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  1. godfrey1775

    Paint Sequence

    That's great information! I very much appreciate the insight. Your analogy about aircraft cockpits is dead on. I'm really enjoying tackling the different challenges posed by ship building vs aircraft and enhancing my skills. Thanks!
  2. godfrey1775

    Paint Sequence

    Im experienced with building aircraft and just now getting into ships after touring the USS Massachusetts on a recent business trip. I picked up an old Arii 1/600 New Jersey at a show and have the sub assemblies built. Question is paint sequence. Is it best to fully assemble and then do extensive masking to paint the top side color and mask again to do the sides the Haze Gray, or do you recommend painting sub assemblies before attaching them? Is it better to paint the sides before the top, vice versa?
  3. godfrey1775

    How to Fix Peeled Paint During Mask Removal

    My $.02 is the mask off the areas around the white stripe that is damaged to protect your paint there. Then sand down the area where your paint lifted and try to feather out the edges as much as possible. Step 3 spray your primer and let it dry. You will probably need to sand again, this time with increasingly finer grit. Once it's smooth, Spray the white again, let it dry, remove mask, and tah-dah!
  4. godfrey1775

    Tomcat/phantom/etc. pdf / drawings

    This is my go to, pretty much every 3 view or blueprint drawing you could want on this site My link
  5. godfrey1775

    New 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Kits

    And if Tamiya released a new tool legacy Hornet in 1/48, I would buy the S&!t out of it. I welcome the Kinetic offering. Their new SU-33 looks awesome. Interested to see what they can do. Remember, a lot of people said that there was no reason for Academy to release a 48 Phantom, because the Hasegawa was the end all be all. Now, all of those people are eating those words...
  6. Need the rear canopy piece if anyone has an extra. Thanks in advance!
  7. PM Sent. Thank you sir!
  8. I've got you covered. Shoot me a PM.
  9. godfrey1775

    F-4B VF-84 Jolly Rogers

    Hi John - I'd be very happy to custom print you the decal for USS Independence and send it to you. If interested, PM me.
  10. godfrey1775

    Spitfireguy please pick up the phone

    Do you need a 1/48 B-25 kit? I've got the ProModeler that I'll never get around to building... Let me know.
  11. godfrey1775

    MARCH air museum monthly visit.

    Such a great museum. Visited about this time last year for a buddy's USMC retirement party. 1st rate. Got some good photos while I was there. Happy to share those here as well.
  12. I've got a 48 scale Tamiya ME-262 on the workbench with a lovely primary camo scheme of RLM 74/75/76 in the splinter pattern. the RLM 74 and 75 are MM acrylics and the RLM 76 is Vallejo Model Air. Now all it needs is the mottling. Having a touch of anxiety prior to starting the mottling, I have an idea. Lay down some MM Lacquer Gloss clear and let it cure prior to spraying the mottle. If I'm not happy with any of the mottling, I could simply "erase" with a Q-tip soaked in windex without fear of harming the paint underneath... Right?
  13. godfrey1775

    Motting a surface

    Hi Paul, I think the term you are looking for is weathering. There a re a lot of great instructional videos on YouTube if you search weathering aircraft. mottling is a disruptive camo pattern used primarily by the Luftwaffe, also some very good instructional videos on you tube.
  14. Update 2: taking the advice here and learning from my own experience, I layed down a matte finish for the mottling. Here's the result: Once I quit worrying so much about screwing up the paint job and underestimating myself I produced a satisfactory result in one take. And had more fun doing it. Simple lesson but easy to forget sometimes. Thanks again to everyone who chimed in or viewed the thread.
  15. UPDATE: So it turns out that if you spray thin paint at low air pressure from close distance at a smooth glossy finish, you get lots of splatter. Back to the drawing board. Thanks to everyone who chimed in.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try it out on the scrap 1st. I'll let you know how it turns out
  17. godfrey1775

    Interesting Fulcrum Color Scheme

    Thanks for the fantastic link as well as the interesting back story. Huge help. Much appreciated
  18. godfrey1775

    Interesting Fulcrum Color Scheme

    Looks like the Russians are upgrading the aging fleet of Mig-29s and they are wearing a slick new Flanker style splinter camo. Can any of the Mig experts here help me identify the colors in this pic? Mig 29 Looks to me like Light Ghost Gray, Dark Ghost Gray and Gunship Gray, but maybe a bit bluer? Surely the Russians aren't using US colors? Any help is hugely appreciated.
  19. godfrey1775

    using blueprints

    Mr Blue has got it right. Whatever program you are using you should be able to modify the dimensions. So, if you are trying to scale an image to 48 scale, get ready to do some (simple) math. Do a google search and find the dimensions of the actual aircraft. Convert that to inches by multiplying by 12 then then divide the total by 48 (or 72, depending on the scale you are looking for)and now you have the scale length of your subject. Then I open my graphics program (I use photoshop) and set the canvas width to that length. Import the image profile and scale it up or down until it fits precisely within the borders of your canvas. save and print. You now have a blueprint or profile that is a 1:1 scale of your model. HTH
  20. godfrey1775

    A simple question

    Does anybody really know what time it is?
  21. godfrey1775

    Making space

    Dibs on the 1/48 Hasegawa F-16C "Wolfpack" w/resin intake, exhaust, Eduard PE cockpit $35 - PM Sent
  22. godfrey1775

    Anyone done business from scale hobbyist?

    Scale Hobbyist is my go-to. Absolutely 1st rate. Prices, service, shipping, selection... across the board. Highly recommended.
  23. I, like you, tried everything and was at the end of my scribing rope until I discovered this little gem:. $12 bucks later, and I actually ENJOY scribing panel lines. IMO, it is an absolute must have in the modeling toolbox. They way it's designed, you have to try to apply too much pressure and as a result is easily scribes plastic, resin, cured putty, cured CA and pretty much anything else. Resulting panel lines are too scale as far as depth and width and look convincing.