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  1. I just checked it, and it seems to be fixed now.
  2. The 1/72 scale Su-30MKK sheet is almost gone - only 4 remaining. CD72041 : 1/72 Su-30MK/MKK Flanker (4 remaining)
  3. I really like it - it could be a nice addition to the C-17 sheet that I am planning for later in the year.
  4. Duane, I think yours might be one of the few envelopes I had not had a chance to drop at the post office yet. I ran out of cardboard mailers and had to wait for a shipment until this morning. They will be in the mail stream tomorrow.
  5. Some news - it now looks like there is enough subject material for separate B-45 and RB-45 sheets, and I will announce a RB-45 sheet soon. I am almost done with the design of the B-45 sheet. Please note that while the Valom kit is very nice, the decal sheet has a few serious shortcomings. The national insignia are incorrect in shape and dimension, the big serial numbers on the tail are too anemic and tall; most likely having been based on the markings on one of the three surviving museum examples. My decal sheet will correct all of these and provide period-accurate markings. This one will not make the June releases; so it will be coming in August after the vacation. I trust you can wait to finish your Valom kits until then.
  6. This sheet has proven to be a big success so far, showing that a new B-52H sheet was really needed. If you already got yours by now, let me know what you think. The reference pages should be up in a few days.
  7. Almost done with this - three Vietnam War options (one each of US Army, USAF and VNAF), one Air National Guard (NJ) and one AFRES option on this one. It should be available late summer.
  8. I believe these are the same colors used in JASDF's F-2 and some UH-60J. The Federal Standard colors are FS35045 and FS35109. The following Japanese site seems to confirm the use of these two colors: http://kwat01.web.fc2.com/list/jasdf/f-4ej.htm
  9. Ghost Rider is one of the 11 options on the sheet, although I understand that the aircraft wore that marking for a very short time after it was reintroduced into service.
  10. I want to make sure that the decals will fit the Otaki kit as well. If necessary, I will add optional versions of some elements to fit the Otaki kit. I don't want to buy the darn kit at collector's prices now; but will ask for your help when the design nears completion.
  11. After the Roden kit is released - there are many design elements (door outlines, tail bands etc.) that need to be matched to the actual kit.
  12. It will be designed for the 1/32 scale Kinetic kit; and will of course include all the non-standard stencilling you will need for this scheme.
  13. I just assigned the product number CD32023 to the 1/32 scale RCAF anniversary Hawk sheet. I am still working on the layout, it should be done fairly quickly.
  14. CD32023 will be a limited-edition (250 pcs) sheet featuring the retro "Lancaster" CT-155. It will be part of the August batch of releases.
  15. You don't see one of these built very often - here is a great build: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234993221-project-warning-star-lockheed-ec-121d-plusmodel-kit-172/&page=2