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  1. KursadA

    Minicraft B-52D

    I get it, folks. I am working on it. It takes time - I will share more details when I have something I can show. We'll be covering several different B-52 types, both tall and short tails. I am currently working on finishing the October batch on time. I will have more clarity on the B-52 sheet afterwards.
  2. KursadA

    Possible new topics?

    A 1/72 version of the RF-84F sheet is a great idea and I will definitely do it as soon as possible. Skyblazers is also something that I would like to consider sometime next year. Keep the suggestions coming, every single one is going into the ideas notebook..
  3. KursadA

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    I will have shipped everything in a few days - just the usual deluge of orders I receive immediately after a new batch.
  4. KursadA

    A few sheets are almost gone..

    I now have 5 copies of CD48050 (US Navy / Marines AD-5 (A-1E) Skyraider remaining - this sheet will not be reprinted for the next 2-3 years. CD48050 : 1/48 US Navy / Marines AD-5 Skyraider (5 remaining)
  5. KursadA

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    Thank you, but I think you are being too modest. Both yours and Janissary's Sukhois were far beyond "regular" builds.. PS: How about building a Tucano to take a short break?
  6. KursadA

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    Such an excellent build....I have to admit I really enjoy seeing my decals used in builds of this caliber. Thanks for sharing!
  7. KursadA

    USAF Air Training Command

    Hi Bo (and everyone), These are on the to-do list. It is taking a while to bring everything up to speed after a vacation and a computer meltdown (no worries, everything has been restored from the backups that I keep religiously!); but you will see the ATC badges (along with others) on a Caracal Models Basics sheet before the end of the year. I just finished the UH-1 stencilling and main markings for the Vietnam UH-1C/D/H sheet - this sheet is still a couple months away at least.
  8. KursadA

    September releases

    About half of them are already at the printers - half are somewhat late, so it is likely that I will have to delay these until October. Business basically boomed this year, really straining my capability to handle everything (design, shipping etc.) alone. I am working on getting some help, which should allow expanding Caracal Models further.
  9. KursadA

    Possible new topics?

    I provide these silver-trimmed insignia and USAF titles in every Caracal sheet that has options which require their use - the H-21 sheet, the U-2 sheets etc. all have such markings. I agree that it is a great idea for the Basics line. I already have a bunch of US national insignia sheets in the works and will plan other sheets with the silver borders.
  10. KursadA

    CD48087 - F7F Tigercat

    The second canopy in the drone controllers were apparently taken from F8F Bearcats, so the instructions will suggest the use of a Squadron F8 Bearcat vacuform canopy.
  11. KursadA

    CD48087 - F7F Tigercat

    Available for preordering now: CD48087 - 1/48 F7F Tigercat Part 1
  12. KursadA

    August releases

    Enabled preorders for CD48124 "Next Gen Fishbeds" for the cranked-wing F-7.
  13. KursadA

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    Available for preordering now: CD48124: 1/48 F-7 "Next Gen Fishbeds"
  14. KursadA

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    While finalizing the instructions for this sheet, I confirmed that the Sri Lankan aircraft (including the particular example depicted on this sheet) are equipped with only one cannon (on the starboard side). As such, it should be possible to use the J-7G kit out of the box to build the Sri Lankan option. It looks like all the light gray-camouflaged Bangladeshi aircraft also have a single cannon, while Nigerian, dark-camouflaged Bangladeshi and all Pakistani jets are of the double-cannon configuration. So the sheet has markings for two single-cannon (BAF 155 & SLAF "SFI15108") and five double-cannon (BAF 943, NAF 806, 3 x PAF) options:
  15. KursadA

    Roden 1/144 C-119 Flying Boxcar

    I made some progress toward the 1/72 scale C-119 sheet. but it has to wait until I am done with the C-97, C-124 and new KC-135A/E sheets that are still in the pipeline..I will be able to share more details in a couple of months.