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  1. Thank you. I used several large fishing weights. It took quite a bit, especially with the wings folded back.
  2. Thanks guys! The wipers are from the Eduard PE set. The kit parts were very over-scale.
  3. I hope to go to their show this fall: 9/14/2013 Missouri St Louis Region 5 Gateway to the West Contest and Swap Meet Viking Conference Center, Holiday Inn Sunset Hills, MO 10709 Watson Road IPMS Gateway Doug Barton 636-332-9960
  4. Thanks! No, these are the kit decals, with the exception of the American flag on the tail and the crew names. The kit decals worked very well.
  5. Kinetic kit with some Eduard PE. Royale Resin wheels.
  6. Bronco also makes a very nice set of workable tracks, with the bigfoot pattern. Lots of parts to put together, but they look very nice when assembled.
  7. Nice clean work, I like the engine. Check your "star & bar" on the top of the fuselage, it is on upside down. Nice work on a tough kit.
  8. Beautiful work Pete, as always!
  9. That is some really fine work! Can't wait to see more.
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