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  1. Greetings from an unusually warm Luxembourg - heading out to Bastogne and Belgium tomorrow, before flying to London on Thursday. I hope all of you who ordered before the last day are enjoying your decals. Thanks for the orders that keep pouring in - just a reminder that I am still away, but will ship these as soon as I am back in Texas in the first week of August.
  2. Any order received after this point will be shipped after August 3.
  3. There is one set of walkways, one set of national insignia (late period SR-71s did not have national insignia except one option on the sheet) and one full set each of early/late markings on the stencil sheet.
  4. Your Strike Eagle looks great! Can you share a few photos over at my forum in this sheet's thread?
  5. Sometime in October/November. I will try to make the markings as compatible as possible, but the Hasegawa and Kinetic F/A-18A would be the primary target kits (with necessary modifications)
  6. Just a reminder that Friday is the last day to order before I pack up and leave for vacation - any orders received during the weekend will be shipped in the first week of August.
  7. I will post the images of the common stencilling sheet tonight.
  8. The 1/72 versions of the SR-71 sheets will be available in mid-August, after I come back from vacation. They are directly scaled down from the 1/48 sheets, with a couple differences: all the stencils used for both sheets are on a single sheet, which will also be available separately (only 200 pcs though). And the late USAF / NASA SR-71 sheet has markings for the LASRE aerospike.
  9. Of course you won't sell yours - you will want to give it away to a youngster in the next local IPMS meeting after I am done with my USAF F-104 sheets sometime next year 🙂
  10. I will bring up the reference page before the end of the week - I will put up a WIP notice tonight.
  11. I had been following your build on BM and thought about sending you a message since it looked like you had doubts about these markings. Rest assured that I have photos of both aircraft wearing these markings exactly as depicted on the sheet. The markings for 67-0174 are based on photos taken during 1994. Not sure about the date for the other option - sorry. Some aircraft stayed with the same unit for years, but it looks like there was quite a lot of movement in the fleet; and I can not say for certain that the aircraft were with the same units during Desert Shield / Storm.
  12. All of the orders are out of the door as of this morning - the last to go were some of the larger orders (more than 5 sheets). If you had received a tracking number last week, you should see some movement in the tracking info today and should receive your decals soon. I only have a couple very large (you know who you are) orders remaining, and they will go out tonight. This was a grueling month even though I had external hired help this time around - I am leaving for vacation on Monday, and had to postpone shipping reseller orders since I did not have any time for these. Which means that the latest batch of decals will not be available in stores until mid-to-late August : the only folks who will have them are those who preordered. Thanks for your interest and patience - looking forward to the next batch of releases in early August.
  13. Hi, I think I will keep my 1/144 line limited to larger aircraft for the time being - I am not sure how the economics of 1/144 fighter decals will work.
  14. I am definitely doing it - it should be fairly easy to put together quickly after I come back from the UK. I will announce it in a couple of days.
  15. I will be leaving the country for vacation next week - I will be following the forum, but I will not be able to fulfill any orders. It has been a phenomenal year, but I need a short break. The extraordinary interest in the last batch of releases meant that I had to keep shipping preorders until yesterday - which means that I will not be able to ship resellers' orders until I come back. This means that the SR-71, B-52 sheets etc. will not be available anywhere else until mid August. The cut-off date for shipping orders before vacation will be July 12 - meaning I guarantee to ship any order placed before 7/12 before I leave the country. I will make a good effort to ship orders literally until I drive to the airport, but no guarantees for orders I receive after 7/12.
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