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  1. Looks like some good stuff, but I'm confused. It says preorder, and also says in stock. Also, I've no idea how much anything is in dollars.
  2. Beautiful. You don't happen to have another set of those red crosses do you?
  3. He sure came down at a steep angle. I wonder what happened.
  4. That's strange because I HAD the problem on a I Pad with Safari.
  5. Why is the forum looking so goofy?
  6. If you are not in a hurry, I have some, but need to find them, and I won't have time to do that for awhile. once I find them would be happy to send them to you.
  7. Looks like the rear engine wall area is dark gull gray like the interior?
  8. Didn't know that. I'm not looking to be perfect, I just like to be fairly accurate. I may end up mixing colors at work to match as hobby funds are non exhistant right now.
  9. Thanks. So in a nutshell not all unseen interior areas were the same.
  10. Thanks. Overall this kit is a stunner but some things there are just no excuses for. This is one of them. Do you have any good pics of the zinc chromate green of interior panels like the mounting plate?
  11. To those that have built it without the WW correction set, how far below the top of the rear wall did you glue the transmission shelf?
  12. Here is the B he was talking about Here is a C he flew at Fort Rucker And here is a D doing open door refuelling
  13. Will post the pic later, my contact has given me photo evidence that a B model Huey could have the C engine filter without engine, rotor and tail changes if the C model. That will make it much easier to model a correct B. Just need to fill the port fuel inlet and get a D model rotor and shorten it.
  14. I need 3 1/48 red crosses that a dust-off would have used.
  15. OK. First two are birds in Ft. Rucker but pilot said in country birds were identical. Clearly the cyclic boot is dark gull gray, and the pilot said the collective boot is the same. From what I understand the paint looks dark because the birds had been wiped down with JP4. Next 3 are pics of Good Widow being recovered.
  16. https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2019/10/03/bell-360-invictus.html?ana=yahoo&yptr=yahoo
  17. Glad to help. More vintage pics tomorrow. Door slashes behind tiger are light blue.
  18. In case anyone else is building this bird the boots on the collectives and cyclic were dark gull gray
  19. Here is a shot of her as she sits on the tarmac.
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