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  1. How cool is that?? Your kid is amazing and you are definitely a cool dad!
  2. Long story short, I managed to destroy a full set of Arizona 14" gun casemates. I have done too much work on the ship to trash it. Does anybody know where I can find a set?
  3. My only critique: OUTSTANDING!
  4. I was more concerned with the decals. (squadron markings, etc) Or are they so small that nobody can tell the difference?
  5. Wonderful job! I'm envious. Dad worked on those in the Navy. Based on what he said about those Curtis radial engines, you may need a little more gunk on the ground below. He loved the airplane, but oh how he hated those Curtis engines! Beautiful work!
  6. I never critique something unless I can do it better. I could never touch this one!! Outstanding!
  7. Great work! I'm so glad you posted this. I have a question. I have the same Essex kit. I noticed that you can buy extra Hellcats and Avengers for the Essex, but after-market Dauntlesses seem to be for the Hornet only. How did you handle this? Beautiful ships!
  8. Great job! I built that same kit last year. Love it. Best fitting kit I ever built. You dirtied yours up a bit more than I did but that just made it better! Wonderful Spit!
  9. OUTSTANDING!! I the old Revell kit years ago and it looks like child's play compared to this (partly because your building skills are better). This makes me want to get one of the GW kits!
  10. OK I have a B-17 kit I need built. I'm going to accidently drop it into your assembly line, and then drop by when you discover you have 13 on the shelf instead of 12. :huh: I will then make an offer to take one off of your hands.
  11. Plano Guy


    Nice job! I'm an airplane guy but dropped in for a visit. Thinking of doing some WW2 ships. It so happens I just finished reading 'The Voyages of Captain Cook.' When I saw a post of Endeavour I went right to it. Beautiful ship!
  12. That's terrible! I'm so sorry and hope you have fast healing. So sorry to hear about it.
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