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  1. Sold out! Definitely the best selling 1/32 or 1/35 sheet I have ever released. No reprints anytime soon. Thanks for your interest in this set!
  2. I wouldn't be so sure about that πŸ™‚
  3. The Korean War Sabre sheet design is already at a fairly advanced stage, and I will accelerate the effort. I might have to add a few more A schemes to the mix.
  4. Why would it have dark blue parts? I think it’s just a fresh coat of Gunship Gray on some parts they had to replace at the depot level restoration in Oklahoma. Tinker AFB and other sites have high resolution photos that clearly show the color to be plain old Gunship Gray. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/ghost-rider-and-wise-guy-the-only-two-b-52h-bombers-regenerated-from-boneyard-undergoing-simultaneous-maintenance-at-oklahoma-city-air-logistics-complex/
  5. I guess it is fine if you like red SAC shields πŸ™‚
  6. Thanks for posting the link here : he has many great photos on Flickr but almost never mentions the actual aircraft type or use tags, so it is impossible to find them over there with my regular search methods.
  7. The F-104 Basics sheet is not yet ready - I will send this to be printed sometime in the summer. Hypersonic Models is working on an NF-104A conversion - I am sure Jeffrey will let us know when it will be ready.
  8. Very nice indeed! Dark Vipers V design is pretty much set in stone right now - but this will be on the 1/72 scale Dark Vipers 3 coming very soon, and eventually on a Dark Vipers 6. The KC-10 reprint is what it is : a straight reprint, sorry. I am hoping there will be an injection molded KC-10 sometime in the future, at which point I will do a brand new sheet.
  9. So - any thoughts? Who's building the first one?
  10. I will reprint the KC-10 sheet in the next batch, but will consider reprinting this one in the next batch or so.
  11. May releases are: CD72111 - 1/72 FB-111A "Dark Varks" CD144027 - 1/144 B-52 "Tall Tail Stratofortresses" CD72023 - 1/72 ANG F-4C/D (reprint) CD48118 - 1/48 U-2A/C (reprint) June releases are: CD72090 - 1/72 P-3 Orion Part 1 CD72162 - 1/72 A-4M Skyhawk CD72154 - 1/72 RF-8 Crusader Part 1 CD48236 - 1/48 F-16 "Dark Vipers" Part 5 CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender (reprint)
  12. Now on the front burner - I hope to be able to release this in the summer. Mostly the colorful, early service high-visibility jets, but a couple with the subdued national insignia during the transition phase to low-vis markings. I will try to cover interesting examples as usual, and a separate stencilling sheet will be available in the Basics lines. A 1/72 version will not be far behind.
  13. Very cool stuff - please keep them coming. A while ago I decided that I did not have enough interesting subjects to pull off an AH-1G/S sheet; but it looks like I will have to think about one now. The A-7s are very cool; and I am sure a few of them will be on the upcoming USAF/ANG A-7 sheet.
  14. I really did not intend to do an F-104 Early Years sheet, but you are right that this sheets covers a lot of what should be on it.
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