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  1. KursadA

    Ohh the old B-52

    The B-52 story is kind of funny, but this one really cracked me up: https://www.duffelblog.com/2019/03/russians-training-pudgy-tattooed-honeypots-to-target-enlisted/
  2. Really excellent work there - hopefully the Kinetic kit will be out sometime this year so we can see more 1/72 scale builds.
  3. KursadA

    Fokker F-27 and C-46

    Was this done in decal form at some point?
  4. KursadA

    F-15Cā€™s new nose art

    Once more detailed photos are available, it should be a relatively quick modification to my existing artwork for CD48080, the sold-out Lakenheath F-15C/D sheet.
  5. KursadA

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    I meant I should design decals for other older kits and bring them to the attention of kit manufacturers - not that it is necessarily what happened here. Not sure if I will be doing another KC-10 sheet, but your subject selections are noted. Perhaps when I finally start that civilian airliner decals brand that I have been working on.
  6. KursadA

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    I should do this for more subjects šŸ™‚
  7. KursadA

    Fokker F-27 and C-46

    I will be designing sheets for the F-27 Friendship/Troopship and the C-46 either in late 2019, or early 2020. It looks like we need more military markings for each type. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  8. KursadA

    CD72046 - DHC-6 Twin Otter

    The design of the sheet was finished, but US Naval Research Lab is important to me (while I never worked directly for the lab, they partially funded my graduate studies ). I will include this in the sheet - but will probably need more photos at some point.
  9. KursadA

    CD72073 - 1/72 B-2A Spirit

    As I said, I am working on the artwork for the upcoming 1/144 sheet. Depending on what the competitive situation is at the time, there is still a chance that I can go ahead and release a 1/72 sheet. But please understand that it is not a priority now.
  10. KursadA

    CD72073 - 1/72 B-2A Spirit

    Probably not gonna happen until the new 1/144th kit is out, if ever. Now that the 1/72 opportunity is missed, it is not a priority and I may cancel it altogether. Sorry..
  11. Now an auction - check it out
  12. KursadA

    CD48100 - 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird

    Thanks! And before anyone asks - I will try my best to include the same D-21 drone markings on a future 1/72 scale B-52 sheet; with correct serials for an operational Senior Bowl mission and appropriate mother ship. So I can vicariously enjoy someone's build where the D-21 from the Monogram kit is combined with the Modelcollect B-52.
  13. KursadA

    CD48100 - 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird

    CD48100 will have markings for 18 (eighteen) different jets - there are markings for YF-12, M-21 and a bunch of SR-71's with tail art. Some of the tail art that are included are "Rosemary's Baby-San", "Super Skater", "Charlie's Problem", "We're the Fakawee", "The Bododian Express" and a few more. Markings for YF-12 in NASA service as well. There are also markings for two D-21 drones as well as basic stencilling, so you can use them on the Kiwi Resin 1/48 scale D-21 and mate them to the M-21 you can build using the decals in this set. I chose 501 and 505, both of which were flown on Tagboard flight tests and operational flights. You may be able to use the markings to make 515, which was an operational Senior Bowl launch. The stencilling / common markings is shared between the two Blackbird sets. There are spare digits on the white markings sheet that should allow you to build almost any SR-71 in the early scheme. Available as part of the next batch. This will be scaled down to 1/72 in the August batch of releases.
  14. I have a Testors SR-71 kit + Afterburner decals + extras for sale on Ebay - please take a look if interested. Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/itm/333193860258?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649