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  1. The Tornados were only cleared to used the CBUs late in the war and although there are pictures of aircraft with them loaded, they never flew any missions with them.
  2. Looking forward to this one when it hits the UK shores.
  3. A slight correction here the RAF only had 2 TIALD pods, named Tracey and Sandra from Viz comics, but they did have 5 aircraft modded to be fitted with these pods.
  4. Also the Buccaneers that carried the Pave Spike had also arrived in theatre to lase for the Tornados. Also this might help with your original quest:- https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/tornado.html
  5. To be honest I am very interested in D Storm and have never been able to find a CH-46 sheet especially in 1/72, so if you could I would be very grateful.
  6. No we did not vote for this, but from what I gather (and it may not be correct) the EU is going to be doing something similar later in the year. The UK government is supposedly getting ahead of the game. It would be a pity if you cannot sell direct to UK people as I would prefer to give you the full amount for every decal sheet that I buy from you, so that it is invested in more decal sheets for me to buy.
  7. Here might give you a few ideas. https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/saudi/f-5.html
  8. Happened at RAF Brize Norton when somehow the ground crew refueled the tail end first or something went wrong with how the aircraft distributed the fuel. I know someone who was actually on the aircraft and felt the aircraft nose move upwards and hastily when for the front door and made his escape. VC-10 that was refueled wrong and sat on its tail - Google Search Vickers VC10 Refuelling accident - Aviation - HMVF - Historic Military Vehicles Forum
  9. Don't forget the RAF VC-10 that sat on its tail when that was refueled incorrectly.
  10. Maybe with some Desert Storm options added?
  11. Going back to RAF parlance the upper cutaway that you have is a HC1 whilst the lower one is a HC2 (note metal blades on the upper one). The fan on the deck if I remember properly (I did not work on HC1s for that long) is the fan for the Aft Xmsn. I will be honest and say that I cannot remember what those radiators things were for. I am just wondering if the slot in the F version is a better way of relieving the air pressure around the Comb Xmsn and on the hinges and locking mechanism of the doors themselves.
  12. Yes they did, but yours would be more than likely more accurate.
  13. I have found this photo in colour in one of the books that I have and it states that it is Bu No 157990 aircraft number 11. But to be honest I still am unable to read the Bu No so your research maybe more reliable.
  14. The main thing is getting the fuselage together as it is split into two pieces. The other main issue is the nose U/C which is fitted when joining the fuselage together. It looks very feeble and can be easily knocked off (which I did). Just remembered the under fuselage U/C element had to be adjusted as it was way to short to touch the ground with along with the other U/C elements.
  15. These are photos of my KC-10 Extender using Caracal decals. If someone can figure out how I can post these as actual photos rather than a link (like I can and do on Britmodeller), I would be very grateful. http://village.photos/images/user/1464ba65-530f-4676-8d15-3405feffae8f/resized_236f319b-8cda-4d1a-8a1f-5e4d7a956f92.JPG http://village.photos/images/user/1464ba65-530f-4676-8d15-3405feffae8f/resized_5542d8ab-66cf-490b-8482-6956a584ef92.JPG http://village.photos/images/user/1464ba65-530f-4676-8d15-3405feffae8f/resized_98114d81-6b78-4654-8782-7b038c00
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