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  1. The new B-52 sheet is still a few months away - folks, I just released a B-52 sheet and these are expensive to print. I am working on the design and will release it in the early months of 2020. The 1/144 scaled down version of CD72077 will be coming in October/November timeframe.
  2. Thanks for all the help you provided so far - with the exception of the elusive "twin Hornet" artwork on the T1, I have almost everything I need and will finish the sheet shortly.
  3. The 1/72 scale SR-71 sheets are on the way - I expect to receive them within 7-10 days and enable preorders in early September.
  4. Thanks, Chris - I am looking forward to the photos. I know that the high AoA program logo was painted on the tail of No. 6 at some point during the testing program, so it is possible to depict the aircraft without the badge. However, I would like to include the marking for the sake of completeness - including it will also allow the modeler to build this aircraft during the first few months of its later career as the NASA F-18 HARV; during which it wore an interesting, hodge-podge scheme with both NASA markings and remnants of its prototype past; as well as a few mismatched panels and parts from other prototypes for good measure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SViiqylV0lA With the latest information I received, I think I will be able to draw the marking on No.6. This leaves the "twin Hornet" marking on TF1 - I contacted the Pax River Museum per Brent's suggestion; and hope to hear back from them as well.
  5. There will be new RAAF Hornet sheets by Caracal before the end of the year as well.
  6. Thanks, Daniel! I think we are almost there - I can see that it is the same Hornet character (with "18" on his belly) used on the artwork on the carrier trials jet. I still can't make out everything but I think I can design something pretty close which will work for 48th and 72nd scales. Now if only we could find something similar for the marking on the twin seater T1.
  7. Hi Robert, Thanks for the photo - while this is the clearest one we have, I still need a larger one to make out the details of the marking. Keeping the thread at the top - I still hope some of you will help sole this mystery.
  8. Definitely very touching - thanks for sharing.
  9. I have gotten several excellent leads and would like to thank everyone for their help - we still need better photos, though. The marking on No. 6 (160780) is most definitely associated with the spin / high AOA (angle of attack) testing and the one on 160781 is definitely a twin Hornet caricature of some sort. There are better photos of these somewhere - maybe in that dusty 1982 issue of Aviation Week that has been sitting in your basement, or that 1985 Hornet book you bought at a contest but forgot about. Let us find these!
  10. My next question would be the art on the T1 - it most definitely is something with two stylized hornet caricatures. I asked the same questions to Mr. Downey, who runs the Aviation Archives blog and has a treasure trove of McDonnell Douglas historic material. I can't believe the details of these markings are lost to time - there must have been some photos published in the early 1980s. Any help would be much appreciated - this is the highest priority research problem right now and I will keep this thread at the top until it is resolved. Please help me out by leafing through your early 1980s books and magazines about the F-18.
  11. Does anyone have a close-up photo of the badge that appeared on the tail of 160780 during the test/eval program? https://www.airfighters.com/photo/58978/M/USA-Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-YF-18A-Hornet/160780/
  12. If any of you have the Monogram 1/48 early Hornet kit (kit 5802) and can lend me the decal sheet; can you please send me a PM? Thanks!
  13. I will let everyone know when I have an update - still working on higher priority items for the September batch.
  14. CD48112 (1/48 F-106 Delta Dart) is sold out. Next two sheets on the endangered list are: CD48027: 1/48 AV-8A/C Harrier (8 remaining) CD48091: 1/48 F-15A/C Hawaiian Eagles (7 remaining)
  15. Almost there! I am looking forward to see this one finished.
  16. I completely agree that a 1970s/1980s C-130 sheet is much needed - I have been collecting refs for a while and will probably address this in the 2020 schedule.
  17. CD48161 will be a comprehensive decal sheet for the F-104 in NASA service.
  18. Can anyone help with the C-131B that was modified to train the first Mercury astronauts in weightlessness conditions - the very first Vomit Comet? I have seen video footage and good partial shots, but nothing better than that.
  19. I did not have time to ship any reseller orders before I had to fly to London for vacation - I am now back and will ship all reseller orders within the next 7-10 days. I would expect them to have this sheet in stock in early September.
  20. Hi Derek, You can send them to my email address "info AT caracalmodels.com". Thanks!
  21. CD144022 will be a 1/72 sheet for the Roden C-131 kits - I will consider making a limited-run 1/72 version for the Mach 2 kit later.
  22. Hi Paul, No, unfortunately I won't be at the Nats this year. I will certainly attend the one to be held in San Antonio in a couple years, though.
  23. Back in town! I have a bunch of orders to ship in the next few days, then we will talk about new sheets in various stages of progress.
  24. Agreed - I will definitely scale these down to 1/72 in the next couple of months.
  25. Already on the drawing table - one of the first things to work on when I am back in the good old Lone Star State in a few days.
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