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  1. For what its worth, my workbench is in my basement, in which I run a dehumidifier 24/7, and the workspace, although next to a window (ventilation folks!) does not receive any direct sunlight. So no UV exposure and very consistent temp/humidity. I wonder if that has any affect...
  2. I've had the same bottles of thinner and Poly for about 3 years and have had absolutely no issues.
  3. I gradually replaced almost all of my colors with Mission Models. I love the selection, color accuracy, and that I can spray or brush paint equally well. Also it needs to be said that the packaging is a huge plus. No screw tops that get stuck, ability to precisely measure paint by the drop for good, consistent results and I have found them to be quite durable and resistant to scratching or lifting under tape. I havent tried the metalizers yet, but if they are anywhere near as good as the rest of the lineup, I would be fine replacing my smelly alclad laquers and go 100% acrylic.
  4. Wow, what a great resource you found there. Love how he shows what shades of alclad he uses and where. Will be bookmarking this for sure. Thank you!
  5. This is great advice, thank you so much! Now I'm looking forward to pressing on with this build!
  6. For those of you have built the Flanker before, did you paint the exposed engine areas and mask them before adding those huge vertical stabilizers? It seems like once they are in place, it may be difficult to spray the outboard area of the engines where they approach the tail fins. On the other hand, I can see the benefit of completing all of the basic assembly and seam filling/sanding/primer before painting the bare metal. I do plan on spending a lot of time on the engines to simulate the real thing as closely as possible. For what it's worth, I'm using Alclad for the metal paints and Akan ac
  7. I use an empty coffee can with an old filter secured to the lid as my airbrush cleaning pot.
  8. +1 - Been using the same one for about a decade and it works great and filters are long lasting and are not expensive
  9. I use the Copic Sketch White Wax pen - It actually glows in the dark, and in the day it very closely resembles the color of the formation lights. https://www.amazon.com/Copic-Markers-G20-Sketch-Wax-White/dp/B001QWXWN8
  10. Let's not forget the twin seat Eurofighter.
  11. That's great information! I very much appreciate the insight. Your analogy about aircraft cockpits is dead on. I'm really enjoying tackling the different challenges posed by ship building vs aircraft and enhancing my skills. Thanks!
  12. Im experienced with building aircraft and just now getting into ships after touring the USS Massachusetts on a recent business trip. I picked up an old Arii 1/600 New Jersey at a show and have the sub assemblies built. Question is paint sequence. Is it best to fully assemble and then do extensive masking to paint the top side color and mask again to do the sides the Haze Gray, or do you recommend painting sub assemblies before attaching them? Is it better to paint the sides before the top, vice versa?
  13. My $.02 is the mask off the areas around the white stripe that is damaged to protect your paint there. Then sand down the area where your paint lifted and try to feather out the edges as much as possible. Step 3 spray your primer and let it dry. You will probably need to sand again, this time with increasingly finer grit. Once it's smooth, Spray the white again, let it dry, remove mask, and tah-dah!
  14. This is my go to, pretty much every 3 view or blueprint drawing you could want on this site My link
  15. And if Tamiya released a new tool legacy Hornet in 1/48, I would buy the S&!t out of it. I welcome the Kinetic offering. Their new SU-33 looks awesome. Interested to see what they can do. Remember, a lot of people said that there was no reason for Academy to release a 48 Phantom, because the Hasegawa was the end all be all. Now, all of those people are eating those words...
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