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  1. Almost done with this sheet - it will be coming in November and I will show you the final artwork as soon as I finish shipping all preorders for the latest batch. No preproduction / test birds in this one - sorry. But there are two Combat Lancer jets and at least one example of most early F-111A units including the 366th/474th and tail codes NA, NB, NC, ND, MO and HG.
  2. CD48161 will be a 1/48 sheet for NASA Starfighters, covering the older and newer F-104 schemes; with markings for aircrafts 011/012/013; 818, 820, 825 and 826. Coming in early November, profiles coming soon.
  3. It is that tine again - I plan to be able to ship everything before the end of the week. Please sit tight while I work through the backlog.
  4. I don’t have any plans to make decals for any privately owned warbirds - sorry.
  5. The Annetra kit is definitely not vaporware : they showed many, many photos of the molds, test shots, even assembled models. My understanding is that its release was imminent. It might even be that the Kitty Hawk kit is the Annetra kit - Annetra may have failed to secure the financing for the final production for some reason, and passed on the molds to another company. We should just wait and see.
  6. I will let everyone know when I am close to having anything done. Thanks
  7. That was the plan but I am modifying the design of this sheet a little bit, so I will most likely eliminate the second sheet and move these markings to the main sheet.
  8. OK, this sounds intriguing. My references for the P-51 in this period are a bit thin on the ground. Can you post any photos so we could choose a good set of options to develop?
  9. I will start shipping this sheet today.
  10. Released three months ago (in June); has been available for ordering since then.
  11. He said the decals were Cartograf decals, so I suggested a correction - not a big deal. I might be a tad oversensitive since it took me a great deal of time to design these decals.. Let’s return to the subject..
  12. Yes - just swamped with some design deadlines. It will happen in a couple of days.
  13. They are Caracal Models decals - they are only printed by Cartograf. Cartograf themselves would not be able to tell a bottle of Chianti from a B-58. Looking good so far - I can’t wait to see the end result.
  14. The 1/72 scale U-2 sheet and the 1/48 CAS Vipers sheets are about to be sold out: CD72065: 1/72 U-2A/C Dragon Lady (5 remaining) CD48056: 1/48 CAS Vipers (6 remaining)
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