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  1. Yes - there are a couple Minot aircraft on this sheet. Getting really close to being done now.
  2. Thanks for your kind offer, Jake - I will send you a PM.
  3. Congratulations about the award!
  4. I noticed - what can I say except that I am grateful for your interest and support? I wish the U-2 sheet got some Euro-love as well, but I realize that the kit is harder to obtain there... A new batch of new decals are coming very soon - with some very nice surprises planned for April and beyond.
  5. I will finish the resource page later this week. This sheet is selling at an incredible pace; and will most likely sell out fairly soon. I am positive I will not be reprinting it in 2017 - so get yours before it's too late. It would have been the top-selling item at Hannants if it were not for those pesky resin British missiles ;-)
  6. Now that I canceled the Ramex Delta sheet, you may see this sheet in the market very soon - I will see if I can wrap up the remaining work in a couple of days.
  7. Folks, now that I see the decals for this scheme are already in the market, I have decided to do the logical thing and reached the decision to cancel this item. It was not too late to cancel the printing process and I did not lose anything but some design time. I had a very competitive, well designed sheet; but it looks like it missed the market window. Had this been a US subject, I would have gone ahead and printed it : but it's a European subject with limited appeal to my main market in the US, and early European sales were crucial. Sometimes you need to know when to fold'em, as the saying goes. Hopefully you will understand. I will re-assign the number to another sheet I will choose from the "ready to go" pipeline; and rest assured I will use the funds to bring you some much-desired subjects in the near future. On the positive side, I now have a complete Mirage 2000 "infrastructure" (dimensioned base drawings, stencils etc.) that I can use to bring you a different Mirage 2000 subject later. Thanks!
  8. This sheet is part of the next batch - it will have four colorful T-33's from the early 1950's, all with the earlier large Lockheed-style buzz numbers.
  9. We're getting really close - I had to prioritize other subjects in the last few months but I expect to release the Mirage III/V sheet very soon; perhaps as early as the March 2017 batch.
  10. The reprinted sheet will be available in the next batch; complete with the small update sheet with the recently applied fuselage numbers.
  11. I found an official-looking document describing French military colors here: http://www.acqpa.com/iso_album/normdef_0001_couleurs_de_ladefense_nationale.pdf Page 127 and 128 have the exact CIELAB (a standardized method to describe a color) parameters for the two colors (AFNOR A 620 and AFNOR A 625). Presumably this should be all that a paint manufacturer needs to match the color. There are apps and Web sites that allow you to find the Pantone or FS approximation for a given set of CIELAB values. Short of actually getting an AFNOR color fan (there is a scanned one here), this may be the best way to find a match and put an end to this discussion.
  12. I will post some profiles this weekend.
  13. CD72060 will be a new 1/72 scale sheet with markings for F-16C/D in the new darker Have Glass V scheme. It is designed to fit the Tamiya kit; but I will also check it for fit on Hasegawa and Revell tails. The markings will be a combination of the two 1/48 scale sheets I designed earlier for the Have Glass V scheme.