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  1. I have a spare one. It showed up in the mail a couple weeks ago when a 2-years old international order was finally returned to be after being lost in the mail. Please go and order a CD48144 (B-1B) from the site, and send me a PM reminding me to ship you the CD48126 instead.
  2. Your Imperial credits are no good here but I will accept Beskar ingots in good condition 🙂 . The new IDF/AF unit markings are really cool.
  3. This sheet is coming in February - available for preorder in about 10 days or so. With 22 marking options, I am sure there will be something for everyone:
  4. I always intended to include a few of the blue jets regardless of whether the slats are in there or not.
  5. Thanks - I was hoping you could help with the stencilling for the CH-53 (only twin engine variants for now) sheet in the works. I will post some images with my questions in the CH-53 thread later in the week.
  6. I am getting more questions on how I am going to handle UK and EU VAT regulation changes. I already applied for an HMRC VAT number and I do not plan to cease shipping to the UK, or the EU. My UK friends/customers are important to me and I will conform to the laws and regulations of the country. I plan to do the same for EU when the new laws go into effect in July. However, you will have to pay the VAT on arrival for any order that I am shipping to the UK in the next 10 days or so. Sorry for the inconvenience - there are close to 100 orders in this condition and I will
  7. KursadA


    Folks, was "Fertile Myrtle" (The Navy X-plane mothership) was ever done in decal form in any scale?
  8. I am glad all the time I spent squinting to read the stencilling in those ancient photos was not for nothing - a lot of them are readable and I am sure you will find it to be a vast improvement over the inaccurate kit stencilling. Too bad the first batch sold out so quickly - but I will definitely do a reprint along with the FJ-3 sheets.
  9. This will be a 1/48 scale sheet for silver / ADC gray F-104A/C of various USAF units - I already covered Vietnam examples in CD48102, which was reprinted twice. Some colorful 479th TFW aircraft, maybe 83th / 319th /538th FIS as well - and maybe a YF-104 or two if there is space. Let me know what you would like to see on it so I can get this done pretty soon. I will scale this down to 1/72 as well.
  10. I will definitely do these in later in the year - certainly in the 1/72 scale, and possibly in 1/48 as well.
  11. Awesome build, Corey - really looks the part!
  12. It looks like the KH FJ-3 kit is finally released - can someone post the image of the decal sheet so I can decide what to put on CD48173 & CD48174 and send them to be printed soon?
  13. I am definitely going to do these sometime later this year - first in 1/48 and then 1/72. I am still doing research and it is too early to assign a product number or a date.
  14. Great suggestions - I think there are still a few EC-121 variants I would like to cover but throwing in a couple C-121s is always a possibility.
  15. I have fewer than 100 in stock for all of the sheets you mentioned. Obviously not everything will sell at the same speed - CD144021 was for a brand new kit for a subject that was never done in injection molding for that scale. And the kit decals are basically unusable for anyone who takes the hobby seriously. That is a winning a combination and other Caracal sheets in the same situation have also sold out very quickly (C-141, C-5 etc.)
  16. The design of walkways on the second page should hopefully make it easier to apply them correctly and more easily compared to the many-part, jigsaw puzzle-like setup on the kit sheet. I will start posting profiles soon - remember, this one is coming in March.
  17. This is designed for the Hasegawa kit.
  18. Coming as part of the March set of releases:
  19. I did - I will respond to it in a day or so, I am running behind in responding to emails.
  20. CD72119 will be a 1/72 scale sheet for the B-57 in USAF/ANG service - you can expect to see some of the options I already covered in the recent 1/48 sheet plus some Vietnam War era options including at least one B-57G and RB-57E "Patricia Lynn".
  21. CD72121 will be the long-awaited third EC-121 sheet - I will probably use the opportunity to reprint one of the earlier EC-121 sheets as well.
  22. I changed the name of the thread to CD72122 - 1/72 C-47 Dakota. I will try to release this sheet in the first half of the year. Thanks for the suggestions, and please keep them coming.
  23. Any ideas what the fuselage & tail of these USAF aircraft looked like ?
  24. The Scorpion sheets are in the works - hopefully coming in the second half of the year. I will need to think about the CF-100 decals : while I really like the "Clunk", I am not sure of its appeal outside Canada- you might have noticed I mostly stuck to US-only subjects since the beginning of the pandemic as shipping problems had an impact on international sales.
  25. The 1/48 B-1B sheet (CD48144) is gone - thanks, folks! As I mentioned, the next 1/48 B-1B sheet is for older, camouflaged examples - there will not be a modern B-1B sheet from me until 2022 or so.
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