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  1. So help me if you put headphones in the cockpit I am going to send over some people with a nice warm white jacket for you........
  2. Thannks for catching that, I missed it, will try to corect it.
  3. I wish I could get my hands on one of those Cobra detail sets.
  4. Right, that's a option but it's less work to replace the shaft. But either way works.
  5. Thanks. Beware the tail rotor as the kit would have it installed rotates the wrong way. It should rotate twords the front of the aircraft, it rotates to the rear. Easy fix. Remove the exhisting shaft, sand hub smooth, drill and mount a new shaft using a straight pin or some stiff wire. The location on the right side of the tail boom is correct.
  6. Rotorhead complete. I added a bit of bow to the blades.
  7. Makes me very frustrated when someone promises to send you some parts, then never comes thru and never responds to your pm's. Well at least I didn't send this person any parts or any money. I certainly understand circumstances can change, etc. Thats why you simply respond to a person's pm's. I know this person has read them.Thanks for letting me vent a little.
  8. Sheesh. And people think I'm crazy lol. Wow!!
  9. Thanks. I've seen pics with and without it but I can't tell whether they are Vietnam era or not.
  10. Not much bigger than a bug. Excellent work.
  11. Is the extra gauge on the right side of the 1/48 D Huey kit instrument panel right for a Vietnam Huey?
  12. I avoid fleabay like covid19 lol. Thanks for looking into it sir.
  13. Sir, your website does not appear to be working right. Yesterday I was unable to get to my shopping cart and today the images on the product and pricing pages won't load.
  14. The band that did the title song was Europe. My half brother was on the Nimitz when they filmed the movie.
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