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  1. Thanks guys. I've really been having fun with this build, and hope I can get it finished before the end of the year. Chris
  2. The ball turret mount. The ball turret interior. I know it should probably be bronze green, but I felt it would be too dark to see anything inside once it was closed up. And lastly, I tested my watch building skills with the bomb sight mount. That's all for now. with any luck I can close up the fuselage this weekend. Then its on to the wings.
  3. An update ...finally!! I had hoped to be finished by now, but the real world has taken a lot of my spare time. C'est la Vie. The fuselage interior is close to finished. All it needs is a little more plumbing, wiring, and then add the guns and ammo chutes. To give you an idea of how it looks so far, here are the sub assemblies held in the fuselage halves by blu-tac. Lets start up front. A walk around of sorts. :)
  4. I've done a little work on the ball and top turrets. The ball turret mount is finished except for the electrical and oxygen umbilicals. I was unsatisfied withe the sides of the ball turret. I'm not sure what the raised ares are supposed to represent, but the turret sides didn't resemble the real thing in any way. I temporarily glued the turret together and tried sanding them off, but that made the plastic too thin and only highlighted the roughness of the inside of the walls. After much gnashing of teeth, I finally decided to break out the trusty Dremel and grind the sides away. I clean
  5. I'm in luck! The Koster Nose job set does include an early model Sperry turret dome. Now to stop procrastinating and order a couple of sets. Chris
  6. Got all the side windows in the nose and radio room cut and fitted last night. It wasn't as difficult as I thought. Thanks for the hints and bits of wisdom, they made te process much easier. I used .015 clear styrene, and the new windows really allow the detail to be seen with little to no distortion. Now for a quick dip in Future and I can have them installed this weekend. Does anyone know of an accurate early Sperry top turret dome? The framing on the one included in the kit is not accurate. It is simplified when compared to pictures of the real thing. If I can't find a replacement, I
  7. Looking good! These larger airframes are just crying out for added layers of details. Chris
  8. Thank you everyone for you kind comments. This was supposed to be quick build with just a few enhancements! Oh well... to late to turn back now! ;) This update we'll do a little waist watching. The details here were fun to make, but frustrating to research. Most clear pictures are of B-17G models. The earlier versions tend to be at extreme angles and a lot of the detail is hidden by the large ammo boxes. Or the shot sis too high and doesn't show anything below window level. To complicate matters more, the equipment locations appear to have moved between the E and F models. The location
  9. Mark, I will definitely be using some of the techniques you used on your windows.
  10. I will be replacing the windows with something thinner than the 3" thick armored glass supplied in the kit. Gotta do something to make all the detail as visible as possible.
  11. Thanks for the compliments on yesterday's update. I have been paying extra attention to the seats on all my builds for the past few years. Since you like them so much, I will have to post a tutorial on my next build. I will leave the bomb bay closed up on this build, so moving to the rear of the aircraft, the radio room is the next compartment to receive attention. Except the PE seat belts, everything here is scratch built. The most interesting part of this compartment was accurately reproducing the various radio components. The Radio Museum site was a great help in determining the dimensi
  12. Thanks for the compliments! I have a good selection of placard and decals squirreled away. The old set from Reheat Vintage Cockpit Details supplied most of the ones you see, including the details on the cockpit pedestal. I used some included in Mike Grant's Cockpit gauges and data plates on the fire extinguishers because they have more chrome-like silver and provide a good contrast on the brass paint. The instrument panel decal is from the ProModeler instrument panel set for their bombers. Some of the other various gauges throughout the aircraft are from the Airscale set. All these sets
  13. Moving to the cockpit... Once again a LOT of scratch building. The only after market used is PE seat belts, hydraulic accumulators, and the pilot's control panel on the left wall. Only have the overhead instruments, oxygen bottles, and a little plumbing left here. I can't wait to see what it all looks like all glued up. Chris
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