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  1. Anybody knows if the Avionix F-14B cockpit set AV32039 for Tamiya also fits in the F-14B from Trumpeter ?i got this set for 15.5 €.
  2. Hello fellow modellers, Can someone sell me the Trumpeter 1/32 P47 “Wee Speck” decals from kit nr 02263 ? tnx Luc
  3. Title says it all. I got one in the stash, any things i should be aware off or improve in the kit ? Tnx, Luc
  4. I have Montex masks for the insigna for a TBF. What Tamiya color or mix should inuse for the blue insigna color ?
  5. I have used the mask on a canopy. When i removed the mask there was a lot of glue gunk, which i had to remove with alcohol, this resulted in removing the paint also. Did i have a bad/old mask ? How do i resolve this. I have to place a lot of them on my 1/32 TBF tnx, Luc
  6. I am building the 1/32 Trumpeter TBF. i go for the gray/white version. Trumpeter says Mr Color 366 for the gray What Tamiya color or color mix should i use for the gray color ? Tamiya Spray can lacquer preferably. Tnx Luc
  7. I want to weather vinyl Trumpeter tires. Can i use pigments and seal the pigments with thinner/pigment fixer without damaging the tyres ? Tnx Luc
  8. Tnx tor the advice, will look into that :)
  9. If i want to expose some of the primer paint on the Avenger, what color should i use ? If possible some ref for Tamiya paint
  10. Title says it all. I want to use it for sealing before i place the decals Can i, after placing the decals, overspray it with a flat TS 80 (lacquer varnish) from Tamiya ?
  11. Thanx, i want to use it as a black base to marble coat.Decant it and use it with my airbrush.
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