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  1. Thanks! He sure has a few very interesting slides. I intend to do a couple of limited run (250 pcs) international C-130 sheets after the US Navy C-130 sheet I am working on.
  2. USPS just picked up most of the remaining packages. There are a couple dozen left that were delayed because I ran out of shipping supplies during the Texas snow storm, but I willl make sure all of the remaining orders will go out this weekend.
  3. Looking good! Which markings will go on the other one?
  4. The SAC sheet is already almost completely 1/72 and 1/144. The most common SAC shield size seems to be 24", with the 36" version being used on some of the larger types like the B-47 and B-52. The only 1/48 elements on the SAC sheet are really the two enormous shields in the middle; which are intended to be 36" shields in 1/48 scale and would probably be only useful to someone building a vacform B-47 in 1/48, for example. Most of the remaining markings on the SAC sheet are 36" and 24" scale shields in 1/72 scale; and a few 24" shields in 1/144. The TAC/ACC sheet is somew
  5. And this is what the SAC sheet will look like: I will look into numbering these, but there seem to be really few standard sizes for the SAC badges (36, 24 and 16 in as far as I could identify) and there are too many sizes and variations of the TAC/ACC badges. Compiling a reference list for every type and time period would be pretty difficult.
  6. Changed the numbering a little bit to keep them in sequence...CDB48007 will be the first new Basics sheet in a regular, monthly series - I hope you will find it to be helpful in your various 1/48 & 1/72 scale projects. Cartograf-printed TAC & ACC badges in both common and not-so-common variations, 1960s era TAC lightning badges in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 (these were a standard size). I will also release CDB48008 (Strategic Air Command Badges / Sashes) alongside this one in April, to be followed by a cadence of one or two Basics sheets in every batch. Air National Guard and oth
  7. Thanks for your kind comments and patience - life is getting back to normal, and I hope USPS will come and pick up the remaining orders in two batches on Tuesday and Thursday. Your orders should be on their way to you before the end of the week.
  8. Let's start taking a look at the profiles -this will take a while, so the first four are rather vanilla MATS / MAC aircraft.
  9. Thank you - recently, the Early F-16 and NASA F-104 sheets sold out the fastest. I think the FJ-2 Fury sheets sold out even faster, but that probably does not count as I had only 250 of each.
  10. I think I have four different F-111 family decals in 1/48 scale now, so I will wait for some of them to sell out before I release another one: but the SIOP FB-111s and F-111D's will be next.
  11. Deal - I will start working on these. I have already designed a fairly comprehensive set of general markings and stencils for the A-7; you will see it with the EA-7L / TA-7C sheet coming in April. It should be relatively quick to design the A-7A/B markings for the new sheet.
  12. I really appreciate all of your kind comments - I am really glad if I could make a tiny bit of a contribution to your enjoyment of the hobby. Thank you.
  13. I never stopped looking at this project - as with many of the older types, there was some difficulty digging up the details of stencilling and some artwork I wanted to include; but I recently found some new photos and will move this to the top of the lines as soon as I deliver some long-suffering projects like the B-47, C-119, C-46 and P-3; all of which are coming in the next few months. Thanks, Kursad
  14. Working on this one - do you think the window markings should remain the same? I designed them for the Revell kits, and I think the GWH and Academy kits have good transparencies and may not acutely need window decals as the Revell kits do.
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