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  1. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    This is what the final draft of the second Neptune sheet looks like - I will make some color adjustments and finalize it tomorrow. Five options on this one. Just like CD72055, there is a small black & white third sheet (not shown) with markings to go above and under the wings.
  2. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    As I mentioned, Part 2 (CD72057) will have markings for an Army AP-2E and a Navy OP-2E. I think both of these can be made with the old Falcon conversion sets. Has anyone else ever made decals for these aircraft?
  3. CD72021: 1/72 EC-121 Warning Star

    You guys sure are in full-court press mode today ;-) I don't know - we still have three months to go until the end of the year and two more release batches that I have not fully mapped out. The 1/144 sheet is now a C-121/EC-121 sheet really - I have been adding a couple transport models as well.
  4. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    I am still working on the second sheet (checkered-tail P2V-5 from VC-5, AP-2E, OP-2E etc.) ; and will post profiles after I am done sometime this week.
  5. CD48087 - F7F Tigercat

    It is still on the drawing board - I need to refine a few options. I will let you know when it is getting closer to being finished.
  6. 1/48 AC-130H/U

    It is on my to-do list for sometime down the road - I am still gathering references. No promises yet, but I will try to do it sometime in 2018.
  7. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    CD72055 is the first of the two Neptune sheets coming in the next batch, and will have 8 options. There is a second sheet (not shown) with wing markings. Both Neptune sheets will share a common stencilling and general markings sheet, shown at the right.
  8. CD72076- 1/72 FJ-2 Fury

    CD72076 will be a 1/72 sheet dedicated to the FJ-2 Fury, intended for the Sword kit.
  9. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    A big thanks to Chris and Charlie - I received the photos I needed and confirmed that the Otaki tail chord is only about 0.8mm wider at the point where the unit decoration band is applied; and the overall dimensions of both kits' tails are almost identical. The decals will fit the Otaki kit as well.
  10. Possible new topics?

    Just added it to do the "to do sometime" list.
  11. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    I think it will work OK on the Otaki kit : the only concern I have is the chord of the tail - if someone can send me tracing of the tail, I can confirm the fit very quickly. Let me know if you have an easily accessible Otaki kit and can take a few photos : no need to ship the whole kit for this one.
  12. September releases

    There were some printing issues and it needs to be reprinted - delayed for a couple of months.
  13. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    There is a nice one here - it dates from 1993.
  14. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    I will post the draft of the C-5A sheet in a couple of days - both will be available in October.
  15. CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    The C-5 sheets are almost ready. If you have seen the Roden C-5 kit, you already know that the kit decals are next to useless for most serious modelers. The 10 options on the C-5B/M sheet (CD144006) are: C-5M 83-1285 "Spirit of Old Glory", 436AW, Dover AFB C-5B 87-0027, 436 AW, Dover AFB C-5M 86-0026, 60 AMW, Travis AFB C-5B 87-0040, 60 AMW, Travis AFB C-5B 86-0021, 60 AMW, Travis AFB C-5B 87-0039, 439 AMW, Westover AFB C-5M 86-0019, 433 AW, Lackland AFB C-5B 86-0022 "City of Rio Vista", 60 AW, Travis AFB C-5B 87-0041, 436 AW, Dover AFB C-5B 83-1285, 436 AW, Dover AFB The first 7 options are in the current overall AMC Gray paint scheme, while the last 3 are in Euro1 camouflage. Once again, this is a C-5B/M sheet. I will be releasing a C-5A sheet at the same time, and it will cover other units based at Stewart, Martinsburg, Memphis, Wright-Patterson and Altus. The two sheets will share a black-only sheet (not shown) which mostly covers stencilling found on the current AMC Gray scheme. More info on the C-5A sheet later. In addition to markings for these 10 options, you get comprehensive stencilling, walkways, full set of serial number digits to build almost any C-5 from the units covered, windshield decals in black, decals for the hard-to-paint glare shield on Euro 1 painted Galaxies. The C-5A sheet will also feature color stencilling as applied to the earlier white/gray MAC scheme.