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  1. Thank you for tis information.
  2. Thanks for this info. The information I got for the carriage of 4 Phoenix came from a Fightertown decal sheet instructions. Anyhow what I am after is to do with the photo of the aircraft in the link. In the photo the aircraft is carrying 1x Phoenix on the Fwd right pallet with nothing on the left, 1x AIM-7 and 9s on each of the wing glove pylons. So if the Fwd pallets are in use in this configuration, would the rear pallets be fitted?
  3. I am using the GWH 1/72 F-14A tomcat kit to hopefully build this aircraft durin Op D Storm in this weapons configuration:-https://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/f-14/162689_6.jpg I have fitted the Fwd Phoenix pallets, but I am not sure if the rear pallets were fitted. I know that after the initial days of the war the US Navy reduced the number of Phoenix missiles carried from 4 down to 2 or just 1. I know that this is because the threat did not appear as bad as first thought and also it was some thing to do with weight. So this is why I am asking if the rear ones were carried? I
  4. There is a build thread on Britmodeller here:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235121097-amkannetra-148th-scale-mil-mi-17-hip/
  5. I have been told by an RAF Armourer on another web site that the colour on AIM-9L/Ms is Gunmetal.
  6. A couple of finished models from me. First the Roden 1/48th OV-1D Mohawk. Second the Matchbox kit made as the 3rd F-14A Tomcat Prototype.
  7. Oops, mis read that may cancel now and still go with the Airfx/Italeri mash up that I was planning, but having to get the blades from somewhere else now that Whirlybirds have now shut down.
  8. Do you mean this kit? :- https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AC12575?result-token=tdhJP The modern blades for the German version, are these the same ones that were used by the late MH-53 Low paves?
  9. Yes flying over the airfield. In fact the HAS in the centre was the one that our Sqn when we were boltholed there from just down the road at RAF Wyton.
  10. Whilst working on RAF Pumas in the Gulf we painted on the white striping a few days before the land war commenced. The rest of the British contingent also did, so I suspect that all forces did the same. HTH
  11. If you can find it the one by Art Model is ver y good.
  12. Unfortunately not everyone does or wants to do Farcebook (yes spelt correctly) and the like. Could you get a manufacturers area on Britmodeller?
  13. At last the 1/72nd OV-1 Mohawk sheet.
  14. Is this someting that you are looking for, or have I got the wrong time period:- https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED672035?result-token=BtItg
  15. I was having a look this morning when it was announced and found this:- https://dxmdecals.com/shopping/ols/products/172-viper-zero-f-2b-jasdf-21st-sq-anniversary
  16. I have been continuing with this build and would like to ask another question. What is the size of the M130 Flare/Chaff dispenser? If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful as I have a few to make for this build.
  17. Thank you all, a OV-1D Mohawk now being built.
  18. Here are a few photos of my model of the 3rd F-14A Tomcat prototype. It was built using the Matchbox kit plus a few additions and of course Caracal decals. It was built as part of the Matchbox Kit GB on Britmodeller.
  19. Thanks very much for the info, very helpful indeed.
  20. I am about to start a build of a MH-60G in 1/72nd that operated with the 55th SOS during Op Desert Storm. I am using the Hasegawa HH-60D as a base kit along with the Armycast update set for weapons and the such like, plus markings from Werner wings. I am having a little trouble with the mounting of the guns at the front windows behind the cockpit area. In the update set they are mounted on the outside of the craft on the undercarriage (or somewhere abouts there), whilst the few pictures that I have found on www.dstorm.eu appear to show them on the inside. The internal ones also seem to be fitt
  21. If it is the trianle of markings that you are on about, I do not know what they are, but they are nothing to do with the outer wing pylon. The pylon is fitted much further inboard and those marking can also be found on the GR versions.
  22. Don't forget that there are both an IR and a Radar version of this missile, with usually 2 of each will be carried on an aircraft.
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