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  1. CD144026 will be a 1/144 version of the 1/72 scale RC/WC-135 sheet I released a while ago - it will be expanded with a couple more current USAF and RAF RC-135 markings to increase the number of options directly suitable for the new Roden kit.
  2. wow - this one is nice. I will need to find a close-up of the badge?
  3. Awesome news! Note that the F-22 stencil sheet designed for the upcoming sets includes the markings you will need for these intake covers:
  4. If I had any updates I would have posted them here - this one is still some time away.
  5. I got a deluge of orders for the last batch of releases and I am still struggling to ship everything, so I don't think I will be able to release the new batch in early July as planned. I will be on vacation outside the US for most of July so it increasingly looks like the B-1B/F-22 sheets will be coming in August.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions - I am about to finish the USAF sheet and the usual suspects (AFSC jet, one SAC example, white/blue 1405 ABW jet etc., one camouflaged example etc.) are all in there. Just give me a few days to survive the tsunami of orders I need to ship for the last batch of releases, and I will post profiles. Picking options for the Navy/Marines sheet will be harder as there is a lot more variety here - we'll see which ones will end up on the sheet.
  7. I got my kit yesterday and it sure looks very nice. That VA-122 jet will definitely be on the second sheet which will be Navy & Marines jets.
  8. I am still running behind in shipping the latest batch of releases, but plan to mail everything out before July 1 - you will get your shipping notifications soon.
  9. It was either the Constant Peg jets of the 65th AGRS F-15 : I don't have enough Constant Peg material for a dedicated sheet, so it makes sense to add them to this multi-subject sheet. I agree that the aggressor F-15s need a sheet of their own and I plan to address that in the future.
  10. CD72136 and CD72137 will be new 1/72 sheets for the T-39 Sabreliner.
  11. Decals are on the way in August as part of a new aggressor sheet from Caracal Models.
  12. Mine says "Bruh!" or "Kewl" or "Goals" (WTH?) depending on the scale of excitement.
  13. CD48228 "Aggressors Now and Then" will be a multi-subject sheet with markings for a selection USAF aggressors of different types: F-5E, T-38, F-16, F-35 and Constant Peg markings for a USAF-operated MiG-23 and MiG-21. There will also be a 1/72 version.
  14. Just a reminder that this sheet is reprinted and is available once again.. Bonus for F-117 fans: this interview with a Constant Peg veteran is interesting (and hilarious) in its entirety, but don't miss the section where he tells the story of being read into the F-117 program (at 01:47:50)
  15. I am working on it and it should be done soon - I will probably have to re-release the 1/144 general purpose markings set to go with it.
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