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  1. One thing that Dave did not add is the inside of the ramp area. This model sets it out as it was on the MK2 version of the RAF Chinook not the MK1, in that all the pipe work and things like that are exposed whilst on the MK1 this was all covered over with some cardboard/fibre glass panels. Also the large rectangle that is on the model is the maintenance panel which again was only on the MK2. So basically you have a Mk1 Chinook on the outsdie, with a Mk2 one on the inside. Some photos can be seen here of what I am talking about. Mk1 https://www.britmodeller.c
  2. Are those instructions for a 1/72 kit not a 1/48th one?
  3. Thanks for that suggestion, but we have already been to San Francisco when it was good. We have also been to LA (did not like too big), Seattle and Vancouver, so that is why we are looking at San Diego along with somewhere else.
  4. Thank you all for your input. The main reason that we wanted to go to Davis Monthan is because I had heard of it when I started to get interested in aviation as a child and could not believe that there were so many aircraft packed into the area and how big it must be. My wife got intrigued about this when she to saw some pictures of the area. So we only want to go to this place and now know that there are no tours. When we travel to the USA we usually take in 2 places that are quite close to each other and be got to by air from the UK. We also do not hire a car and rely on public t
  5. Thank you all for the information. As SWMBO and I are travelling from the UK and there are no direct flights to Tucson, we were going to start and end our holiday in a major city in southern California, with a few days in Tucson. We were going to visit the museum at Pima along with doing a bus tour of the boneyard, but as the tour is more than likely dead in the water would it be worth the extra travel and cost to go to Tucson just to go to the museum at Pima?
  6. I am not sure if this is in the right place as I could not find a relevant section about travel. Myself and SWMBO are looking at going to the US next year and one of the places that we are wanting to go to is the bone yard at Davis Monthan. I know that they did bus tours around the yard, from which you can not get off but are still interesting. Whilst looking into this the other day I read somewhere that this tour has now been stopped and is not likely to be restarted. Is this correct or was I reading the information wrongly? If this is correct this is going to put an end to w
  7. Ypu could have a look through these photos:- https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/f-16.html
  8. The white on the roundel will be from exhaust staining, also notice the lettering on the tail boom. You get the same effect on RAF pumas, usually heavier down one side than the other due to the way that the rotor rotates.
  9. As far as I know the F-15A/C of the USAF have one big ECM bullet on one of the fins, whilst all original export ones 9not transferred ones) have 2 small bullets on the top of the fins.
  10. I think that thw difference maybe internal, with the external shape being the same. I just goggled 101(V)-10 and one site mentioned about the (V)-10 had an enlarged frequency coverage.
  11. RAF Buccaneers only carried one ECM pod on one wing during Op Granby and this was on the Stbd wing with a Sidewinder or LGB on the other. I have just looked on Dstorm.eu which is usually very reliable when it comes to detail such as weapons and I can see that this states the 2 types of ECM pod that you mention. As far as I can make out from info in books the Buccs carried a AN/ALQ-101(V)-10 ECM pod during Op Granby.
  12. Would definitely like some VQ-2 marking as I managed to zap the inside of one of their aircraft as the crew showed several of us around, when they visited RAF Wyton when I worked on the Nimrod R1s of 51 Sqn.
  13. Thanks for this info. The information I got for the carriage of 4 Phoenix came from a Fightertown decal sheet instructions. Anyhow what I am after is to do with the photo of the aircraft in the link. In the photo the aircraft is carrying 1x Phoenix on the Fwd right pallet with nothing on the left, 1x AIM-7 and 9s on each of the wing glove pylons. So if the Fwd pallets are in use in this configuration, would the rear pallets be fitted?
  14. I am using the GWH 1/72 F-14A tomcat kit to hopefully build this aircraft durin Op D Storm in this weapons configuration:-https://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/f-14/162689_6.jpg I have fitted the Fwd Phoenix pallets, but I am not sure if the rear pallets were fitted. I know that after the initial days of the war the US Navy reduced the number of Phoenix missiles carried from 4 down to 2 or just 1. I know that this is because the threat did not appear as bad as first thought and also it was some thing to do with weight. So this is why I am asking if the rear ones were carried? I
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