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  1. This drone controller is one of the coolest options on the sheet - if I ever get to build one, I will build mine in this scheme:
  2. US Navy SNJ sheets (CD32020 and CD48099) are available for preorder now.
  3. Available for preordering now: CD32020 - 1/32 US Navy SNJ Texan
  4. This will be on the second Vietnam F-100D sheet, which will feature only non-camouflaged early war aircraft.
  5. Everything is almost ready to go - I should be able to start preorders this weekend.
  6. Second great Vietnam War build of the day is from Federico - see his F-100D here:
  7. Check out Russ' beautiful build here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016951-carolyns-folly-a-1e-skyraider-air-commandos/#comment-2637868
  8. Beautiful work - thanks for sharing, and I am glad you liked the decals. Kursad Caracal Models
  9. Maybe the solution would be to have a launcher where just the "end caps" had the individual holes and the launcher body itself was hollow. For a scale like 1/48, it should look pretty similar to the real thing from fore and aft. I am not sure if anyone does anything like this, though.
  10. This. Cartograf usually prints beautiful, resilient decals that conform very well to curves. However, they tend to become fairly thick if a particular element uses more than 3-4 layers of different colors. Careful design can reduce this problem to an extent, but sometimes there is only so much even a very experienced designer can do. Generous application of a strong decal setting solution usually solves the issue.
  11. I will release a 1/72 version later in the year, which will combine the options in the 1/48 scale USAF (CD48098) and USN (CD48099) Texan/SNJ sheets and perhaps a couple new ones.
  12. CD48098 will be a 1/48 sheet with 4 postwar USAF/ANG T-6G Texan trainers, designed to fit the Monogram kit. It will be part of the March batch of releases.
  13. I still need photos of the Italian special scheme bird - there are red "claw marks"(?) on the tailplanes that can not be seen very clearly in publicly available photos. Someone help me with these photos and I will release the second 1/48 sheet immediately, and a 1/72 one in the near future.
  14. Yeah, it looks like they might be getting a bit ahead of themselves here - they have announced a lot of stuff over the course of the last two years. I wish them success, of course, and I hope that most, if not all, of some of these projects become a reality. I am not sure if the Su-33 is a great choice though - there is not a whole lot of choice in markings/schemes and only two operators. Remembering all the fistfights civilized discourse in this forum around various Su-27/Su-30 kits; I have to say it is a very, very tough crowd here when it comes to Flankers. They'd better get ready for some absolutely BRUTAL scrutiny.
  15. I have the Valom F-101A/C, one of their very recent kits. To my eyes, it definitely is on par with mainstream Italeri / Revell - like quality from late 1990s; injected canopy, crisp and well defined panel lines.