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  1. As I mentioned in the vacation thread, I will be going on vacation next Thursday and won't be back until the first week of August. Monday (July 16) is the last day to place an order if you want to receive your decals before I leave. Any orders I receive after Tuesday morning will most likely have to wait until I come back. I will make an effort to ship every order I get before leaving, but can't guarantee shipment for anything after Tuesday morning.
  2. KursadA

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    It is not the fineness of detail - you can get arbitrarily fine exterior detail in resin without any problem. What makes 3D printing here obvious is the geometry of these parts: it is impossible to cast that those F-15 nozzles with the actuator arms as a single piece (even with jewelry techniques such as investment casting) using the typical RTV rubber molds many aftermarket manufacturers use. The only way they could have been done is 3D printing.
  3. KursadA

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    It is interesting that he is selling 3D printed parts, and not resin cast parts made form 3D printed masters (like Quickboost, Aires and everyone else). It must take hours to print all these parts - unless he has access to a bunch of machines.
  4. KursadA


    Folks, It's been a great year, and it is time to take a short break. I will be on vacation in Italy between July 20 and the second week of August. I am rushing to ship the latest batch of decals to all of the major resellers, but the orders are massive and there is a likelihood that I will not be able to ship them all. If you are interested in any of the decals in the latest batch (or anything else), please order them before July 16. Otherwise you might have to wait until I come back. The release schedule will not be interrupted - I have a brand new batch of decals waiting for instruction sheets right here, and I will start shipping them in a few days after I return. And the batch after that is going to the printers this week.
  5. KursadA

    Jet engine part ID

    I have a jet engine turbine blade with the serial "40337030" etched onto it. No other numbers of a NSN. I believe this is a manufacturer's code of some sort, and could be connected to an engine type. Google was no help. Can anyone with access to this information help me find out what kind of engine this was?
  6. KursadA

    CD48145 - 1/48 F-86 in Korea - Part 1

    Soo much material for not one, but a few amazing sheets here. I am still working on what options to feature on the first sheet, but I think there will be others. I will also released generic serial number sheets for the Lockheed style buzz numbers as seen on T-33/P-80/F-94 aircraft,and correct North American style numbers for the F-86 - these will come under the new "Caracal Models Basics" line of generic sheets.
  7. KursadA

    CD72056 - 1/72 B-1B Lancer

    Sold out!! This sheet and its 1/48 counterpart were very successful. Grab one from a reseller if you want one - this one will not be reprinted for a couple of years at least. In the meantime, I will soon announce a new 1/72 B-1B sheet to replace it.
  8. KursadA

    CD72020 - A-10C

    Sold out! Thanks for your interest in this sheet. I am not going to reprint this; and instead design a new 1/72 scale A-10C sheet with some of the same options and a few new ones - sometime early next year.
  9. KursadA

    1/72 F-117

    Absolutely - please allow me to finish the new 1/48 sheet I am working on, and I will scale it down to 1/72 in early 2019.
  10. KursadA

    CD144015 - 1/144 B-36 Peacemaker

    I was getting some captures from Strategic Air Command to make decals for the movie bird, and... Is that really an eye on the jet pod? Looks kind of weird - would be barely perceptible on the 1/144 sheet but should look interesting in 1/72. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps9d739387yr5qn/B36eye.png?dl=0
  11. KursadA

    A few sheets are almost gone..

    Only 2 (two) copies of CD48057 remaining: CD48057: 1/48 USAF T-38 Talon - Part 2
  12. KursadA

    A few sheets are almost gone..

    The A-3 Skywarrior Part 2 sheet (CD48045) is sold out. I will be releasing a new EKA-3B sheet in August to replace it. Note likely to be reprinted in the next 2-3 years, so get one now from the resellers if you want one.
  13. These are trivial to do and may indeed find place on a second KC-135R sheet at some point. I am about to sell out the first KC-135R sheet, and I will consider doing a second one after the KC-135A/E sheet.
  14. KursadA

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    The Force is strong with this one - is there another name or artwork in the front fuselage, right below where the SAC badge is? What about the other side?
  15. Yeah - that French special scheme.. I tried a couple times to get it right, but the references were slim a pickings at the time and some details of the markings proved to be too elusive. Maybe I will attack it some later time, but that one will require a serious chunk of design time. I think I have enough 1/144 projects on the drawing table to keep me occupied for a while, but I will definitely keep this in mind, Dutch. Thanks!