and parts. Thanks a bunch! Later, Lee
  14. I wound up buying this kit for $4 each. In need of the following items: windscreen gun half (21A). Later, Lee P.S. The Camel came with extra parts from a 2nd kit. Wings (upper and lower, prop, partial engine, landing gear, struts, etc.). If you need any of it LMK.
  15. Robert, I'm pretty sure I have the props. I don't have wheels though. Shoot me a PM with your address. Later, Lee
  16. Well, I'm calling this one done! This is the Testors/NewRay 1/32 M3 Lee tank. Added a scratch built rack using leftover PE fret framing, extra gear from the spares bin, figures and a pair of road wheels from the Monogram Screamin’ Mimi kit and replaced the soft plastic cannon barrels using brass tubing. Had to extensively modify the front transmission cover to get it passable. Decals are from the Tamiya M3 kit. Took me three weeks to complete at a cost of $6.50 and $5 for the decals. Later, Lee
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