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  1. I have accrued a fair stash of Pegasus kits, but before starting any I'd like to know if anyone out there has any experience of these little 1/72 scale gems - in particular the strut material supplied in the kit - is it REALLY stiff enough to support the wings and stay straight?? It certainly doesn't look as though it would.... would plastic card do a better job? Thanks, Ian
  2. Actually the rigging is one of the easiest parts! Just make sure you plan ahead. Work out where the wires run and drill the holes before assembly. I use invisible mending thread, just insert one end into the hole, a touch of CA (I use a sharpened toothpick!) and it's secure in seconds. Thread the other end, pull tight, another touch of CA and voila! It's time consuming but really not difficult. I only thread one run at a time, cutting the thread about 1cm longer than required for each wire to leave enough to hold on to and pull it tight, but some prefer to run one piece for as many runs as they can get...for me the thread gets too long and it's difficult to ensure each run is taught enough. If rigging from the fuselage, touch the CA directly onto the thread and then slip into the pre-drilled hole. If you try to attach it without a hole it gets VERY frustrating as it just doesn't want to stick - unfortunately this is the only option sometimes - patience! Have fun! Ian
  3. Thanks, found what I needed. I'll start on that one when I get the lozenge decals!
  4. Well, nearly done at last.... after working my way through plastic sheet/rod as though it were going out of fashion, the VERY basic Airfix kit has come to life -I can't wait for them to update the moulds to the standard of the current eastern European manufacturers.. Alterations are many including: thinning and reshaping struts, altering spreader bar mounting on undercarriage, scratch built interior/gun mounts/tail skid/windscreen/aldis sight/king posts (above wing rigging), lower wing cutouts, engine detail including reprofiling prop shaft, separating cylinders, separating and thinning air scoop plus adding interior scoop detail, adding exhaust headers and hot air pipes for carbs, carb fairing, raising and thinning front cockpit sides, oil tank filler spout, elevator controls...oh yes...and the rigging......... Next time I'll make sure to separate the flight control surfaces and maybe try to replicate the triplex glass centre section....sucker for punishment?
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of the Windsock datafile for the Hannover? I'm about to start the Airfix kit and would love some info on the interior detail but can't find a copy for sale. Any pics or detail info would be welcome,including rigging details. Thanks in advance....
  6. limeypilot


    My current, "slowly but surely" project - the Airfix RE8, with extensive modification (although that hardly needs to be added based on the "detail" of the original!)... So far... scratchbuilt interior, modified engine & forward fuselage profile (carb fairing, prop drive, flared upper fuselage behind cylinders, separated cylinders, air scoop separated from forward fuselage), thinned and reshaped struts, front cockpit sides raised and thinned, rear mid-section struts shortened and mounting points corrected, new tail skid, scratchbuilt Scarff ring, lower wing cutouts, modified undercarriage spreader-bar mounting, added Aldis sight and windscreen.... Nothing really major, a future effort would certainly go further, but enough to look accurate from a distance.....Still not sure how to go about rigging the double flying wires convincingly - any suggestions? url=[/img] url=[/img]
  7. Hi all, Just got back into modelling after 30 plus years and am slowly building up my tool collection again. My first effort is the MPC (Airfix) Roland CII, basically built from the kit but changes include: scratchbuilt interior (thanks to previous poster for photos showing details!), modified MG's and mounts, windshield and side windows. The kit decals were split and separated from the backing so I used SuperScale decals - the fuselage crosses are very slightly undersize and the wing crosses had 1mm trimmed off each end, white backing is handpainted. The fuselage raised lines should have been removed and the vertical tail surfaces are way too thick - future efforts will take these sort of problems into consideration. I never did get the hang of weathering - although the model needs it, it looks better clean than with bad weathering! Any suggestions as to how to go about it? [url=""]Airfix Roland CII [url="[/img] url=[/img] url=[/img] url=[/img] url=[/img] New project is the Airfix RE8 - talk about "in at the deep end"!
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