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  1. Hobbystuff Depot is having a 15% off promotion. The entire store!!!
  2. Yes, I will Bring them in. Next shipment will be arranged after the Chinese new year vacation.
  3. We are happy to start selling Meng Model items. Please check out our website: HobbystuffDepot.Com Cheers! Justin
  4. All our Hasegawa Kits have a 15% off discount now. Please take a look Hobbystuffdepot.com and see if you can pick up some good deals. Thanks
  5. The late Grizzly is en route to Canada now, should be in this month. As for the ASLAV-PC, Trumpeter could not supply it when I placed an order. Will bring it in later.
  6. We are selling our 1/72 Easy Model finished models in deep discount. Please take a look if you are interested. Cheers! Justin Hobbystuff Depot
  7. We are currently running a 10% off promotion for all Dragon Kits.
  8. Hi Guys, Happy lunar new year! Hobbystuff Depot is now busy updating the online inventory. Most Trumpeter items has been added. Some has been sold out before going online. We are planning another trumpeter restock soon. More items from Hobbyboss, Bronco, Hasegawa, AFV Club, Academy etc. will be added soon. Cheers! Hobbystuff Depot
  9. Shipment has arrived. Grizzly will be up soon after unboxing and counting quantity. Need 0ne to two days.
  10. Hi, In order to get rid of some big box items to clear out more space for future stock. Hobbystuff Depot is now selling some Trumpeter big box items for lowest price ever. Please check it out in the following link: Trumpeter Big Box Sale Please also see a list of items below: Trumpeter #00203 1/35 Faun Elephant SLT-56 Panzer Transporter $50 Trumpeter #00208 1/35 Morser Karl-Gerat 040/041 (Initial Version) on railway transport carrier $85 Trumpeter #00209 1/35 Morser Karl-Gerat 040/041 on railway transport carrier $83 Trumpeter #00211 1/35 MAZ-537G intermediate type with MAZ/ChMZASP 5247
  11. ETA For shipment is on January 11. Things were moving slow during the holidays.
  12. Please check with us at that time. Restock shipment is on the way.
  13. http://hobbystuffdepot.com/132-Tamiya-60322-North-American-P-51D-Mustang-P2205069.aspx
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