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  1. thank you very much guys :)
  2. you know these trucks actually not mine LOL I build them for people :) to w/e they like hehe But one of thse days I will build my own and go allll out you will seeee ;)
  3. heh mostly I just make custom cabs :) and build the chasis, the thing with interiors is, its very limited depending on what you have in the truck, b/c you have to find a place to put the ESC and the battery and stuff like that there not all that big and its doable, but I've never attempted to make a full interior LOL maybe someday I will :)
  4. time to build something different :) Freightliner Argosy :)
  5. shes all done :) glass is now installed in front of the headlights and all over areas that require glass :)
  6. thats looking very coool!
  7. welp almost 5am pulled an all nighter on this cabby, time to sleep now, longgggg day 2mrwwww!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!\ oh well, I am proud of the results thus far :) its taking shape quite nicely
  8. hahahhaha is he a 79? hmm that would be awesome actuallllly!!! LOLLLLLL but then i would want him to transform ahhahahha and thats the hard part LMAOOO
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