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  1. Hello there. I know I'm a tad late with this but... do you still want a BOAC decal set? I may be able to help
  2. Very nice! Well done! I'll be very much pleased if the Matchbox kit I'm building turns out half as good... And here come the questions: How/what did you use for the pitot probe? And what about paint/colour? Thanks in advance.
  3. Very interesting! I have the same combination waiting its turn here somewhere (got mine off ebay if it is of any interest) and I think I can learn a lot from you just by watching you build this conversion. Funny, mine had a broken tail fin as well. As for the air intakes, I *think* they were smaller in the actual A model than in the later twin engine versions. Can someone verify this?
  4. Thank you! I'm having fun already :wacko: BTW Loved what you did with your 5000th Phantom. I have the same kit and I wish it'll come out half as good as yours.
  5. Hello, may I please join your group build with a Revell (Matchbox) He70 (PK-132)? I will try to finish it in Deutsche Luft Hansa colours (mid 30s) with some minor detailing of my own. I have to be honest with you however. I started building this kit yesterday morning and I've only found out there is a Matchbox GB just now. Not much has been done though since I started working on it. "Slow" is my middle name (for more reasons than one) but I will understand if you won't accept this entry. Thanks.
  6. Although I have built a number of Matchbox kits over the years (naturally) I don't have many pictures to share. Here are some of the "presentable" ones: One that made it to the display shelve, the Me262 (PK-021) the 109 is an Airfix and the F4U is a Heller kit. About 30cm to the right is the Wellington (PK-402) and for the life of me, I don't know why I don't have a picture of it. And here is another one, hiding in the unfinished kits den behind the Airfix Walrus. The SBC-4 Helldiver (PK-035) Not much I'm afraid. But I hope it did bring some inspiration to someone.
  7. This is a very interesting issue as I have that same kit too. Thanks for starting this thread. I was thinking how 'accurately' will the interior should be represented anyway. I mean this was supposed to be a "travel agent shop window" kind of model right? Or a model you expect to find in an airline office. So the interior is intentented to be rather simple... Or maybe not? But if you decide to go "all the way" with it could take you weeks before you can finaly proclaim the interior to be ready and done...
  8. Well, the way I see it all you need is a ruler and a metal tool the shape and size of a window to punch the holes on a sheet of plastic. Then you can make the sheet fit the hole... Oh, yes... and the patience of a saint. :D
  9. Thanks for the replies people. Yes, I will keep it and (someday) even build it :blink: It can't be that hard, can it? When I start building this, I will let you know about how well things fit together and of any problems. Thanks again.
  10. Hi guys, I bought the Revell Boeing 747 (Cutaway Display model, 1/144, Revell 50th anniversary) yesterday from a shop downtown Athens (in a very nice price it was too). There were no surprises really. I was expecting the early 80s moulding and plastic I found inside and I guess that Revell did spend sometime trying to bring their very much used and old moulds to the standards they had when they were new. Also I was expecting to find a good quality decal sheet which indeed I found (included options are for SAS SE-DDL and BA but with no registration provided) Now, has anyone of you very knowl
  11. The AUP modification had nothing to do with the engines and/or the camo. You can find non-AUP ghost camo birds. And you can also find AUP Phantoms smoking. Obviously the best option is to have two non-smokers on but engines are engines and you need two of them to fly so it realy depends on what's available to the Base Maintenance Sq. (MΣB in Greek) so it's very commonplace practice to have one smoking and non-smoking engine on. (Μηπως να κανονιζαμε μια συναντηση
  12. Oh my God! You have the Pierre syndrome! :( Tell us more... which panels? Why you feel that urge? Tell us a bit about your childhood... :D
  13. Thanks for the tip kozlok <_< Looks like I'll have to go shopping... :(
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