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  1. CD48131 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw Part 2

    All of the options except two are of the straight-boom variant that could be built using the Revell kit out of the box. I added two later variants with the hope that someone will do a conversion in the future.
  2. CD48131 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw Part 2

    CD48131 will be part of the next batch - a lot of interesting options on this one, including two overall yellow Coast Guard helicopters (one with floats), several USAF helicopters including "Hopalong" (complete with the "Wiesbaden or Bust!" route map on nose), one US Army and even two Royal Navy helicopters that saw action in Malaya.
  3. Fairchild AFB KC-135R Decals

    If this is a KC-135R? I unfortunately do not have any plans to do another 1/144 KC-135R sheet very soon. I have a KC-135A/E sheet in the works, though; and it will include a Fairchild based aircraft.
  4. November releases

    Oops - just fixed it. It was really late, y'know. Thanks for catching it before it made its way into the instructions.
  5. November releases

    All November releases are available for preorder now - in case you are still not a member of the mailing list and did not get the notification....
  6. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    Available for preorder now: CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy
  7. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    Both Neptune sheets are available for preorder now. There are only 250 of each sheet; so I would recommend preordering. I will update the CD72057 page with profiles tomorrow - here are the options on sheet 1 (CD72055) CD72055 - 1/72 P2V Neptune Part 1 CD72057 - 1/72 P2V Neptune Part 2
  8. CD72069 - 1/72 RB-45 Tornado

    Available for preorder now: CD72069 - 1/72 RB-45 Tornado
  9. A few sheets are almost gone..

    CD48078 is now sold out - thanks!
  10. De Havilland Dove decals

    I want to release at least one or two sheets for the new AModel deHavilland Dove / Devon kits. I have the base drawings almost ready, and have a kit on the way. Let me know what your subject suggestions are, so I can start working on them.
  11. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    Both Neptune sheets are ready, and I am working on enabling preorders within the next few days.
  12. CD48125 - 1/48 Embraer EMB-312 Tucano

    A couple more of the 6 options to be included on this sheet:
  13. CD48125 - 1/48 Embraer EMB-312 Tucano

    The third EMB-312 sheet I will be releasing in December, CD48125 will have multiple markings for French aircraft in addition to Venezuela, Iran and others.
  14. CD48134 will be a 1/48 sheet dedicated to the F-94A/B Starfire, intended for the forgotten Hobbycraft kits lying forlorn in your stashes.