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  1. KursadA

    CD72091 - 1/72 B-47 Stratojet

    I will absolutely put at least one RB-47H in there.
  2. KursadA

    CD72090 - 1/72 P-3 Orion Part 1

    I have planned a layout similar to the P2V Neptune sheets, Dutch - one Cartograf-printed stencilling sheet which will be common to all P-3 sheets, and Microscale-printed main markings sheets. The amount of stencilling on the P-3 seems to be massive - I may cut some corners on the walkway lines etc., but will try to provide a complete set that should satisfy most modelers.
  3. KursadA

    CD72024 - B-58 Hustler

    Folks, Now that Italeri has reissued this kit (with lackluster decals), people have been asking for this sheet once again; and I am going to reprint it in the next couple of months. You may want to keep this in mind if you are looking for it on Ebay or elsewhere - sit tight, and it will be available once again soon. Probably for the last time.
  4. CD144020 will be a 1/144 sheet with Strategic Air Command B-52G/H options, basically a scale-down version of upcoming CD72077.
  5. CD72091 will be a 1/72 sheet dedicated to the B-47 Stratojet. I will scale it down to 1/144 soon afterwards.
  6. CD72090 will be the first 1/72 scale P-3 Orion sheet from Caracal Models - coming sometime this summer.
  7. KursadA

    New F-15E Nose Art Photos

    I will not do a dedicated sheet; but will be adding a couple of them to my upcoming 1/72 sheet.
  8. KursadA

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    This is what CD72077 will look like - there will also be a stencilling sheet that will be an appropriately modified version of the stencilling sheet in CD7058.
  9. KursadA

    CD144014 - 1/144 C-124 Globemaster

    Yes, it was sold out before I could order. It should be available more widely stateside in a couple of weeks.
  10. KursadA

    Possible new topics?

    T-43/C-40 are definitely a good idea, and I will start working on B737 base drawings soon. Ditto for early Starfighters and the T-41 : I put these on the to-do list for future releases.
  11. KursadA

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    So, I've been told that there was an Aurora DC-9 kit in 1/72 scale and it was recently re-released. This looks like a shorter DC-9. Was there ever a conversion for it?
  12. KursadA

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    All of the options on this sheet will eventually be included in a future 1/144 scale B-52 sheet - the current B-52H sheet is selling briskly and will be due for replacement by early 2020. I will soon announce a 1/72 Basics sheet with decals for AGM-86 ALCM and GAM-72 Grail as carried by the B-52 at different times. I recently got the Black Dog 1/72 GAM-72 Grail and will design the decals to fit, the AlCM decals will be designed to fit the Modelcollect missiles.
  13. KursadA

    Postwar C-47 markings

    I will be releasing a post-war C-47 sheet in 1/72 and 1/48 scale in June/July timeframe.
  14. KursadA

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    The second sheet is not happening before this one is halfway to selling out, so there will be lots of time to collect more references on other units. I am done with all the 416th/379th airframes I would like to do, so the next sheet will feature other wings.
  15. KursadA

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    So, the final list of options on this sheet are: -B-52G 58-0164 "SAC Time", 416 BW -B-52G 58-0182 "What's Up, Doc?", 379 BW -B-52G 58-0217 "Liberator", 379 BW -B-52G 58-0249 "Urban Renewal", 379 BW -B-52G 59-2580 "Miss Piggy", 97 BW -B-52G 59-0178 "Old Soldier", 43 BW -B-52H 60-0007 "Maj. Carswell", 7 BW -B-52H 60-0024 "I'll Be Seeing You", 416 BW I will be busy wrapping up the layout for a couple more days and will then post profiles - but most of these options have been discussed here and elsewhere. As I mentioned, there will be a second sheet later in the year; if this one does well.