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  1. Seconded. This is really astounding work Harry. Truly inspiring and humbling. I would love to see how you have achieved such an epic result. Will
  2. Thank you very much for these links. I have to say I was not expecting to see a crash relic as a reference here but it is absolutely spot on. Will
  3. Does anyone know of a good photo that shows the area at the rear of the canopy of a single seat Super Sabre? I am building the Monogram kit and getting close to the painting stage. There is a part in the kit that fits extremely randomly at the rear of the canopy (plus an etch piece as well) and I want to see what it should look like. I have cut out the Squadron Vac Form piece and intend to use this and I am keen to detail it accurately. Any help would be much appreciated. Will
  4. Hi I have 2 FJ-4Bs that are nearly ready to paint. One is going to be in the Utility squadron grey, yellow and orange and I am looking for decals for the other one, a Sqn FJ-4B. Does anyone have any decals either left over from a Grand Phoenix kit or one of the sets that Eagle Strike put out that I could buy? Ideally I am looking for the ones with the orange lightning bolts. Your help is very much appreciated. Will
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I have gone for the TD seats - good and Eduard set - rather indifferent. I also got the Master pitot probe. I am on the hunt for decals now! Will
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Anyone have an idea of where I can get a Blackbox cockpit for one? I am chicken in out with intake and exhaust blanks. Will
  7. Hi I have been rescribing the old Mono Voodoo and have been impressed with it as a kit. It certainly isn't small. What can be used to dress it up? I am aware of the Master pitot but was wondering how useful is the Eduard set and the TD seats? Will
  8. Hi Thinning down the collection somewhat - prices are in GBP - postage at cost from the UK. First number is scale second price Will Manufacturer Item Scale Price GBP Aeroclub Gladiator 2 bladed Prop 48 2 AFV Club Centurion mantlet type A 35 4 Aires F-4E Nozzles 48 7 Aires F-4J Cockpit 32 20 Aires F-4E/J Exhausts 32 13 Airwaves F-4 Canopy etch x2 48 2 Airwaves T-37 Dragonfly 48 2 Airwaves KC-135 etch 72 5 Cutting Edge F7F Brass undercarriage 48 8 DB Vulcan B1 Conversion 48 10 DB Vulcan B2 Exhausts 48 4 Dmold F-105 Forward Fuselage - Hboss 48 15 Eduard 48-383 P61 Exterior 48 5 Eduard 48-382 P61 Interior 48 5 Eduard F-4J/S 48 5 Eduard F-4E 48 5 Eduard 49-023 F-4 Ejection seats 48 5 Eduard Phantom Fod guards 48 5 Eduard 49-262 Phantom FGR-2 48 8 Eduard P40N Mauve 49-233 48 4 Eduard P-40N Early interior 32 7 Eduard P-40N Late interior 32 7 Eduard P-40N Flaps 32 6 Eduard P-40N Gun bay 32 5 Eduard P-40N Mask 32 3 Eduard P-40N exterior 32 7 Falcon USAAF WW2 pt2 36 48 8 Falcon USN WW2 pt2 12 48 8 Falcon USAAF WW2 pt1 32 48 8 Fisher B58 Intakes 48 15 Hobby Boss Cromwell Individual Tracks 35 7 Koster Aero RF101C Canopy 48 3 Maintrack Buccaneer S1 conversion - no box 48 10 Moskit F4U Exhausts 32 6 Vector Hercules Engine 48 8 Quickboost F-16A/C Ejection seat with belts 48 3 Rhino F-4J Seamless intakes 32 15 Scale Aero Conversions F4U Landing gear 32 4 Scale Aero Conversions F3H Undercarriage 48 4 Scale Aero Conversions Black Widow Undercarriage 48 4 Scale Aero Conversions Valiant AC 72 4 Scale Aero Conversions F-86 Sabre 48 4 Scale Aero Conversions S-2 Tracker 48 4 Squadron Meteor III Canopy 48 2 Squadron B24J Lib Canopy 48 2 Squadron F6F canopy 32 2 Squadron A26 Canopy 48 2 Squadron B24D Canopy 48 2 Squadron TBD Canopy and Mask 48 2 Squadron B26 Marauder Canopy 48 2 Squadron P-40 Canopy 48 2 True Details Spitfire 24 Cockpit 48 5 True Details T37 Wheels 48 2 True Details Lysander Wheels 48 2 True Details P-40E-M Wheel set 48 2 True Details F-4B/N Wheel set 48 2 True Details A-26B/C Wheels 48 2 True Details MK 13 Torpedo 48 4 VP F4U Cockpit 32 5 True Details F7F wheels 48 2
  9. Tommy Many thanks for that info. This is truly the golden age of modelling. Will
  10. Hi I rather fancy doing a GSB A3D-1. Can this be done from the Trumpy kit? Were any used operationally or were they all test airframes? Will
  11. Thanks for all your comments - really useful. Will
  12. Hi I am lucky enough to be visiting the USAF museum on 23/24 March. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to see and do when there? Are there any good model shops in the area? Thanks in advance Will
  13. Help I am having a nightmare. I have used Klear as decal solution on my Hasegawa 1/48th VF-161 F-4S decals and it has been a disaster. The decals have bubbles under them, they have silvered in places and when I did some limited masking they have lifted as though they never stuck in the first place. This was not what I was expecting. Does anyone have the VF-161 decals spare from the Hasegawa Midway boxing after using the VF-151 ones? Happy to pay for them. I do not want to go down the Afterburner route as I only need some of the decals (i.e. the NF tailcodes) and do not want issues with mismatching colours. Any help very gratefully received. Will
  14. Hi I am trying to contact CAM (Custom Aeronautical Miniatures) but i cannot get the contact screen on their site. Does anyone have a telephone number or an email address Will
  15. Hi I am building a VF-161 F-4S flying from Midway in the early 1980's. I have a Verlinden MD-3 deck tractor with a compressor starter set on the back. Should it be painted white or yellow - I have seen pictures of the tractor with both schemes? Thanks for responding Will
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