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  1. The link in in this thread in the Armor section- Thanks!
  2. Simple hack for consistent control drybrushing The road to humility is paved building models. HAVE FUN!
  3. Mellow Magic- Model Hack (quickie) Blue natural enemy of Future
  4. Please go to the site and subscribe if you like it! Thanks- Dane
  5. Great post MoFo and Bob- sage advice! I think in 10-15 years the market will narrow down to a few formats and the cost will be more affordable- there are people who market their printers and make jobs for you - google "I need X 3D printed" and you should get some results.
  6. Yeah hea said he was running a bead store and started modeling a while back and it became appealing to him to add the Model stuff to what he already going. I got a set of your LAU-10 tubes. Gorgeous work!! Thanks Dave.
  7. If you are looking for killer deals on paint and AM items (as well as kits- I got the new Academy T-34/85 and Tiger late ver. (new mold) MSRP @ $114- for 53 bucks USD total for both with 9 shipping! They have paint and Vallejo pigments buy 5 (@ a discount at that) free shipping. Check them out!! I never do this. They are in Merietta Ga. They are nice good folks http://stores.ebay.com/beaddreamsllc/
  8. HEY bud Hope your Thanksgiving was great. PM me. Thanks!!

  9. Wicked fool work dude. Excellent eye for "greeblification"!!!
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