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  1. Please send me an email and we will sort it out - I do not publish instruction sheets online, except for Basics sheets.
  2. The wait is almost over. This sheet looks great. I will get the instructions ready in the next week or so and start preorders in the first week of October.
  3. Note that I have not yet disabled the order button and I am still actively selling these - for a few more days.
  4. All remaining domestic (US) orders are being picked up by USPS today; and you should see movement in the tracking history sometime tonight. It is rainy outside, but I am hopeful USPS will come pick everything up as scheduled. International orders will be picked up by the end of the week - there are still quite a few of these that I need to ship, but they will be on their way to you soon. I should be caught up with everything on Friday, and will start preparing to ship the October batch of releases.
  5. Desert Storm Herks "Arkansas Dreaming" (63-7776), "Back Off Saddam" (70-1264) and "Payback Time" (64-18240) will be among the aircraft featured on this sheet.
  6. It's a great idea - I will add it to the future subjects list.
  7. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/516572-air-force-reveals-it-secretly-built-and-flew-new-fighter-jet
  8. Already working on it - just need to finish packing everyone's FJ-2 sheets.
  9. Very sad news indeed - rest in peace..
  10. Unfortunately it's time to refresh the classic "overwhelmed.." thread : Due to a screw-up by FedEx, I am running a few days behind in shipping. If you received a tracking number but don't see an update in tracking history, there is no need to be alarmed - your envelope is here and is waiting to be picked up by USPS. I will have USPS pick up everything by the end of this week or Tuesday (9/21) at the latest.
  11. Another photo that shows the inner side of drop tanks - while it was common in other units, it looks like this unit had at least a few aircraft which had overall gray tip tanks.
  12. Thanks - the sprue shots released by Zvezda clearly show that they feature the VOR antenna as engraved detail, so the final shape of the decal will need to match the kit geometry exactly. But having the exact shape and dimensions would be nice so I can provide a version for those who would like to use the Italeri or Esci kits.
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