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  1. This sheet will be part of the next batch of releases.
  2. The 1/144 sheet will have these options, and possibly a few older SAC schemes as well. Hopefully I will get around to finishing it soon.
  3. I am mostly done with the design, but I think I will wait until I have a few more options to complete a full sheet. I doubt it will happen until later in the year - sorry.
  4. Hi Dave, I like the Vigilante and it's long been a favorite airplane of mine. That said, I think it was thoroughly covered as a 1/48 decal subject when the Trumpeter kit made its eventful appearance a long time back. I have not scoped out the market since then. If there is a chance to do new markings in both 1/48 and 1/72, I am open to your suggestions.
  5. I am always willing to feature Canadian subjects on new Caracal sheets. I can't promise to do every subject you may have in mind, but I am open to your ideas. Send your references to dynamic, financially sound businesses (that would be me), and you will see those decals made.
  6. Maybe you had a T-38C or a T-38M in mind - these both use a Mk16L seat that us pretty much identical to those used in the T-50.
  7. The brown markings on the stencilling sheet are the radar absorbent panels on the nose and tail of the current B-52H fleet - Cartograf will print these using a metallic copper/bronze color that should be a good match for the actual color.
  8. This has been the fastest-selling 1/72 sheet I have ever done - thanks for your interest, everyone!
  9. The 11 options on this sheet will be: B-52H 60-0059 "The Devil's Own" (96th Bomb Sqn boss bird) B-52H 60-0033 "Peace Persuader" B-52H 61-0029 "SAC Time" B-52H 60-0018 "POW-MIA" B-52H 61-0017 "Lone Star Lady II" B-52H 60-0023 "Bomber Barons" (23rd Bomb Sqn boss bird) B-52H 60-0053 "Louisiana Fire" B-52H 61-0004 "Lobo" B-52H 60-0022 "Deuces Wild" B-52H 61-0008 "FDNY - We Remember" B-52H 61-0007 "Ghost Rider" Everything's designed to fit the AMT / ERTL kit, which I believe is dimensionally fairly accurate. I am fairly confident that the tail bands would fit any dimensionally accurate future B-52H kit (in particular the Modelcollect kit that we are all waiting for). All the options on the sheet depict B-52H in the current configuration and will require modifications to the AMT/ERTL kit. You get a comprehensive set of stencilling, and a separate serial number sheet. This modular design should allow me to put together a second current B-52H sheet very quickly if this one does well. As I mentioned, another sheet for SAC-era B-52G/H is also on the drawing board; although that one will take some more time to complete.
  10. I will be doing some Mirage 2000 markings at some point - still lots of possibilities there.
  11. Yes, Paul - just a bit of patience while I make the final touches to the B-52 sheet and send it off to be printed, and I will shift my attention to the Neptune; which is next in line.
  12. I am redesigning this sheet and indeed removed one of the retirement schemes - not because it has been done by someone else, but because it would have added three completely new colors to the sheet and exceed my target cost figure. This means that it will not be available until May-June though. I will post more info as soon as I am done with the latest batch I am working on.
  13. There you are - I apparently already made appropriate decals without even knowing ;-) This looks great, thanks for sharing!
  14. I actually received a small shipment of these around the beginning of the year. I started shipping them again, but promptly ran out of instruction sheets. I still have about 100 sheets and will enable orders as soon as I get new instruction sheets done - shouldn't be long.
  15. It's an excellent kit, very nicely detailed. Unfortunately it only builds the T-50, and not the FA-50 that had export success. The two variants have slight differences in the tail tips, gun fairing etc. Probably a very easy conversion for anyone with basic skills and a spare F-16 tail lying around. I have a sheet completely drawn and scaled, with several marking options, ready to go the instant Academy decides to tool the additional parts and release the kit as a FA-50.