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  1. I've been ready several ARC articles on Rub 'N' Buff. Some suggest it can't be covered with a clear coat, while others suggest that's ok. Also, I'm interested in how any forum contributors have best achieved panel variation using the product. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. I've seen them on e-Bay. Also, I asked the Linden Hill proprietor about Equipage last week and he said you can send him an email if you're wanting sets. He was short on space so he stopped stocking them, but still has his contacts.
  3. The decals were a mix from spares and WolfPak: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WolfPak_home.html Sets 056 and 065 include AH-1W markings. I particularly liked WolfPak's set for the Hellfires, which included the rare 'USMC' missile marking (set 070). I made my own stencil for the bulldog of HMLA-773. I also highly recommend the Master M-197. http://master-model.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1 I bought two (which was a good idea because the parts are VERY small and fiddly). The gun looks incredible with it's three fine barrels and the PE detail.
  4. I have built them. I actually vacuum-formed a replacement, but had modified a kit canopy in case. For my build I actually had 3 kits of the AH-1W, since they are readily available cheaply (Revell, Italeri, and Testors are all identical). I used a file and course sandpaper to file down the front of the canopy. If you're worried, I recommend getting a second kit on ebay as an insurance policy.
  5. Thanks for the pic. My references show borts 50-54 with the large strakes, lacking the port navigator glazing. In those, they're identified as 'A-50U'. Perhaps that is incorrect. In any case, I planned to build the large strakes.
  6. The lack of strakes is a shortcoming of the A-50 kit, but otherwise the kit is very good. It has the problems you would expect from an Amodel monster. Flankerman has a very useful link to his Il-76 build, which I've been using as reference. M'Hobby magazine from January 2003 has great scale drawings (1/144) which include the strakes--so I plan to make my own with styrene and epoxy. Both the A-50 and A-50U (except some early examples) have the strakes. So, if you choose to build the A-50, you have to bite the bullet on that. The other significant inaccuracy of the kit is the tail. From the cone up to the rudder, the shape is broad with a pronounced step under the rudder. In reality, that area tapers to meet the rudder. I've spent several nights filing, sanding, filling, and filing again working on that. Be prepared for a lot of filling. The dark grey color scheme has appeared recently on most of the Russian A-50s, along with the modern star and the VVS tail titles.
  7. I'm working on the A-50 (Il-76 AWACS) right now. I agree with Flankerman, except I prefer Apoxie to Milliput. I think the Apoxie is easier to work with. I've found that thin superglue works really well in the seams as it wicks in by capillary action, strengthening while filling. Just make sure you sand any superglue quickly after it drys before it gets too hard.
  8. Ken, I'm getting ready to build the Il-38. I've noticed that the AVMF is using tail labeling similar to the VVS. Does anyone make decals for that (like the Begemot set with the VVS titles)?
  9. tberres2

    Modern Hobbies

    I'm so glad you're back. Adding you to my favorites now!
  10. I can hook you up too if that first offer falls through. I wouldn't part with my WAPJs.
  11. I'm looking for good detail photos of the Kawasaki T-4 & Hongdu JL-8 (K-8). Does anyone have good walk-around photos or know some good links for these trainers? I want to build both as an interesting compare/contrast. I would especially like some good pictures of the Chinese (not MB) ejection seat.
  12. I love those ANG F-15C decals. Any plans to release them in 1/72?
  13. I love these Olimp sets. I just got the Rafale update yesterday. The intakes and compressor faces are fantastic. My next build is going to be the AH-1W with the Olimp parts. Does this Typhoon set include a deepened intake? I saw there is also a 1/48 MH-60S conversion set. Will we be lucky enough to get one in 1/72 also?
  14. The Airfix Navy Lynx in 1/72 has a nose wheel that's a match.
  15. I'm working the same problem in 1/72. Even the Scale Aircraft Conversions white metal parts have the wheel molded into the forks. I'll let you know if I find a candidate in 1/72.
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