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  1. Now that the FJ-3 kit is also around the corner, I am going to release a FJ-2 sheet (CD48171) and a FJ-3 sheet (CD48172) simultaneously - you should see these available around March.
  2. I agree, but it looks like the brave folks who were flying over the Hump did not have much time or equipment to photograph their aircraft - whatever I could find in almost one and a half years of research is just a bunch of partial photos (nose art, but no serial number etc.) or really fuzzy images that do not show any of the details I need. I am disappointed that I could not bring this project to completion yet, I just do not want to fill the sheet with well-documented postwar aircraft.
  3. I will look up the measurements this evening and post them here - I went through a lot of photos and documentation, so I am pretty sure I got them correct. As for other -G and -H options, stay tuned - there will be a new 1/72 sheet from Caracal soon.
  4. The Rafale is sold - thanks. I will keep editing the post as I finalize deals and receive payment.
  5. Corrected the scale of the Revell-Monogram F-4E kit: this is the 1/32 scale kit 85-4668.
  6. It almost certainly is Futura Bold. PS: Wasn't this exact question asked years ago? I remember discussing it here. Edit: I was right - this was asked before : by you, as it happens.
  7. Folks, I have some kits for sale: many of you know the deal, these are the kits I used to design Caracal decal sheets. This time there is a 1/48 CH-47, AH-64D, Modelsvit P-51H etc. Many are priced to go, some of them include bonus sheets. Please take a look and help me out - kits are piling up, and I need the space. Thanks! Link to sale thread
  8. I have the following kits for sale - these are kits that I used to design decal sheets, so some parts may be taken off the sprues for measurement, etc. However, everything is complete. Some of them come with a free Caracal Models decal sheet - you will receive the decals separately when they are released in February. -Italeri 1/48 Chinook HC.2 / CH-47F: $50 (includes(*) free Caracal Models CD48148 CH-47 Chinook decal sheet - a $14 value) -Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64D Apache Longbow: $30 (includes(*) free Caracal Models CD48170 AH-64D/E Apache decal sheet - a $14 value) -Revell 1/48 Rafale: $25 (includes(*) free Caracal Models CD48156 Rafale decal sheet - a $10 value) -Modelsvit 1/48 P-51H Mustang: $40 (includes(*) free Caracal Models CD48167 P-51H decal sheet - a $14 value) -Revell 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird: $20 (includes free Caracal Models CD72088 or CD72089 decal sheet (your choice - a $16 value) -Roden 1/32 L-19 / O-1 "Bird Dog": $28 -Revell 1/32 BAe Hawk "Red Arrows": $25 -Hasegawa 1/72 MV-22B Osprey "Tanker": $28 -Revell-Monogram 1/32 F-4E "Mig Killer" parts kit: $15 I believe this kit is complete - but I don't have the time to check thoroughly. Some parts are off the sprues, some cockpit parts painted. Instructions, decals intact. Two sets of clear parts still in sealed bags. Buy as a parts kit or as a donor kit to convert your Tamiya into a later slatted-wing jet. -Monogram 1/72 EF-111 Raven: $10 -Monogram 1/48 F-16 "Air Force Fighter": $10 , Kit no. 5401 with prototype markings As usual, I would like to keep this sale within the US/Canada; and PayPal as the only payment method. Please send me a PM if interested - I reserve the right to prioritize purchases of multiple kits. (*): You will receive the bonus decal sheet when it is released in mid February.
  9. I have the following 1/350 submarine kits for sale. Payment via PayPal, and shipping to US only. -Hobby Boss 1/350 Oscar II Class "Kursk" cruise missile submarine (SSGN): $25 -Hobby Boss 1/350 Borei Class ballistic missile submarine (SSBN): $25 -Hobby Boss 1/350 Akula Class Attack Submarine (SSN): $15 -Hobby Boss 1/350 Yasen Class Attack Submarine (SSN): $15 -Hobby Boss 1/350 Victor II Class Attack Submarine (SSN): $10 (missing display stand parts) -Bronco 1/350 Akula II Class Attack Submarine "K335 Giepard" (SSN): $10 Or get the entire lot for $95 with free shipping. Please send me a PM if interested - thanks!
  10. I will make a 72 scale Albatross sheet sometime but not I am not sure about the viability of a 1/144 one.
  11. I will announce the next batch of releases soon, the civilian Starfighters sheet is on there. The NASA sheet will come in a later batch of releases.
  12. I have them as a separate (Basics) sheet and will release them at the same time as my new B-52 sheets.
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