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  1. Good evening I wanted to know if there was any way to recover the photos that are no longer there, in this discussion. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the explanation, I had the curiosity since now also for news and magazines and photos on the web, I no longer saw the camouflage vehicles but only sand-colored above all the HUMVEE. So if I understood well according to the regiments of belonging and where they operate, they are colorful Thanks again for the availability
  3. Good morning, I'm Italian but your armed forces have always fascinated me. I am writing to ask you a question, perhaps strange, but how come the HUMVEE other types of vehicles of your armed forces no longer carry the camouflage and now they are only colored sand? Thanks for your help
  4. Thanks but this research does not help me since I'm Italian. But the one who preceded me gave me a good idea how to look for the photos, in fact and just what I was looking for was just how to set the search. Thank you
  5. The fact but most of the helicopters that come out are in recent years, above all when I put the search for police helicopters and sheriff.So I asked if anyone could direct me some site where there are photos of the helicopters in question.
  6. thanks i try to look on the site as you advised me. In this way, as I said, I look for photos of helicopters of the forces of the order
  7. good day I do not know if the right section, but you could tell me some site where I could find photos of the 70/80 helicopters of the forces of polozia and sheriff. Thank you
  8. Good evening, I would appreciate if the F104 in a state of alarm were parked in the hangar or in shelters as in europe
  9. deny1

    TRUCK M35

    thanks for the help I had noticed in several films 60 years on the U.S. AIR FORCE vehicles in blue color so I got this out of curiosity. Thanks again
  10. Good evening you tell me if a lorry M35 in use in the U.S. Air Force has ever had other coloring belonging to the classic green? thanks
  11. deny1

    AH-1 COBRA

    Thank you very much
  12. Hello I would like to know if the AH-1 Cobra helicopters were ever located in Germany. Thanks and sorry for my english
  13. deny1

    F-104 C

    Thank you for your help and for the well come since I'm not very good at making aircraft in natural metal, I always push or gray or camouflage.
  14. deny1

    F-104 C

    Guten Abend Ich würde gerne wissen, ob die F104 der USAF jemals hatten die hellgraue Lackierung Typ FS16440 Dank
  15. For Rigid Rotorhead there is a mp for you
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