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  1. Folks, on the instruction sheet; I gave the color for the overall gray jets as FS36440 - but someone else suggested these could have been painted in FS35237. Any thoughts?
  2. This one is going to the printers in a couple of days - I still need to revise the colors this weekend. Obviously there is a second, all-black sheet (not shown) with all the walkways, serial numbers, unit names and a few other black markings. 15 options on this sheet - 12 current USAF options including "Reach 871", the C-17 which recently evacuated more than 800 people from Kabul. The first prototype with European 1 camouflage scheme, and two NATO examples from Papa. As I mentioned, I will likely do another C-17 sheet with markings for remaining USAF/ANG units and
  3. It sounds pretty awesome - you should definitely do it!
  4. Do tell - sounds intriguing. I am sometimes tempted to start a limited run "parallel brand" for crazy what-if decals : perhaps one or two subjects a year, just as a creative outlet.
  5. Just sent out the remaining insert to print - the wait is almost over! I will try to post profiles this weekend. This sheet should be available in early November.
  6. No problem - as I said, this was going to be an option on the sheet. You can download the PDF here and print it in original size - let us know how it looks on your model.
  7. Nice - I am glad you were able to find most of what you needed. This was an option that I was going to include on the sheet anyway - so I might as well draw those tail markings for you. I will draw and post a printable PDF file tonight, so you can use a b&w laser printer to make them.
  8. Folks, I know you have waited a while - it is a lot of units and badges to design. I would have told you the INSTANT I have any updates on this. Please hold tight and I will let you know when I have anything to share.
  9. I am glad you liked the additional markings for the ACTIVE and MTD program markings, but please note that the plain NASA F-15s are basically bog standard F-15s and do not need any significant modification. The sheet includes markings for four of these and they are quite striking subjects. Looking forward to what Arnaud will offer us for the ACTIVE/MTD jets - I believe the "canards" were F-18 horizontal stabilizer and may come from an old Monogram kit you may have lying around.
  10. I am working on an E-3/E-6/E-8 sheet and will announce it toward the end of the year.
  11. This one is coming in November - markings for NASA F-15s and most of what you need to do 71-0290 in its various research aircraft schemes. I will scale it down to 1/72 scale as well, perhaps in the December-January timeframe.
  12. The NASA F-15 sheet is coming in 1/48 scale in November, and in 1/72 before the end of the year:
  13. A bit late, but I am almost done with this one. There were so many USAF units that I wanted to do that the first sheet will be mostly USAF units, with the NATO airlift wing thrown in. I will later do a second sheet with the remaining USAF units as well as RAF/RAAF/RCAF. I will post the final draft in a couple of days.
  14. Even if the button is still enabled by mistake ( thanks for the heads-up : I will disable the add button for the 104 soon 🙂 ), please do not preorder anything until the items are ready - as we recently saw once again with the loss of hundreds of FJ-3 sheets in transit, too many things can go wrong before the decals are ready for sale.
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