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  1. Your C-141 looks great - thanks for sharing! I have seen quite a few builds on the Web in the last couple of months, and I am very glad that the vast majority were built using the Caracal sheet. I hope you will also like the Galaxy sheet I am currently working on.
  2. Good, but please note that I am on vacation in Europe right now and can not ship any decals until August 6. I sent Scott Z. (Ebay seller "rebelalpha") a small supply of these decals and he should have them available to ship right now. thanks
  3. I am not sure what might be missing in the C-130J kit that was in the -H boxing. Perhaps someone with access to both kits could help.
  4. Just had to post this before leaving for vacation - this sheet will be part of the August batch of releases. 10-12 options on this one - you will need to wait until August for profiles, but some of them are fairly well known.
  5. CD72071 will be part of the September batch. The eleven camouflaged F-100 options on this sheet are: F-100D 56-3035 "Miss Dial", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-3053 "El Viejo Cazador", 510 TFS, Bien Hoa F-100D 56-3163 "Day Tripper", 308 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-3456 "Darlene's Dear", 355 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-2927 "Thor's Hammer", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 55-2932 "Nashville Sound", 90 TFS, Bien Hoa F-100D 55-2901 "Colleen", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-3392 "Turtle Mountain Express", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100F 58-1222 Misty FAC "Protester's Protector", 612 TFS Det.1, Phu Cat F-100F 56-3764 Misty FAC, Phu Cat F-100F 58-1226 (early Wild Weasel)
  6. I just made the last shipment before I leave for vacation. Any orders I receive after this point will be shipped after I come back. Thanks for making the first half of this year a great time for Caracal Models - I have a lot of very interesting stuff lined up for the remainder of the year. Talk to you all after I come back from France , hopefully rested and refreshed! I will try to log on and post here once every few days, but may not be as responsive as usual.
  7. The marking under Wisconsin on the tail is a Aerospace Defense Command unit commendation badge used in the 60s-70s. You can see it below. There are two very accurate copies on one of my 1/48 F-101B sheets - it is sold out, but you might have it since you have many of my decals.
  8. FS16473. Do not use Air Mobility Command Gray - its use came much later.
  9. Today (Jul 13) was the last chance to order anything from me until I get back from vacation - orders received after today will most likely have to wait until early August. I will make an effort to ship any orders I receive until Sunday, but there are no guarantees.
  10. This is the first H-19 sheet, scheduled for September. I understand the point that the Chickasaw name only applies to Army helicopters, but I don't think I am going to name the sheet a "HRS/ HO4S" when many people will just use search engines to search for H-19 or Chickasaw. The sheet's name may not be so accurate - but the decals themselves are ;-) No time to draw profiles until September, so you will need to search for the BuNo's online or use your imagination until then. Two Korean War-era blue HRS-1's, orange and blue Navy examples - total of six options; with correct stencilling thanks to extensive documentation provided by Wayne. A 1/72 version is not coming anytime soon - I have a lot of 1/72 subjects in the pipeline, and do not plan to do this in 1/72 until I finish and release them. Perhaps late next year...
  11. With three Cartograf-printed sets for the Revell C-54, I think I have enough exposure to this subject. I like the USCG scheme, but I do not have any plans to do more C-54 sheets before the existing sheets start selling out. Perhaps in a year or so.
  12. There are so many good schemes to do here - so I decided to dedicate the first sheet to Navy / Marines helicopters only. I will post the draft image soon: three US Navy and three USMC options on this first sheet. A second sheet due in October/November will have US Army, USAF and a couple foreign options.
  13. Please send me an e-mail and I will send you the instruction sheet. The "before you begin" section basically only has some blurb about the various star sizes used in the design and how you can use the spare stars provided. You should not need to use the spare stars unless you want to correct a misplaced star or two (which I am sure there are a few, in a design this complicated and poorly documented).
  14. Another company released a sheet with this subject, you can search for it elsewhere.
  15. The 1/48 scale H-21 sheet will be part of my August batch.