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  1. Cheers buddy, it's going under a refurb ATM
  2. Very nice indeed, I have 2 sets of Gio decals for this lively
  3. Hello people, I'm looking for an 1/144 otaki / entex or revell C-5 galaxy Many thanks Chris
  4. Will you be doing any mildenhall decals Jennings
  5. Hi all as the title says I'm looking for cabbing seats out of the revell 747 or A380 cut away aircraft in 1/144 I'm over in the uk and can trade or pay via PayPal I'm looking for about 12 rows of seats in total Many thanks Chris
  6. Hi all a group of us on Facebook are in the middle of sorting out a charity build for help for heroes that will see the model fly around the world to different model makers to get the build almost finished, will come back to this in a moment! The model will be a 1/144 Boeing 757-200 not sure on kit as yet! This will be built as ed force one ( iron maiden ) the reason it will be this is remember I said I will come back to it being almost finished, Well the last person to get their hards on it will be mr iron maiden himself Bruce Dickinson!!! Yes you see that right Bruce will finish off the build. After it is finished we will auction it off to get as much as we can for a god cause like H4H. We have some great members on board already and if you would like to join please join our Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1461622240758862?ref=bookmark Many thanks Chris
  7. Hi Jozef, thanks buddy! Was just bumping it up that's why I put the question marks lol
  8. Do you have an refuelling probe for the IDF F4-E in 48th? Or decals for the same aircraft?
  9. Hi all I'm looking for some 1/48 IDF decals for a F-4E and a refuelling probe and decals for an F-16A/B or C and also some 1/144 seats of an airliner. Or a airliner cutaway kit. Want to do a Diroma
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