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  1. Is anyone making Draken or Discovery Air decals for A-4s in any scale?
  2. I've been waiting for the start. Like so many others I was in awe of your work in FSM and greatly enjoy the quality of your work.
  3. The Soviets did just this with GS-23 pods on Su-25s.
  4. I decided to make the switch to Vallejo acrylics from enamels and this is the first victim of experimentation. I'm just mixing from the basic 16 color set without great care for accuracy,just to get a handle on how to work with this stuff.
  5. Not in the spares box but I'll cut the sprues for you.
  6. I would love to do one in these markings
  7. The Saudis used F-5Fs to buddy lase for F-5Es. The tip rails will want AIM-9Ps,outboard pylons GBU-10s and inboards drop tanks with the center pylon clean. If you want a different loadout,you can build a Bahraini bird with 6 Mk 82s under the belly with 2 drop tanks on the inboards and a pair of Sidewinders.
  8. This is absolutely begging for an old Hasegawa Tracker to be raided of its ESM pod,Leigh light and MAD boom with some depth charges under the wings. There is so much more potential for ugly.
  9. I took a long break from the hobby and decided to get back in it with a cheap Chinese airbrush and a stack of bargain bin models to try to dust off the cobwebs.This is the old Hobbycraft P-36,I picked it up along with a bunch of Monogram kits I built 30 years ago!
  10. Given that depending upon what outfit they are their uniforms are now:homegrown camo,Multicam,desert DPM,Flektarn and they're wearing kit ranging from Soviet era to NATO surplus frag vests to airsoft stuff you can mix and match lots of those mid-late 90s DML sets and be fairly accurate!
  11. I'm still curious as to what the special Tzefas that I first saw during Pillar of Defense are.There was a pic of one hovering near an Apache and then this one behind Benny Gantz. It "looks" like the 20 mm has been replaced with a loudspeaker or something and can't tell if that's a rectangular payload or maybe a pylon from a Skyhawk possibly? I'm guessing psyops but that could be something else under the nose. http://www.jpost.com/HttpHandlers/ShowImage.ashx?ID=217866 Now I can't find the somewhat better view.
  12. It's only been,oh,forever that a good 1/48 Bronco has been needed so I'd hardly call 2 swamping the market.
  13. On its way to a good home,will love to see pics of what you salvage from !
  14. Good news! It exists and it's cheap! With decals! Shocking news! It seems to mostly be there even after all this time! Bad news...it was built by me after about a 10 year break from the hobby.I seem to have lost one of the landing gear for the Spanish civil war version. The skinnier version is still on the sprue but you're going to have to consult resources on if that is useful or you'll have to scratch. I will have a looksee if I can find it.
  15. I have one of the Pro Modeller ones with Spanish markings that was started 10 years ago but never finished,it'd be nice if someone wanted it.I'm pretty sure I have all the parts together.
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