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  1. Another brand-new release waiting in the wings - I had the AH-64D/E sheets in hand for almost a month, and hope to release them in April as soon as I finish dealing with the delays I am experiencing due to the pandemic.
  2. VMAT-102 artwork is already done and will be on both the 1/72 and 1/48 sheets.
  3. This sheet arrived with the last batch, but I was not able to offer it on sale since the instructions were not done yet. I hope to make it available in the April batch, as soon as I clear the shipping back log and sort out some of the supply chain issues I am having due to the coronavirus pandemic. But it turned out great - I am sure you will like it when it is available for sale soon. I will post a few photos soon.
  4. This one is going to be printed by Microscale - that said, there are other disruptions in the supply chain (instruction printers etc.) everywhere.
  5. Still packing and shipping - if you received a tracking number, your order is packed and ready for being delivered to USPS. I expect to make one more trip to the post office before April 1 and dropping every single remaining order. Please bear with me during this unusual time.
  6. A few more sheets are about to be sold out - these will not be reprinted for a very long (>3 years) time. CD48085: 1/48 F-16 "Vipers against Terror" (2 remaining) CD72013: 1/72 Air National Guard F-15C/D (4 remaining) CD72043: 1/72 F-106 Delta Dart - Part 1 (3 remaining) CD72036: 1/72 Piaggio P108 Avanti (3 remaining) CD32014: 1/32 USAF T-6G Texan (3 remaining)
  7. I sent it to be printed. With the current situation we are in, I don't know when I will be able to release the next batch of decals. Hopefully sometime before May.
  8. Yes, the black “Naval Air Test Center” is on the black insert sheet but you can see all of the other markings on the main sheet image I posted.
  9. CD48179 will be a 1/48 sheet for hi-viz TA-4J trainer Scooters.
  10. There will be a smaller, all-black insert with modex numbers, BuNos., unit names and a few other black markings.
  11. Almost done with this sheet - I will post the final draft soon. In the end I was able to fit 6 options on it: VMA-211 and VMA-223 (I definitely did a better job than the old sheet shared above), VX-5, the black/white NATC "skunk" jet, another Pax River jet (158425), and a PMTC missile test example. There were so many good high-viz candidates but this will be it for a first Skyhawk sheet. Is there a need for a new TA-4 trainers sheet? There are lots of interesting schemes that do not seem to be covered.
  12. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I will only be able to stop by the post office once a week, on Saturdays. I still have a large number of shipments to make for the decals I released on March 7. I should be able to put most of them in the mail this coming Saturday, but some of them may be delayed until next week. Thanks for your patience - I will ship all outstanding orders before the end of March.
  13. Being stuck at home does wonders for productivity - here is what the first B-57 sheet will look like. There is a second sheet (not shown) with national insignia, etc. This will probably be a May/June release. I will most likely do an early service/Vietnam centric B-57 sheet sometime later in the year or 2021.
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