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  1. Wait- what? I did not know there was a lack of recent FJ-4 decals - It definitely is a good idea and I will start looking into it.
  2. The options list includes “One Bad (..um, lady?)” , too. Four Vietnam War era aircraft, a few postwar, USNTPS...overall a fairly diverse collection
  3. ..a few final checks and this will be done - not sure when I can post profiles, but will post the draft design soon.
  4. Prime Portal has a very nice walkaround of one of the prototypes, with cockpit photos clearly showing the ejection seats. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/michael_supko/v-22_prototype/
  5. I think there is a bit of overlap between this sheet and one that Xtradecals made some time ago - so I wonder whether anyone who would like to build a Navy Twosair might have already bought that one. I am sure I will release this in 1/72, but the list of subjects may be somewhat different to improve the value proposition. I think the Hobbyboss 1/48 A-7K sheet indeed has all you need for a Navy TA-7C / EA-7L : with the combination of the new Caracal sheet and perhaps a Wolfpack or AMK AN/ALQ-167 pod; you should be able to build a great two-seat Navy Corsair.
  6. I had been working on it for some time, along with the TA-4J and RA-5C sheets I announced earlier.
  7. Another pretty densely populated sheet - this one is coming in March or April, with markings for six TA-7Cs and three EA-7Ls.
  8. Excellent work! Your Skyhawk looks fantastic and I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
  9. Here is a new thread and (hopefully) a fun activity: Get to solve my research problems and win decals! This way, I get to save some time and you get decals for having an eagle eye and/or great research skills. The rules are easy: I will post some of my annoying research problems here under the "open research problems" title. The first person to find a photo (online, from a book, or even a personal photo) that is good enough to be used for decal artwork wins a Caracal decal sheet of his choice.(*) Interested? Hopefully we can keep this going for a while -
  10. Still no decoration on the CMV-22B - even for the landmark event of first US Navy V-22 carrier landing on Nov 22.
  11. I believe some camera ports need to be added as well - CMK has a complete conversion kit (which can still be found at some retailers) and the instructions show the addition of the camera ports.
  12. Amazon has a Kindle app for almost every platform (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) and once you buy a Kindle book, you can access it on any platform. A desktop computer with a large monitor is the best way to access illustrated reference books with many photos. I have been using Kindle for many years and can't imagine life without it, for both regular fiction/nonfiction books as well as aviation reference books.
  13. Yes - the China Lake aircraft on the sheet are BuNo 156768 (with the FLIR test markings) and 156738 with the "TA-7C" on the tail. VAQ-34 (both hi and low-vis markings), VAQ-33, some test jets (PMTC, NATC, perhaps VX-5) and VA-122 with USS Lexington markings.
  14. CD48180 will be a 1/48 sheet for US Navy's two-seat Corsairs: TA-7C and EA-7L.
  15. Totally understandable - I am looking forward to seeing more progress photos!
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