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  1. Very, very nice. I have one of the same kits laying around and thought about doing the same type of theme but guess I my do USAF now instead. Great build man.
  2. I was on the first A-10C's at Moody AFB (75th AMU) when they first got there. Have sense left and work F-22s right now
  3. For the LAU-88 launcher (even though it is designed to hold 3 MAVs) it is designed to go on either side of the Aircraft. So it only gets loaded with 2 MAVs one on the shoulder (outboard) and the other on the bottom (only on stations 3 and 9. Never on inboard because of wheel pod exhaust would fry the tire). I have seen this in many models, pics and in games and is pretty wrong (i have loaded these BTW its what I do). And I think fire order is bottom station is always sta 1 on either side and the outboard is sta 2 on a LAU-88 and if you also asking which side first that is up to which one
  4. The photos were Grumman's concept drawing for the ATF program in the early 80's.
  5. Most F-16 units (at least Shaw AFB) were SEAD jets. But they would have had ones loaded with either MK-82 or MK-84's at that time frame. I was over there in 2000 with the 55th FS from Shaw and we only flew HARMs.
  6. The pics above are the standard colors for the caps that are seen. But the AMMO guys sometimes spray paint differant colors on both chaff and flare for differant LOTs so it is visiable once the mods are stuffed with it. So colors can range from yellow to brown depending on the spray can choosen. But most of the time this is done at home stations and not in the AOR (combat zones) but I have seen it.
  7. Had the same ideas, they are the same size as a F-15E or F-16s just on/off knob on the bottom left hand corner.
  8. The 23 during OIF (2003 when it kicked off) would not of had SNIPER pods at that time (got them around 05, I think). Not sure if they flew LANTIRNS or had LIGHTNING pods on there A/C. At that same time F-15E's jsut got LIGHTNING. I do know first hand that they were flying 3x AIM-120s (more then likly it was a mix of A, B and C models. We were getting a mix at Al Uded at the time, A and B are identical) and 1 AIM-9LM with a GBU-31V1 or V3 JDAM on one side and a CBU-103 WCMD on the other. Some were flying SEAD with AGM-88 HARM with only a HTS pod. Wish I could remember more but it was 7
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