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  1. About 3 years ago, I saw a couple 60s doing some work on NAB Little Creek that were rocking some light grey markings on messy flat black. I though I was seeing things...
  2. SH-60R MH-60S MH-60T And I would like to see some schemes and accurate mods for the civil / .gov / foreign use of the "Hawk" Platform...
  3. This is my cousins jet... Literally. Col. Zuppan just retired recently... finished driving F5s at VMFT-401 in 2008 I think... Good looking jet! His typical loadout was a little different- but I love it.
  4. Aaaaannnd Purchased to add to the stash.
  5. 7. I have been slowly tinkering on an MH-60S and an MH-60R...
  6. Where is the like button on this thing?!? OUTSTANDING! Very clean... those lines are so sexy...
  7. I know I am good for both airframes..
  8. Makes me want to break out my 66. I am in the middle of doing a Navy version depicted in James H. Cobb's "Amanda Garrett" Series, started with "Choosers of the Slain". Very nice!
  9. Chief Gearhart and Chief Hartway were both beloved in this community, and the State of Idaho lost a pair of great instructors and aviators last night. Machines can be replaced... their knowledge and experience cannot. :(
  10. Do these birds have an ETA?
  11. I would LOVE it if they scaled back to 1/48... Please Santa? I have been extra good!
  12. That is literally a kit plane with a cheap raytheon maritime radar slung underneath it...
  13. Shadow, you are the last one on the list right, and Darren is the late bloomer? Sure, send it to him- and then we can reset for another cycle if everyone is interested.
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