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  1. Howdy Pete, it's 1/6 scale, about 13" tall... He can actually move, I made the joints articulating The red eye does indeed do it's thing, fun kit to build, tons of plastic for the money, you can get these pretty cheap (does not include any electronics)... Wish they would do the original centurion, same scale, maybe one day!
  2. Hi Ken, thanks for the comment. I used Alclad Chrome over Tamiya gloss black.
  3. This is my build of the Centurion, I was not impressed with the pose of the character, so decided to do some cutting up and giving it more of a walking pose. Also did some lighting for the roving eye. Pleasant representation of the Centurion I think...
  4. Wow, thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate all the comments. ChippyWho, the Aires gear bay needed a bit of sanding, but it was not a problem. Be sure to do lot's of dry-fitting before committing to glue. Aggressor Supporter, I am a big fan of shark mouths as well, the A-10 being the most obvious build in that category. The MiG looks good next to this earlier build... Thanks again for the support, and Happy Modelling! Marco
  5. Thank you very much for the comments guys! I appreciate it...
  6. Manfred, this is just over the top... I cannot believe the level of detail you are putting into this, and it is all so convincing, and to scale. Absolutely Beautiful!!
  7. Mike, just catching up on your truly epic build, and congratulations all around. You have taken this kit to the next level, and it will be THE build to emulate, or at least, inspire. I can attest that it was your build that gave me the courage to attempt this very complex project for myself, and I hope it does so for others as well. Please post some pictures of the whole assembly at the soonest! Marco
  8. Thanks Anthony and Iron Man! The overall paint scheme was a blend of Tamiya Sky Gray (XF-19), Blue (X-4), and Green (X-5). I cannot give exact measurements, as I went by sight, and applied a few coats, with a light sanding inbetween, to create some of the weathered effects. The colors really came alive when I applied Oil Washes of Black and Burnt Amber. The Engines, Guns, and tip of the nose intake where painted with 1) Tamiya Light Gray Fine Primer, 2) Alclad II Gloss Black, 3) Alclad II Chrome. Again, the magic happens with the Oil Washes of Black, Umber, and Sienna. As I looked for references, there where so many conflicting colors, even on the show, they look so different depending on lighting conditions, so I took much artistic license. Hope this helps you, and look forward to your build. Marco
  9. Thanks Cap'n Chaos & Mr. Ryan. Glad you liked it!
  10. Thanks for the comments! For those interested in the building of this kit, the build report is here in the ARC Forums... In-Progress Pics Happy Modeling... Marco
  11. Tonal, thanks for the comments! Glad you enjoyed it. Marco
  12. Wow, thanks all for your kind comments and encouragement! Happy Modeling. Marco
  13. Once in a while, nothing beats building one of these beauties!
  14. Finally finished this beast, and posted the pics in The Display Case
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