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  1. Interesting - do they have decals for these as well?
  2. Preorder links are accessible here: https://caracalmodels.com/cd72097.html https://caracalmodels.com/cd144020.html
  3. I did not have a chance to finalize the profiles yet, but will soon enable the order page without profiles so the true believers (who do not need to see any profiles 🙂 ) among you can preorder.
  4. CD48233 will be a 1/48 sheet dedicated to various test & drone F-104 Starfighters that I could not include in the recent Starfighters sheet. Simultaneously coming in 1/72. Probably August/September-ish.
  5. One of the most colorful F-105 sheets in recent history - coming sometime around mid-June in both 1/48 and 1/72.
  6. Finally here - based on the e-mails I am getting from you guys, these are opne of the most anticipated sheets of this year. A lot of work went into making these at this quality, and I hope you will like them. Expecting to enable preorders this coming weekend.
  7. Simulators are great, but there is nothing like learning real engineering principles and practicing problem solving skills while playing. I can't be the only person playing Kerbal Space Program (KSP) here. Any other KSP players?
  8. Awesome F-35, Matt! So much detective work went into the design of this option (thanks, Niels!).
  9. These decals are finally on their way to me from Italy - as I mentioned, I will offer the B-52 sheets immediately and the F-105/A-10 a couple of weeks after that in June. Thanks a lot to everyone who have been keeping me busy with their orders for the older items while I wait for the new ones.
  10. So happy to see the first F-104 build with CD48202 over at Hyperscale - hopefully BIll will post them here as well.
  11. Yes - I had designed it a while ago and it is still waiting. I will give it an item number this weekend - have a bunch of 1/72 sheets that I need to scale down. The 1/72 version of the recent A-4E/F sheet sold really, really well.
  12. I might have space for both of the aircraft with South Carolina college sports team mascots (the "dragon" is the mascot of Univ. of SC team "Gamecocks" and the paw is Clemson Tigers) depending on the layout - sending the F-111 and RF-4C designs took longer than expected so I still have time to wrap this up.
  13. While nobody does a Mig-23MS kit per se, my understanding is that the MS is an export variant of the M and should be similar to that airframe in general terms. I don't know what the differences are, but I believe building an -MS from the Trumpeter M or MF kits is relatively straightforward. You can pose the question in the Jet Modeling forum and I am sure various folks knowledgeable in Russian aviation will help out.
  14. Is it possible to build a USAF / ANG F-16 ADF using the new Kinetic kit out of the box?
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