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  1. KursadA

    F-4F Norm 81A

    Please give me a couple of days - I am working on the final touches to the instruction sheet for the new F-4F sheet, and I will provide you with a set of drawings.
  2. KursadA

    AFV U-2A test shots on Hyperscale

    It looks like the issues (so far) are limited to the canopy and windscreen; and there may yet be hope that the manufacturer can solve these by modifying the transparent parts sprue. If not, an enterprising resin outfit may make a replacement part..
  3. KursadA

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Several folks have offered to help and I have a set of fuselage halves and windshields, which is all I needed. Thanks for the offer - the sheet is about to be finished and it should be available in February or so.
  4. KursadA

    CD72080 - 1/72 AV-8B Harrier II

    This sheet is coming next month - four USMC option and one Italian special scheme on this one.
  5. KursadA

    CD72046 - DHC-6 Twin Otter

    Dutch, as I mentioned I am almost done with the design of this sheet and had the kit since the beginning. I just needed some details of the paint scheme for one of the options I wanted to offer on the sheet. Once I am done with sending off the January designs in a few days, I will revisit this project and see what remains to be done. I like the older version of the Canadian Coast Guard scheme better myself. The newer one is already offered by another (friendly and non-baby seal killing) company as folks have pointed out.
  6. KursadA

    934th AW D-Day Herk?

    It would be a relatively simple add-on to the existing 1/72 and 1/48 sheet ANG Herk sheets. I received enough requests from the units that have not been covered in these sheets that I will eventually do an add-on sheet with unit markings only - perhaps a "Basics" sheet.
  7. CD72086 will be a 1/72 version of the F-105F/G Wild Weasel sheet.
  8. KursadA

    CD48147 - 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo Pt.2

    After buying an electronic (Kindle) version of the book, I updated the design and added the marking. Some of the details in the book allowed me to correct at least one marking. As I mentioned, I will make good use of some of the other photos in the book in future sheets.
  9. KursadA

    CD72076 & CD72083 - 1/72 FJ-3 Fury

    Both 1/72 scale Fury sheets are available for preorder now - I will start shipping them on November 12. http://caracalmodels.com/cd72076.html http://caracalmodels.com/cd72083.html
  10. KursadA

    CD48147 - 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo Pt.2

    The book is a goldmine of information and photos on USAF recce aircraft - in addition to a accurate "The Iron Eyeball", I can see adding many interesting RB-66, RB-57 and perhaps even some RB-26 options to future sheets..
  11. KursadA

    CD48147 - 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo Pt.2

    This is exactly why I have this forum 🙂 . It certainly is not too late, and I will add the missing marking. If someone has the book and can snap a quick photo, please send me a PM. If not, I am sure the vast Univ of Texas library system has the book. And you, sir, get a free decal sheet when it is available. Thanks!
  12. KursadA

    EB-57B's ?

    Actually, a 1/72 B-57 sheet might happen before the 48th - I did some preliminary work on the B-57 and realized that the sheet in mind I would be huge in 1/48; so I might want to do a 1/72 sheet first.
  13. KursadA

    CD48147 - 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo Pt.2

    This one will have more Vietnam options with nose art ("Gerry's Clown", "Luv Bug" and "The Iron Eyeball") , two very colorful silver jets as well as an overall ADC gray example. There is another (not shown) with the large US national insignia and USAF markings needed for the natural metal options - it is the same sheet included with my earlier F-101A/C set (CD48052).
  14. KursadA

    EB-57B's ?

    I will make a B-57 sheet with EB-57 options - promise. It will take a bit more time before I can commit to anything.
  15. KursadA

    CD48144 - 1/48 B-1B Lancer Part 2

    It was all ACC in the last sheet - folks said "No AFGSC options?" at the time, hence the selection...:-)