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  1. Hi Mike, I just checked the artwork and the instruction sheet drawings; and you are absolutely right. The thicker part of the strip should be above the wings. Although I would check the distance from the wing root to the intake and ensure that the decal fits this length on your kit. It's been a while since I designed this sheet, but the curvature of the fuselage probably would require some painting and touch up to get things straight anyway.
  2. Yes, it looks like there was an error in the instructions and the darker color in the Qatari camouflage scheme is intended to be 36251. This was my best estimate at the time I designed the decals and I do not yet have confirmation of the actual color. I am afraid I can't help much with the color matches to Tamiya paints; but the conversion charts that could be found online elsewhere may be helpful.
  3. Aviation Archives recently posted an AC-47 T.O.: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/2021/10/douglas-ac-47d-flight-manual.html The T.O. says: "A launcher is located to fire Mark 24 flares through an opening in floor of the cargo compartment". There is also a "general arrangement" drawing that shows the flare launcher at the very rear of the cargo compartment near the floor.
  4. While I was never able to find an official source for the actual colors used, I believe the red color is FS11350 and the blue color is FS15102.
  5. This one is on the front burner again, and will be a 2022 release - I have quite a few postwar options on this sheet but I am looking into adding a few colorful WWII options as well. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  6. Folks, thank you for your interest in this sheet. I had some quality control issues with the printed instructions, so there will be a delay in shipping these: I expect to ship everything in the first week of February. I promise it will be worth the wait - thanks for your patience.
  7. No need to apologize at all - I just sent you an e-mail to help you sort out the issue. I am leaving the thread as is so folks can read that there is no special physical characteristic to my decals. If you have an issue about the instructions, design etc. I am always willing to step in and improve things; but the actual printing is something I have no control on.
  8. Folks, I am having difficulty clearing the backlog of orders I received and it will take me a week or so (Feb 1) to ship everything with CD48205 & CD48219. CD144015 will take me a week more - my estimate is that I will ship everything by the end of the first week of February. If you got a shipping notification email but do not see any movement in tracking history, please be patient - I will schedule weekly pickups and Feb 2 and Feb 9, and you will receive your decals soon.
  9. As I mentioned there is nothing on that particular F-94 sheet that makes it physically different from any other Microscale-printed decal, so it is not a "problem with a Caracal decal". Things like this can occasionally occur with decals printed by both of the printing companies I use. Send me an e-mail and I will sort it out.
  10. Just a note that I have absolutely zero input on how the physical decal is printed, aside from providing design files to the printing company. As far as I know there is nothing that differentiates a Cartograf-printed decal from Manufacturer A and Manufacturer B. It is not like I am sending them a special sauce to mix in with the ink, or supplying my own artisan-made backing paper from kale leaves or something. Obviously there can be problems like this because of any variations in the printing process in that batch or the conditions that the decals are stored in. I have
  11. I have received the photos and they certainly are a big help - thank you. I still need to work on this subject but I will do my best to include one of these jets in the sheet.
  12. I have just started shipping and will ship a large number of orders this weekend, you should start receiving them early next week.
  13. A majority of my subjects are based on suggestions from you folks - so in effect I have a pretty good general reconnaissance picture 🙂 ...I think many of you had the C-17 in the stash but have been waiting for modern & more comprehensive decals. When it comes to the C-46: it's a da*n shame that such a historically important type as the C-46, which was the backbone of transport operations at the CBI theater in WWII, did not have a dedicated decal sheet; so I thought it was time to address that.
  14. I really like the idea of doing the new LN scheme as an add-on to a reprint of the LN F-15 sheet - I was going to reprint the 1/48 sheet anyway and this will provide some additional appeal to it.
  15. This is an older mould and I really doubt it has sprue gates etc. to omit the unused parts during moulding. I have the older Revell CH-53GA boxing (no. 4834) with only German markings and it seems to have all of the parts needed to build the USAF/Navy variants covered in this decal sheet.
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